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LCD Screen Protector for NOKIA 5310

If you want to invest a little money to protect your LCD screen, this is the perfect solution. LCD Screen Protector Film is a clear rigid sheet/overlay that will cling onto your LCD screen. LCD Screen Protector Film protects your phone front LCD...
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  • The ideal solution to protect your LCD screen from scratches and marks. Keep it looking good as new
  • Special bespoke design to fit the size and shape of your handset. NOT universal
  • Three layer LCD Screen Protector Film for the best possible results when applying the screen protector (main screen protector layer protected by two outer layers)
  • Easy to paste without adhesive residue
  • Attaches smoothly with self-adhering surface, leaves no residue when removed
  • LCD Screen Protector Film comes with a free cloth to be used for swiping the screen clean before attaching the protector
  • This is a NON-OEM product
  • Compatible with: NOKIA 5310
  • Dimension: 5.2 x 3.2cm/2.1 x 1.2in(L x W) 


LCD Screen Protector for NOKIA 5310

  • 3-Layer protect, screen protectors are protected by another layer of plastic sheet on the top & bottom of the screen protector to prevent scratching before installation
  • Reusable designed to be applied and reapplied without loss of vacuum effect

LCD Screen Protector for NOKIA 5310

  • Anti scratch designed to be used with a stylus or other pointed objects
  • High transparency glass like finish when applied successfully

LCD Screen Protector for NOKIA 5310

LCD Screen Protector for NOKIA 5310

  • You peel off the first and third layers, which are there to protect the middle second layer. You then apply the second layer on your LCD screen

LCD Screen Protector for NOKIA 5310

  • Free micro cleaning cloth included so you can clean the screen before application

LCD Screen Protector for NOKIA 5310

  • LCD Screen Protector Film was designed to perfectly fit your cell phone, good choice for you

How to Clean a Cell Phone Screen Protector?

  • Remove the Cell Phone Screen Protector from your device. Hold the protector under a stream of warm water in order to rinse it
  • Apply one or two squirts of hand soap from a pump dispenser to the damp protector
  • Hold the protector under a slow stream of warm water and then use your fingertips to gently rub the soapy mixture over the protector, removing any dust or other accumulation of dirt
  • Rinse the protector again, holding it under a stream of warm water. Continue to rinse until all traces of soap are removed and the water runs clear
  • Take the protector to a room or environment which is as free from dust as possible. Air-dry it by swinging it through the air vigorously until it has dried

How to Install a Screen Protector:

LCD Screen Protector for NOKIA 5310

  • Protecting a liquid crystal display on electronic equipment or a laptop is important ensure permanent damage does not occur to a delicate LCD. Installing protective film can be tricky because if the screen is not completely clean, dirt will be trapped beneath the screen protector. Additionally, if care is not taken to adhere the protector, it might not go on smoothly and without wrinkles

Instructions for Attaching a Screen Protector:

  • Because many electronics devices have liquid crystal display screens, screen protectors have grown in popularity. To keep an LCD screen clean and avoid scratching the fragile surface, you should cover it with a clear screen protector. The screen protector adheres directly to the LCD screen and covers it entirely. With the screen protector in place, you can then relax and stop worrying about permanent scratches in the LCD screens of your electronic devices


  • Clean the LCD screen of your electronic device with a cleaning cloth. You must make the LCD screen perfectly clean before you attach the screen protector; otherwise, any smudges will show through the screen protector
  • Cut the screen protector to the correct size. Many screen protectors have a grid imprinted on the paper adhesive backing that makes it easy to cut in straight lines to trim your screen protector. If you err in size, make your screen protector slightly smaller than the LCD screen rather than slightly larger
  • Turn the shower on in the bathroom and run it for approximately five minutes with the door closed. A moist environment is optimal for attaching a screen protector because less dust will accumulate on the LCD screen in this environment
  • Turn the shower off and take your electronic device into the bathroom. Close the door
  • Peel away one corner of the paper adhesive and begin attaching the screen protector to the LCD screen. Smooth the edge of the screen protector with a credit card to remove bubbles as you apply the screen protector. Continue peeling away the paper adhesive and pressing the credit card as you attach the screen protector until the screen protector is on completely.
  • Run the edge of the credit card across the screen protector again to remove any remaining air bubbles

Package Included:

  • 1 x Screen Protector for NOKIA 5310
  • 1 x Cleaning Cloth