• What's Osell?
    Osell is a sales management system which supports Product Management, Order Management,Sales Management,and Capital Management,Value-added Service etc,which gathers every processing of e-commerce into one system.
  • Our Vision
    Osell is dedicated to enabling all partners to enjoy the manufacturing price with local service of global products. Our partners will be our bridge to connect the world and we want to make everybody enjoy their life without barriers.
  • Our Specialty
    More Newfangled
    We provide one-step shopping service,delivering goods directly to whoever in need from manufactures,which makes our products more newfangled.
    More Options
    Packages,DM,EDM etc can be customized and we will know what customers need by satisfying our partners because they know better.
    More Savings
    Just like our slogan say"oh, I can sell now." Osell helps worldwide trader no matter online or offline grow their business quickly and in the end both partners and your customers get a cheaper price. lt's a win-win!
  • How to join Osell
  • Contact Us
    We're also recruiting Russia, Middle East,East Europe and South America regional agents.
    For more information, please contact