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LCD Touch Screen Digitizer for Palm Treo 800w


Designed specially to replace the broken or cracked bottom screen of your Palm 800w, this LCD screen is easy to install onto your device and it displays in original color.
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  • High quality Palm 800w LCD display screen for your mobile phone
  • Made of quality materials, this display screen is the best replacement for your damaged, cracked, marked or dirty screen
  • Save money and give your phone a new look
  • Compatible with Palm 800w
  • This is non-OEM product


LCD Touch Screen Digitizer for Palm Treo 800w

  • Best replacement for your damaged screen

Instructions for Installing the Replacement LCD Screen of a Cell Phone:

  • Turn off your cell phone and remove the back cover that protects the battery, SIM card and battery compartment
  • Lift out the battery, then slide the SIM card out of its holder usually inside the battery compartment
  • Remove all the visible Phillips-head screws from the battery compartment and back casing of the phone
  • Use a guitar pick, credit card or thin, hard piece of plastic to separate the back casing from the cell phone assembly. Insert the hard piece of plastic into the crease along the outside of the cell phone. Work your way around the entire phone until the back casing is completely separated from the phone. This will reveal the circuit board
  • Remove any visible Phillips-head screws securing the circuit board to the phone's front casing. Disconnect the LCD ribbon connector from the visible side of the circuit board
  • Lift the circuit board from the phone, and then disconnect the keypad ribbon cable from the opposite side of the circuit board. Remove the circuit board from the front casing of the phone and set it aside
  • Lift the keypad out of its compartment inside the front casing of the phone, and set it aside
  • Remove the Phillips-head screws, if any, that secure the LCD screen to the front casing of the phone. Lift the LCD screen carefully out of its compartment on the front casing
  • Install the new LCD screen by repeating this procedure in reverse

Package Included:

  • 1 x LCD Screen Display