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DeLi Plastic Mechanical Pencil White & Blue 0.5mm


Are you looking for a mechanical pencil for your work or study? Are you tired of the refills broken when you are writing? This well-made 0.5 mechanical pencil is definitely the best one you are searching for.This mechanical pencil is made of high qua...
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  • Made of high quality plastic material, which is durable and sturdy
  • Brand new design will bring you a fresh writing experience
  • Writing with this 0.5 mechanical pencil can show your good taste
  • Easy to take and use because of its light weight and portable size
  • The pen point can glide effortlessly across the page with the good design of the pencil
  • A necessity for your study, work, and your home use
  • This 0.5mm mechanical pencil can be a nice present to students as well
  • The refill of the 0.5 mechanical pencil is easy to click and install
  • Color: White & Blue
  • Material: Plastic
  • Length: 143mm/5.6in
  • Lead Size: 0.5mm


DeLi Plastic Mechanical Pencil White & Blue 0.5mm

  • The 0.5 mechanical pencil with nice design and good plastic material is durable and sturdy

DeLi Plastic Mechanical Pencil White & Blue 0.5mm

  • The size of the 0.5 mechanical pencil is easy to carry, and the weight is portable as well

DeLi Plastic Mechanical Pencil White & Blue 0.5mm

  • The pen point of the good-designed mechanical pencil can glide effortlessly across the page

DeLi Plastic Mechanical Pencil White & Blue 0.5mm

  • The good quality plastic material of the automatic pencil is nontoxic and totally safe to your body

DeLi Plastic Mechanical Pencil White & Blue 0.5mm

  • The leads of the 0.5 mechanical pencil is easy to click and install, which is convenient for your use

DeLi Plastic Mechanical Pencil White & Blue 0.5mm

  • This excellent mechanical pencil will bring you a fresh writing experience when you write with it

How to Replace Lead in a Mechanical Pencil

DeLi Plastic Mechanical Pencil White & Blue 0.5mm

Mechanical pencils are handy to use with their ever-sharp tips. They make constant sharpening of dull and broken pencil points unnecessary. With a click or a twist, sharp new lead is dispensed and ready for use. The only requirement is the occasional need to add fresh lead

  • Grab the correct size refill. Not all pencil lead refills are the same diameter. Look on the mechanical pencil for the lead size. Printed on it, often near the eraser, you'll find the correct pencil lead refill size (0.5 mm or 0.7 mm)
  • Look for a "click button." It can be the entire top of the pencil or a small button on the side. (If there is no click button on the pencil, proceed to Step 3.) Press and hold the button while tapping the mechanical pencil in an upright position. (This allows any lead particles to fall out.) Gently insert the new pencil lead refill into the shaft, and then release the button. Click it repeatedly until your newly replaced lead is in the correct position
  • Search for a "twist" mechanism. You can twist some mechanical pencils by twisting a small section clockwise. You may find the twistable area at the top of the pencil, or the section nearest the point. (If there isn't a twist mechanism, proceed to Step 4.) Carefully twist the section clockwise to open the shaft fully. Insert the pencil lead, refill the preferred depth and then twist counter-clockwise to tighten
  • Remove the eraser. In some mechanical pencil models, an open shaft for lead insertion lies hidden beneath the eraser. To replace the pencil lead, simply drop one piece into the tube. In such models, you can remove the eraser quickly and simply. If the eraser doesn't pop off easily, discontinue the effort and proceed to Step 5
  • Pull and twist the mechanical pencil gently to see if it disconnects into 2 pieces. Some models pull apart to reveal the lead refill shaft. Drop the lead into the tube and reconnect the mechanical pencil for use
  • Dispose of disposable models if you cannot replace the pencil lead. Disposable models are non-refillable. Simply throw the mechanical pencil away

How Does a Mechanical Pencil Operate?

DeLi Plastic Mechanical Pencil White & Blue 0.5mm


  • A mechanical pencil often looks more like a ballpoint pen than a pencil. You open it like a ballpoint pen by unscrewing or separating the top and bottom, but instead of changing an ink cartridge, you insert a new thin graphite lead. The pencil contains an internal mechanism which propels this lead through the tip, usually by the user clicking the top or twisting the pencil cylinder. These pencils commonly include a rubber eraser on the end, although it may be hidden under a cap. Most mechanical pencils can be refilled, but some are disposable


  • Mechanical pencils create lines of consistent thickness and are often favored for technical drawing and graphic art. Another advantage is that they do not need sharpening, except for those with thicker leads, which are typically only used by graphic artists. Many people prefer mechanical pencils for these reasons, and also because the pencil can be used year after year and does not have to be replaced

Ratchet Style

  • Several types of mechanisms are available in mechanical pencils, with the most common being the ratchet type. In these pencils, lead is pushed forward in small increments when you click a button on the pencil end or side. This mechanism includes small jaw pieces which separate and allow the lead to move forward, and a rubber device at the tip which holds the lead in place to stop it from falling out or sliding back upward

Additional Types

  • Another type is a screw-based pencil, where you propel the lead forward by turning a screw, which pushes a slider down the pencil barrel. Twist pencils allow you to move the lead forward and backward for a precise length of lead, and to retract it when finished to keep the lead tip from breaking


  • Like other modern pencils, the leads are made with graphite instead of lead. Graphite is a naturally-occurring form of carbon that is not toxic. The most common lead sizes for mechanical pencils are 0.5 and 0.7 millimeters. Lead can be purchased in packages of about 10 to 30, which are available at department stores and office supply stores

Package Included:

  • 5 x Mechanical Pencil