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Anpu RCA Female to 1/4" TS Male Adapter


What you are viewing is a RCA Female to 1/4" TS Male Adapter, to have smooth connection and great performance, you need this RCA TS Adapter.The RCA Female Adapter adapts phono plug to a mono phone jack, easy to use. Made of high quality material, wit...
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  • Brand new and high quality
  • The RCA TS Adapter is easy to use and portable
  • RCA female to 1/4" TS male connection  
  • The RCA TS Adapter adapts phono plug to a mono phone jack
  • Size: 12mm / 0.4in (L), 55mm / 2.2in (Dia.)


Anpu RCA Female to 1/4

  • RCA Female to 1/4" TS Male Adapter, small in size, great in performance

Anpu RCA Female to 1/4

  • Compact design, delicate in details, the RCA Female Adapter adapts phono plug to a mono phone jack

Anpu RCA Female to 1/4

  • High quality material makes the RCA TS Adapter durable and reliale for long time use

How to Buy RCA Adapters:

RCA connectors are common in consumer audio and video electronics. You probably don't have to look very far in your home to find an RCA connector on a DVD player or stereo. Some electronics don't use RCA, though, so you may need to buy an RCA adapter in order to make them compatible with RCA connectors.

  • Determine if you need a male or female RCA adapter. The male end of an RCA connector is the end with the pin and the collar that slides over the female end. The female connection has the hole in the center. Male RCA connectors are often called plugs and the female connectors are called jacks.
  • Figure out what you need to adapt to. Check the piece of equipment that you want to plug the RCA cable into to see what type of connector it has. If you are not sure, try looking it up online or checking the owner's manual.
  • Look for audio RCA adapters. RCA is used to send mono audio, which is why you will often see stereo cable with two RCA ends, a white and a red. Some common RCA audio adapters are RCA to 1/4 inch, RCA to 3.5 mm and RCA to XLR. Make sure you get your male and female ends correct.
  • Find RCA adapters for video connections. RCA cables also send video data, and are usually designated by a yellow end for composite video and red, blue and green ends for component video. RCA to BNC adapters are common for connecting pro video gear to consumer electronics. You can also buy S-Video to RCA adapters.
  • Buy RCA adapters that will fit conveniently into tight spaces. There are RCA adapters that are shaped at a right angle to make them fit into tight spaces. You can also find RCA adapters that have short cables that make them a little more flexible.

Package Included:

  • 1 x RCA Female to 1/4" TS Male Adapter