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RS422 Control Signal Lightning Arrester Surge Protector for DVR OVP-CRD-05-2A


This product is widely used in security monitoring equipment, remote control and transmission, digital public address system, analog capture devices, instrumentation, and various industrial bus control field. It suitable for installation inside cabin...
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  • Model Type: CRD-05/2A
  • Rated Voltage Un: 5V
  • Maximum Sustainable Operating Voltage Uc: 5.8V
  • Rated Load Current lL: 0.2A
  • Nominal Discharge Current(8/20μs) In: 5KA
  • Maximum Discharge Current(8/20μs) Imax: 10KA
  • Voltage Protection Level @ In UP: ≤13V
  • Response Time tA: ≤1ns
  • Insertion Loss IL: ≤0.1dB @ 10KHz
  • Application Rate(3dB): CRD: 10MkHz(Up to 100M, be tailor-made)
  • Interface Installation Type fg: 35 mm DIN Rail (B)
  • Protected Lines: 2
  • Enclosure Material: Aluminum
  • Series with Resistor / Inductor R/L: 10Ω SPD
  • Twisted-pair signal device with multi-stage lightning protection circuit, use high-speed surge protection devices
  • Reaction speed, the output residual down, transmission performance is superior
  • Flame-retardant plastic casing, DIN35mm electric rail
  • suitable for installation inside cabinets, this series of products uses series connected, installed outside the protected device and between the curb lines of the high-voltage pulse
  • Protect the back-end equipment from lightning , industrial surge damage


RS422 Control Signal Lightning Arrester Surge Protector for DVR OVP-CRD-05-2A

RS422 Control Signal Lightning Arrester Surge Protector for DVR OVP-CRD-05-2A


  • Arrester voltage line terminal section 1, 2 feet take control signal, 3,4 feet empty legs
  • The product is used in series connected, installed lightning protection device according to the corresponding interface to access an outside line (IN) and were protective equipment (OUT) between the SPD needs a good grounding, grounding resistance should be consistent with relevant national standards
  • Arrester in the components are subject to stringent testing, usually without special maintenance, fault detection be removed, measure the input and output should be between the resistance ≤ 12Ω, the core wire-to-ground resistance between the ≥ 10ΜΩ. If the measured data does not meet the above requirements, showing that a product malfunction, shall be promptly replaced
  • Lightning and lightning protection device connected between the ground should be short, thick, straight

How to Connect a Cable to a Monster Surge Protector:

  • Monster Cable makes several types of surge protectors, ranging from simple power strips to full-blown entertainment PowerCenters. Whichever model you have, the procedure for connecting your cables is similar. Since surge protectors are useless when plugged into ungrounded wall outlets, verify that your wall outlet is wired properly before attaching your audio and video components to the surge protector; if you're not sure that your home's wiring is up to snuff, Monster recommends asking an electrician to take a look at it


  • Verify that all satellite dishes, television and radio antennas, and other rooftop devices you will connect to your Monster surge protector are properly grounded. (Check with the devices' manufacturers to find out how to determine this.) Doing so will help prevent voltage surges from compromising your surge protector and possibly damaging your audio and video components
  • Choose a three-pronged (grounding) outlet far away from potential foot-traffic problems. Behind your home entertainment system or in a corner is best
  • Plug each of your audio and video components into its recommended outlet on the surge protector: Monster surge protectors have different types of outlets for different components. This allows the surge protector to "clean" the signal for each type of component so as to minimize static and interference. Reference the Monster manual for your particular surge protector if there's any doubt
  • Plug coaxial cables into the proper outlets. For example, connect your satellite's coaxial cable to the "Satellite In" outlet. Then connect the "Satellite Out" coaxial cable to your TV or cable box. Do the same for any other types of communication cables you have, such as phone or Ethernet. Depending upon your setup, purchase additional cables if necessary
  • Plug your Monster surge protector into the wall grounding outlet after connecting all your components.
  • Turn the surge protector on with its power switch

Package Included:

  • 1 x DVR Control Signal Protector