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Sanger SANGER 7.4V 1200mAh Digital Camcorder Replacement Battery for Canon BP-608


This is a rechargeable camcorder battery for Canon BP-608. The digital camcorder battery features high capacity and li-ion rechargeable battery. This digital camcorder battery is a good choice for you! A must for all digital camcorder buyers. Ultra h...
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  • 100% new high quality generic rechargeable digital camcorder replacement battery
  • Never run out of battery power when you're just about to capture the perfect moment
  • Time to get extra power for your digital video camcorder
  • This battery is a high capacity and rechargeable li-ion battery
  • Latest lithium ion rechargeable battery technology gives the best performance possible compared to other battery technologies such as nickel metal hydride
  • Compatibility with: DV-MV100 DV-MV20 DV-MV20I ELURA PV1 ZR CV11 ZR-10
  • Type: Lithium ion 7.4 V rechargeable battery
  • Capacity: 1200mAh


Sanger SANGER 7.4V 1200mAh Digital Camcorder Replacement Battery for Canon BP-608

  • High capacity and rechargeable Li-ion battery with premium cell 

Sanger SANGER 7.4V 1200mAh Digital Camcorder Replacement Battery for Canon BP-608 

  • Time to get extra power for your digital video camcorder 

How to Extend a Digital Camera's Battery Life?

  • Digital cameras rely heavily on rechargeable batteries. Hitting the road and being able to shoot digital photos along the way is a great career choice or hobby. The only negative aspects of owning a digital camera are the batteries that operate it. They never seem to last as long as you like and you must constantly replace them. With a few suggestions, you will be able to easily extend the battery life of your digital camera


  • Turn the LCD off and use the optical viewfinder. Doing this stop the LCD from consuming all of your battery life. Every time you take a digital photo using the LCD, you are shortening the amount of time for actual photo taking. Using the viewfinder will give you a longer battery life and more photos to add to your expanding collection
  • Decrease your photo previewing time. Previewing your photos on the LCD will quickly drain your battery life. The only time you should be using the LCD to view digital photos is when it will help the next shot. Constantly previewing digital photos will kill batteries in an instant. Although it is fun to show others your images via the LCD, wait until you can transfer them to a computer or another photo viewing device
  • Try your best to avoid continuous focus. This feature should only be used during sporting events or other instances of constant movement. For standard photo taking opportunities, switch to the single focus setting. It will extend your battery life tremendously. Each time you leave your digital camera in continuous focus, it will shorten your photo taking time
  • Prevent yourself from pressing the shutter button halfway. Every time this action happens, you are wasting valuable battery life. Your digital camera will start the process of getting ready to snap a photo. This consumes a lot of energy for a digital camera. Unless you are ready to actively take a digital photo, avoid pressing the shutter button
  • Recharge the batteries for your digital camera whenever possible. Taking the time to charge your batteries at least once a day is a smart idea. Once you arrive at your office, home or other destination, begin the recharging process for your digital camera's batteries. You will not want to miss a photo taking opportunity because of dead batteries. It is best to always be prepared

Battery Capacity:

  • Look for batteries with a higher milli ampere hour (mAh) rating. This refers to the amount of electricity delivered at any given moment. Electronic devices can handle a range of mAh without damaging the device. So as the rechargeable batteries begin to lose power, they do no damage to the device. Batteries with a higher mAh may look exactly like a battery with a lower mAh but typically they cost more.


  • Do use the specialized accessory to recharge
  • The input voltage of any appliance must be in the range of the output of the battery, otherwise it can do harm to the appliance
  • To avoid the descending capacity, the battery must not be put away over 1 year
  • Away from high temperature, and kept in cool dry place

Package Included:

  • 1 x SANGER Camcorder Replacement Battery for Canon BP-608