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ACEFIT Security Electronic Bolt Door Lock with Monitoring LED YH-200


This Electric Strike Lock is great for office use, home or apartment. For a minimal investment to protect your documents and valuables with this affordable! Great for office use, home or apartment! The Electric Strikes are suitable for Wood...
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  • Face Plate: 202 x 34 x 42mm/7.9 x 1.3 x 1.7in(L x W x H)
  • Voltage: DC12V
  • Current: Start 350mA, standby 350mA
  • Suitable For: Wooden door, glass door, metal door, fire proof door
  • Fail Safe: Locked when energized


  • No noise, and long lifespan design
  • Keeping your door securely closed
  • Great for office use, home or apartment
  • Made of durable material
  • Very easy to operate



  • Security electronic door lock.This Electric Strike Lock is great for office use, home or apartment. For a minimal investment to protect your documents and valuables with this affordable

  • ACEFIT Security Electronic Bolt Door Lock with Monitoring LED YH-200

    Important thing for the electronic door lock .Non-Handed Electronic - Operates on 12 Volt DC Current Finished Face Plate Included This Door Electric Strike releases when 12 Volt DC current is supplied for remote entry.

  • ACEFIT Security Electronic Bolt Door Lock with Monitoring LED YH-200

    Locked when energized.This Door Electric Strike is intended for use with 1-3/4" thick doors, hung with offset pivots or butt hinges, that close flush with the jamb edge. Lip Extensions are not available for this Door Electric Strike

  • ACEFIT Security Electronic Bolt Door Lock with Monitoring LED YH-200

    The Electric Strike Lock is supplied with a finished faceplate and mounting clips. This door strike is designed to replace existing strike plates of Electric Strikes locks. It produces a buzzing sound when activated

Size in Detail:

ACEFIT Security Electronic Bolt Door Lock with Monitoring LED YH-200

About Electric Bolt Locks:


  • Electric locks are a locking device different from other locks. A deadbolt can only be opened when the lock cylinder is rotated. Spring bolt locks utilize a spring to maintain the bolt in position. When force is applied to this type of lock, it retracts and can possibly be opened. A deadbolt lock will provide added security to a door. It is frequently used along with a spring bolt lock for extra protection.


  • Deadbolt locks are used to lock doors. They are used when additional reinforcement is desired. Deadbolts are most often found on entry doors, but can be installed on interior ones also. It can be installed in replacement of another lock or added to it. They must be put in correctly to work properly. A professional can accomplish this or you can do it yourself with a few tools.


  • Deadbolt locks are available in two customary types: single and double cylinder. The single cylinder type uses a key on one side of it and a turning knob on the other. A double cylinder deadbolt uses a key on both sides. You can also obtain vertical deadbolt locks that are installed above doors to prevent the door from being forced open. Additional types existing are push-button, exit only and classroom function. There are deadbolt locks that can be opened with your fingerprint in place of a key


  • When you are considering what type of deadbolt lock to purchase, think about the door and the surrounding area. You should not use single cylinder deadbolts for doors with glass in them or close by them. If the glass is broken, someone could reach inside and open the deadbolt. A double cylinder will prevent this


  • A drawback of a double cylinder type of lock is if there is an emergency and the occupants could not get out of the building. This could be deadly in certain circumstances. The key for the deadbolt should always be within reach of the occupants, but out of reach for anyone else

Electric Door Strike Installation: 

ACEFIT Security Electronic Bolt Door Lock with Monitoring LED YH-200

An electric strike is a hardware device that uses an electronic signal to determine when to release a lock bolt. Installers wire these devices to work with buzzers, card readers or electric locksets. When the connected device is operated correctly, it sends a signal to the electric strike to automatically release the lock bolt and unlock the door

Choosing an Electric Strike:

  • Choose your electric strike based on the type of locking device you are working with, whether it is a mortise lock, cylindrical lock or exit device. Most electric strike manufacturers also require you to select the faceplate for your strike separately from the strike itself to match the locking device. Choose the right faceplate to fit the lock on the door, then attach the faceplate to the strike using the screws provided. The holes for these screws are typically pre-drilled in both the strike and the faceplate, making it easy to determine where they should be placed
  • Adjusting the Strike
  • An electric strike can be fail-safe, which means it will unlock if the power goes out, or fail-secure, which means it will automatically lock if power is lost. Each strike can be adjusted to perform either of these two functions, and the adjustment is slightly different on each model. Flip the switch on the strike to change from one function to the other as required, or consult your installation manual for more information. If you are installing the strike on a fire-rated door, it must be set to "fail-safe"

Prepping the Door Frame:

  • The easiest way to prepare your door frame for an electric strike is to request that the frame is prepped at the factory by the manufacturer. You will need to tell the manufacturer which strike you plan to use. If the frame is already on site, use the template provided with your strike to adjust the cutout in the frame as needed to fit the strike. Use a jigsaw with a carbide-tipped blade to enlarge the preps as needed
  • Using a metal drill-bit, pre-drill holes for the strike as directed on the installation template. Many strikes are designed to fit in the standard holes already drilled in the frame, so this step may not be necessary
  • Installing the Strike
  • Run the power supply wiring through the door frame so that the "pigtail" connector reaches to the strike installation location. Insert the pigtail connector into the strike to supply power. If you have a secondary wire that connects to a card reader or buzzer, connect this wire to the strike as well. Often, this wire is joined with that of the power supply and fed through the same pigtail connector. Consult an electrician for wiring help if you need assistance, or refer to the wiring diagrams that come with your strike
  • Carefully feed the wire(s) back through the frame so it is hidden from view, then insert the strike into the cutout. Use the screws provided to fasten it to the holes in the frame. Shut the door and check the spacing between the door and the lip of the strike. If the space is too large, remove the strike and insert wooden shims between the strike and the door frame, then reinstall the strike. If this space is too small, use a metal file to shave the frame down a bit to move the strike further from the door

Package Included:

  • 1 x Electronic Bolt Door Lock