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LCD Screen Protector Film Guard for Sony Ericsson C905

Do you want to protect your Sony Ericsson? If you are looking for a Sony Ericsson screen protector, we will recommend this lcd screen protector to you.This cell phone screen protector is made from a tough self-adhesive polymer, they prevent...
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  • LCD Screen protector for Sony Ericsson C905
  • High quality generic reusable cell phone screen protector
  • Always protect against dust and scratches
  • Designed for perfect fit with the screen
  • This lcd screen protector offers durable, transparent surface while keeping the screen clean and unscratched
  • Sony Ericsson screen protector can reduce the strain of your eyes by filtering to the UV light emitted form your camera display
  • Leaves no residue when removed
  • This is a non-OEM product
  • Dimension: 50 x 37mm / 2.0 x 1.5in (L x W)


LCD Screen Protector Film Guard for Sony Ericsson  C905

LCD Screen Protector Film Guard for Sony Ericsson  C905

LCD Screen Protector Film Guard for Sony Ericsson  C905

  • This Sony Ericsson screen protector will protect your cell phone very well. You will love it

LCD Screen Protector Film Guard for Sony Ericsson  C905

LCD Screen Protector Film Guard for Sony Ericsson  C905

How to Install a Screen Protector:

LCD Screen Protector Film Guard for Sony Ericsson  C905

  • Protecting a liquid crystal display on electronic equipment or a laptop is important ensure permanent damage does not occur to a delicate LCD. Installing protective film can be tricky because if the screen is not completely clean, dirt will be trapped beneath the screen protector. Additionally, if care is not taken to adhere the protector, it might not go on smoothly and without wrinkles

Instructions for Attaching a Screen Protector:

  • Because many electronics devices have liquid crystal display screens, screen protectors have grown in popularity. To keep an LCD screen clean and avoid scratching the fragile surface, you should cover it with a clear screen protector. The screen protector adheres directly to the LCD screen and covers it entirely. With the screen protector in place, you can then relax and stop worrying about permanent scratches in the LCD screens of your electronic devices


  • Please note that one side of the LCD panel protector had anti-scratch coating as indicated by the label, The other side has been silkscreen according to the LCD panel and therefore does not have anti-scratch coating


  • Remove the protective liner from the silkscreen side
  • Gently clean the exposed panel protector side with the protector liner removed with a clean microfibre cloth. Be careful not to apply too much strength as residue on the microfibre cloth may cause any scratches as this side does not have anti-scratch coating.
  • Measure cut and paste the supplied adhesive according to the black silkscreen area.
  • Clean the camera LCD panel to remove dust or tiny residue
  • Use a blower to blow off any dust that settle on the panel protector as well as the camera LCD panel
  • Remove the outer protective liner of the adhesive and align the panel protector in place with the camera LCD panel
  • Apply pressure on the panel protector and leave the adhesive for approximate minutes to ensure maximum secure of the panel protector to the camera LCD panel
  • Peel off the protective liner on the panel protector (with the scratch resistant able) and clean the surface with microfibre cloth

Tips & Warnings:

  • Perform the adhesive process in a steamy bathroom to ensure there is no dust on the LCD

Package Included:

  • 1 x LCD Screen Protector Film Guard
  • 1 x Cleaning Cloth