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Square Alarm Remote Control Receiver Board Module CZS-8


Super-regenerative receiver board (fixed code)using LC oscillator circuit, containing amplification shaping, the output signal is high and can directly drive a light-emitting diodes. There are L(latch)/M(jog) two kinds of output modes, and passwords ...
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  • Receiver board has a wide receiver bandwidth, usually ± 10MHz, factory general emphasis on the 315MHz
  • Receiver board generally uses DC5V power supply, if special requirements for adjustable voltage, voltage adjustment range of 3 ~ 8V
  • Receiver quiescent operating current of the factory typically 5mA, any special requirements can reduce the current, minimum current adjustable from 1.5mA, but the receiver sensitivity will be reduced
  • Receiver frequency is usually 315MHz, any special requirements for adjustable frequency, the frequency adjustment range of 100MHz ~ 500MHz
  • Model Specification: CZS-8 
  • Product Name: Square receiver board
  • Operating Voltage (V): DC5V
  • Quiescent Current (mA): 5
  • Receive Sensitivity (dBm): -103dBm
  • Operating Frequency (MHz): 315 (260-440, etc. more than 20 kinds of frequencies optional)
  • Code Type: Fixed code
  • Applications: Remote keyless entry, security systems, data transmissions, remote switch
  • Size: 30 x 30 x 7mm / 1.2 x 1.2 x 0.3in(L x W x H)


Square Alarm Remote Control Receiver Board Module CZS-8

  • The receiver board uses DC5V power supply

Square Alarm Remote Control Receiver Board Module CZS-8

  • Receiver frequency is usually 315MHz


  • Receiver board generally has seven external interface, the above in English, said. "VDD / VCC" said the next power positive, "GND / VSS" said the next power negative, "D0/13", "D1/12", "D2/11", "D3/10" said the four signal output, " VT "acknowledged receipt of instructions, 6 outputs of the receiver board are" D4 / 8 "," D5 / 7 "2 outputs, but the address code less 2
  • Before use to connect 50 Ohm 1 / 4 wavelength of the antenna and the antenna should be straight in order to achieve the best possible reception, wavelength = speed of light / frequency; would also like to check the vibration resistance and vibration resistance of the remote control match, so that in order to work properly. Receiver power supply requirements of the higher ripple voltage is too low or interference will cause the receiver distances close, so to maintain voltage stability and excellent filtering measures; receiver board on the environment have requested, would receive the same frequency interference distances close, if the external microcontroller, the crystal oscillation frequency doubling up on the receiver board interference, the higher the frequency crystal oscillator, the resulting interference with the greater use should be far away from interference sources, or try to select a frequency higher than low crystal
  • The receiver board mounted inside the metal shell will be shielded and reduced receiver distance, should be outside of the antenna probe the metal shell, so that the distance will greatly improve reception. Should try to avoid two receiver plates together at the same time, the two oscillating source will interfere with each other to receive the distance becomes close

Package Included:

  • 1 x Receiver Board