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Garfieldal Lovely Hen Style 60 Minutes Kitchen Cooking Timer


Are you a great "desperate" housewife? Are you eager to buy a wonderful kitchen timer for yourself? If you are, then just come to our store and look at our fashion compact timer.As we all know, the kitchen timer is handy tool used to measure the pass...
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  • This kind of kitchen timer can work for all of your needs, cooking and otherwise
  • With the large knob, the mechanical pointer (no batteries) can be operated easily
  • Our versatile compact timer with hen style can meet all your kitchen needs, and is perfect to time all your favorite food
  • The kitchen timer is so small that you can carry it with you to the exercise room, the garden, or campsite
  • You can wipe it with damp cloth for cleaning, but you cannot clean it with the dishwasher
  • You can time up to 60 minutes, which is pretty practical for you to make delicious food that requires strict time limits
  • Color: White & Red
  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 9.2 x 6.6cm/3.6 x 2.6in (H x Dia.)


Garfieldal Lovely Hen Style 60 Minutes Kitchen Cooking Timer

  • With lovely appearance, it is pretty popular with housewives from different countries

Garfieldal Lovely Hen Style 60 Minutes Kitchen Cooking Timer

  • With large knob, you can handle the timer easily and quickly

Garfieldal Lovely Hen Style 60 Minutes Kitchen Cooking Timer

  • With small size, you can take it with you anywhere you go if you need it

Garfieldal Lovely Hen Style 60 Minutes Kitchen Cooking Timer

  • It is easy for you to read numerals on the dial of the practical timer

Garfieldal Lovely Hen Style 60 Minutes Kitchen Cooking Timer

  • You will surely benefit a lot from this compact timer every time

How Do Kitchen Timers Work:

Garfieldal Lovely Hen Style 60 Minutes Kitchen Cooking Timer


  • Kitchen timer methods differ from model to model. Some timers are built into an appliance, such as an oven or a microwave. Some timers feature a knob, while others feature buttons and a display. A kitchen timer is used to monitor a variety of cooking functions. For instance, if baking a cake, you put the cake in the oven and set the timer for the amount of time the cake needs to cook. After the allotted time passes, a noise from the kitchen timer lets you know that the cake is finished baking. If not for the timer, the cake may burn or undercook


  • Some kitchen timers are electronic and some are self-powered. For wind-up models, simply grasp the timer and turn the knob to the designated time. The timer begins its countdown and emits a ding or a sound when it reaches zero. If the timer is digital, you can enter in the desired time in minutes and hours and then press the start button. After the entered time expires, a beep or other sound is heard. Some digital timers include a pause/play button, should you need to pause the cooking process for a moment. A press to the pause/play button stops the timer, while another press to the button starts it back up


  • Timers featuring dials rarely include a digital display. They, instead, show the passing of time with the rotating dial and the markings on the timer face. The markings may include 5-minute marks or whole minute marks. Digital timers display a clock or the timer progression, depending on whether the timer portion is in use. When the "+" or "-" buttons are pressed to add or subtract time to or from the designated time respectively, the accrual of time shows up in the display


  • An audible alert is emitted when the timer reaches zero and lets the user know that the allotted time has expired. Depending on the model, the noise may continue until a button on the timer is pressed to stop it, it may sound just once or it may sound once and then again several minutes later until disabled

Kitchen Timer Instructions:

Garfieldal Lovely Hen Style 60 Minutes Kitchen Cooking Timer

Getting Started:

  • Kitchen timers vary, but are easy to use. Once you press the start button and prompt the timer to alert you at a certain time, you really don't have anything else to do but wait. However, consider how you can do more with your kitchen timer than just setting it to go off at a specified time. For example, if cooking a meal that requires 20 minutes of cooking time in the oven, set the timer for 10 minutes, turn the item over to cook the under side, then reset the timer for the remaining 10 minutes

Cooking Multiple Dishes:

  • When cooking multiple dishes, use a kitchen timer to help the cooking or baking process. For example, if baking a cake while melting butter for the icing, set the timer for the cake and continue to make the icing without fear of forgetting to remove it in time.
  • Think of how you can use the kitchen timer when making large meals. Set the timer for the food that requires the most baking or cooking time, as this will allow you to prepare or cook other foods while you wait. For example, bake one item, set the timer, then complete several other items during the long wait time

Portable Kitchen Timers:

  • You don't have to reserve your kitchen timer just for cooking food. Use a portable kitchen timer for other activities. For example, once you turn the dial (moving it clockwise until it stops at the number of minutes you want to pass before the kitchen timer rings), use it keep track of cleaning, children's activities and other household chores. Set the timer on a table and then get to work. You will know the timer is working by the ticking sound of the timer counting down to the final alert, so you can move throughout the house or kitchen without worry

Package Included:

  • 1 x Kitchen Timer