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Crystal Hard Case for SAMSUNG U600

Does your phone show the signs of age? Does it look scratched? Do you want to decorate it with new cover? It's a pleasure to recommend this Hard Plastic Back Cover to you---Crystal Hard Case for SAMSUNG U600, fashion and handsome for your phone when ...
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  • Cat Pattern Rhinestone Hard Plastic SAMSUNG Cover keeps your phone safe from dings, scratches, smudges and accidental drops
  • This SAMSUNG Plastic Case is made with high quality and durable material
  • This SAMSUNG Plastic Case protects your phone from everyday wear and tear
  • This Hard Plastic Back Cover can be simply snapped on over the phone's existing body
  • Quickly changes the appearance of your phone to your liking with this Hard Plastic Back Cover
  • Molds perfectly to the shape of your phone to highlight its beauty
  • This is a non-OEM product
  • Compatible with: SAMSUNG U600


Crystal Hard Case for SAMSUNG U600

  • Protect and personalize your cell phone with this SAMSUNG Plastic Case

Crystal Hard Case for SAMSUNG U600

  • This SAMSUNG Plastic Case completely covered in sparkly rhinestones which makes your phone more stylish

Crystal Hard Case for SAMSUNG U600

Crystal Hard Case for SAMSUNG U600

  • Cell phone accessory offers all-around external surface protection without compromising usability

Crystal Hard Case for SAMSUNG U600How to Remove the Cover From a BlackBerry

The BlackBerry is a smart phone that offers mobile retrieval of instant messaging, email, Internet access, games and many other applications. The BlackBerry also features a built-in camera, a full keyboard and a trackball to make typing and finding your way around your smart phone a breeze. The BlackBerry comes with a rechargeable battery that over time will need to be replaced. By removing the BlackBerry's cover, you can gain access to the battery and other serviceable parts

Crystal Hard Case for SAMSUNG U600Things You'll Need:

  • Small pry tool
  • Torx T6 driver

Crystal Hard Case for SAMSUNG U600Instructions:

  • Turn the BlackBerry over so the back side is facing upward
  • Place your thumbs over the battery cover and slide the cover towards the bottom of the phone. Remove the cover once the tabs have disengaged from the chassis and set it aside
  • Remove the battery by prying it up with the tip of a fingernail. Follow subsequent steps if you need further access to the inner workings of your BlackBerry
  • Use a small pry tool and gently release the two top clips in the bottom rear cover. Slide the cover toward the bottom of the phone and set it aside
  • Use a Torx T6 driver (available at electronics stores) and remove the four screws exposed on the back of the phone in a counter clockwise direction. Set the screws aside. Remove the slim side covers by using the pry tool to release the two clips in each cover. Set the side covers aside
  • Pick the phone up carefully and separate the front and rear covers, which should come right off after removing the side covers
  • Reassemble your BlackBerry in the reverse order of above

Crystal Hard Case for SAMSUNG U600Tips & Warnings

  • Wear latex gloves when disassembling your BlackBerry to keep from getting oily fingerprints on the delicate internal parts and LCD panel
  • Should you need to update your BlackBerry's software, it can be downloaded directly from your phone with no external devices by using your mobile Internet access
  • You may void your warranty when disassembling your BlackBerry. If you need a battery or LCD panel replaced while under warranty, take your smart phone to an authorized dealer for service

Package Included:

  • 1 x Twins Star Crystal Hard Case for SAMSUNG U600