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Tronixin External USB 7.1 Sound Audio Box Card Adapter


The USB 7.1 Channel sound adatper is a highly flexible audio interface which can be used either with desktop or notebook systems. Bundled with sound simulation software, it turns your stereo speaker or earphones into 7.1 channel environment. No drive...
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  • Supports 32KBz , 44.1KHz.(which two need driver or application software support) and 48KHz sampling rate in digital recording, 48KHz sampling in analog recording and 48KHz in digital/analog audio playback
  • In digital playback mode, it receives audio stream from PC via USB interface and transmits audio data according to the AES/EBU, IEC60958, S/PDIF consumer interface standards. Only R, L channel PCM audio in 7.1 channel can be conveyed in digital playback mode. In analog playback mode
  • In digital recording mode, it revieves S/PDIF digital audio input and sends back to PC through USB. three sampling rates: includes 32KHz, 44.1KHz are automatically locked internally. In anolog recording mode, fixed 48KHz sampling rate is supported by anolog audio recording
  • Supports AES/EBU, IEC60958, S/PDIF consumer formats for stereo PCM audio
  • Fixed 48KHz sampling rate for 7.1 channel playback
  • Supports analog recording function
  • Supports SCMS (Serial Copy Management System) copy protection
  • Compatible with win98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Mac OS9.1 VISTA ( Macversion has 2 channel playback only.)
  • Fully duplex payback/recording audio stream without sound card in PC
  • Compliant with USB specification v1.1 v2.0
  • Compliant with USB audio device class v1.0 v2.0
  • Supports USB full speed 12Mbit 480mbit serial data transmission
  • 3 input terminals
  • 3 output terminals
  • Supports input and output channels
  • Supports multi channels audio code interface for 7.1 channel palyback
  • Supports conventional audio 2 channels source palyback (only L.R channel active)
  • Plug and play under windows without external memory


Tronixin External USB 7.1 Sound Audio Box Card Adapter

  • 3 input terminals

Tronixin External USB 7.1 Sound Audio Box Card Adapter 

  • Plug and play under windows without external memory

What is a USB Sound Card Adapter?


  • Sound cards transform digital information into analog sound. With a sound card, a user can play, change and record sounds with a microphone. Most sound cards are compatible with MIDI, the universal language for digital music, and "Sound Blaster," the main sound command system for PCs.


  • A user plugs the external USB sound card adapter into the USB port of a computer. The development of USB 2.0 has made this type of sound card a popular alternative to the traditional internal sound card. Professional recording artists use an advanced version, known as an audio interface.


  • Among its advantages, a USB sound card offers superior sound quality. Becase the computer case does not contain the USB sound card, sound quality does not suffer from the electrical interference that causes a humming noise. The size of a USB sound card make it transportable, and a user can connect it to other devices, such as speakers, microphones and musical instruments, without using a computer

How to Use a USB Audio Soundcard Adapter:

  • External USB audio cards give a user better sound quality and results than a standard, on-board sound card, in terms of performance. Usually, external cards can provide better bit depth while recording. If you have never before tried using an external USB sound card, you may have a few questions as to getting it properly set up and configured on your machine. With the right instruction, you too can make the most out of your new audio device


  • Connect the soundcard to your computer with the USB cable.Connect the USB sound card to your computer by plugging it into one of the USB ports with the USB cable. It is best to use a USB port that has not had any other devices installed to eliminate conflicts
  • Go into your computer's Control Panel by clicking "Start" and selecting "Control Panel" from the list of devices. the Control Panel allows you to customize the functionality of your computer and all of its connected devices
  • Click "Hardware and Sound" from the list of different options on the next screen
  • Select "Manage Audio Devices" underneath the "Sound" section on the next screen. This will take you to where audio devices can be enabled or disabled
  • Click on the name of the USB sound card device, then select "Properties." This next screen is were you make general settings as to the desired volume of the device
  • Select "Use this Device." Your new USB audio device will now be ready to use once headphones or external speakers are attached

Package Included:

  • 1 x USB 7.1 Channels Audio Sound Card Adapter