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Anpu Professional USB Cable Coupler Extension Connector


Looking for a serviceable USB connector? It is no need for finding endlessly. Here we strongly recommend you this professional USB cable coupler extension connector.These can either be used as couplers, to connect standard USB type-A male cables, or ...
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  • The connector adapter comes with 2 pieces and one pair
  • Change the gender of your cable (from male to female) with this USB connector 
  • The plug connector comes with USB 2.0 high speed transfer rate
  • The USB connector is USB female to female cable coupler
  • Can be used as extension USB connector 
  • It is an ideal for desktop or notebook computers
  • Size: 5.7 x 1.6cm/2.2 x 0.6 in(L x W)


Anpu Professional USB Cable Coupler Extension Connector

  • This connector adapter can connect the devices to their computers and put the devices in convenient locations

Anpu Professional USB Cable Coupler Extension Connector

  • This USB 2.0 extension cable gives you enough length and hence more flexibility to put your USB devices

Anpu Professional USB Cable Coupler Extension Connector

  • It can compliant with USB specification 2.0

Anpu Professional USB Cable Coupler Extension Connector

  • Being lightweight and mini size; the adapter is convenient to carry

Anpu Professional USB Cable Coupler Extension Connector

  • The port is standard for sweeping use; high quality ensures operational stability

How to Choose an USB Extension Cable?

Anpu Professional USB Cable Coupler Extension Connector

  • If you want to connect a piece of hardware to your computer you most often use a USB cable. However, if the device is out of reach with the provided USB cable you need to obtain an extension cable. There are a few factors that can have an impact on your USB extension cable, including the length you need, the type of USB cable and what kind of USB adapter end you need to use.


  • Measure the distance between the computer and the hardware you want to connect. This helps to determine the length of the USB extension cable you will need to purchase
  • Decide whether you want to connect the extension cable directly to the ports on the hardware and the computer, or if you want to plug it into the cable provided with the hardware. This will determine the type of connectors you need on the extension cable
  • Look at the actual USB ports on the computer and the hardware, or the free end of the USB cable you will use with the extension. There are A-type and B-type USB cables. The one most otten used is the A USB cable. The port on this cable is rectangular and is about 1/2-inch wide. Type B resembles a square connector and is roughly 1/3-inch inch thick. Identify the ends of your existing USB ports to make sure you pick out the correct extension cable
  • Find an extension cable that has a male connector on each end. The male connector is inserted into the USB port. You need this kind of extension cable to connect it directly to the computer and hardware
  • Look for an extension cable that has one female end and one male end. This is if you plan to use the cable already provided, plus the extension cable. The provided cable plugs into the USB port of the hardware and the other end of the cable plugs into the female end of the extension cable. You then plug the male end of the extension cable into the USB port on the computer

About USB Plugs:

Anpu Professional USB Cable Coupler Extension Connector

  • Standard USB Plugs and Receptacles: The plugs and receptacles have 4-contacts and are rectangular in shape with the contact opening of a Type A plug or receptacle measuring approximately 13.1(W) x 5.5(H) mm. The contact opening on standard Type B USB plugs and receptacles measures approximately 5.6(W) x 3.2(H)mm.
  • Mini-USB Plugs and Receptacles: Mini-USB plugs, receptacles and cables were primarily introduced for USB OTG (Universal Serial Bus On The Go) devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras etc. The USB OTG specification allows a single port to act as either a host or a device - chosen by which end of the cable plugs into the socket on the unit. After the cable is connected and the units are synchronised, the units may even swap ends under program control. This ability targets units such as PDAs where the USB link might connect to a PC's host port with the PDA as a device or alternatively connect the PDA as a host  to a keyboard.
  • Two small form factor plugs have been defined (Mini-A and Mini-B) along with a universal receptacle (Mini-AB) that accepts either a Mini-A plug or a Mini-B plug. . Mini-A, Mini-B, and Mini-AB connectors are identified easily by color. The specification nominates that the insulator plastic inside Mini-A plugs and receptacles is always white. In Mini-B connectors it's always black, and in Mini-AB receptacles it's always coloured grey. The plugs and receptacles have 5 contacts with contacts 4 & 5 joined together inside the Mini-A plug. Mini-USB plugs and receptacles are rectangular in shape, with the contact opening measuring approximately 6.8(W) x 3.1(H) mm

Package Included:

  • 1 x USB Cable Coupler Extension Connector