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Unisc Flexible USB LED Night Reading Light for Notebook Laptop


Still be troubled by the problem that the light for your reading is not bright enough? Want to show your specialty and have fun while reading? This can be changed by using this USB light.Plug and play, easy to use. USB interface. No need external pow...
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  • TFT LCD screen for a the USB light (CCFL) soft light bright, flicker-free, lamp life up to more than 10,000 hours
  • Lightweight and portable of this USB light, perfect for travel companions
  • Stent used hoses designed to arbitrarily by the need to adjust your point of view of lighting
  • Safe use of ultra-low voltage input required DC 5 V, no noise, low-power of this night reading light
  • Multi-purpose design, desktop computers can connect USB port, mobile computer USB port and used for transformer
  • Modeling new products, Xiaoqiaolinglong of this USB light, lamp lit fast without delay
  • Don't miss this LED reading light
  • Power Supply: (AC110V-220V) power supply (transformer optional)


Unisc Flexible USB LED Night Reading Light for Notebook Laptop

  • Plug and play, easy to use. The long tube design for this LED light can give out more light and make your room brighter

Unisc Flexible USB LED Night Reading Light for Notebook Laptop

  • USB interface. No need external power supply. Power saving design of this USB light comes with reliable LED light

Unisc Flexible USB LED Night Reading Light for Notebook Laptop

  • TFT LCD screen for this light. It's energy-saving and long-life span feature. Let the LED technology save your bill and make your house brighter

Unisc Flexible USB LED Night Reading Light for Notebook Laptop

  • You can see the light give out by this USB LED light at night, it's bright enough no matter for your reading or for the house lighting

Advantages of LED Light:

Unisc Flexible USB LED Night Reading Light for Notebook Laptop

The operational life of current white LED lamps is 100,000 hours. This is 11 years of continuous operation, or 22 years of 50% operation. The long operational life of an led lamp is a stark contrast to the average life of an incandescent bulb, which is approximately 5000 hours. If the lighting device needs to be embedded into a very inaccessible place, using LEDs would virtually eliminate the need for routine bulb replacement.

There is no comparison between the cost of LED lights vs. traditional incandescent options. With incandescent bulbs, the true cost of the bulb is the cost of replacement bulbs and the labor expense and time needed to replace them. These are significant factors, especially where there are a large number of installed bulbs. For office buildings and skyscrapers, maintenance costs to replace bulbs can be enormous. These issues can all be virtually eliminated with the LED option.

The key strength of LED lighting is reduced power consumption. When designed properly, an LED circuit will approach 80% efficiency, which means 80% of the electrical energy is converted to light energy. The remaining 20% is lost as heat energy. Compare that with incandescent bulbs which operate at about 20% efficiency (80% of the electrical energy is lost as heat). In real money terms, if a 100 Watt incandescent bulb is used for 1 year, with an electrical cost of 10 cents/kilowatt hour, $88 will be spent on electricity costs. Of the $88 expense, $70 will have been used to heat the room, not light the room. If an 80% efficient LED system had been used, the electricity cost would be $23 per year - there would be a cost savings of $65 on electricity during the year. Realistically the cost savings would be higher as most incandescent light bulbs blow out within a year and require replacements whereas LED light bulbs can be used easily for a decade without burning out.

Package Included:

  • 1 x USB LED Light