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UltraFire 150Lumens Solid Powerful LED Flashlight


Are you afraid of night? Are you always walking in a dark road after work? You need a tool to bring you confidence and warm! Yes, it is our bright flashlight! Here we strongly recommend you this 150lumens solid powerful LED flashlight.This powerful f...
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  • Lumens (Manufacturer Related): 150
  • Size: 9.5 x 2.1cm/3.7 x 0.8in (L x Dia.)
  • Mode: Single mode
  • Lamp Assembly: CREE XR-E P4 LED
  • Batteries: Batteries are not included (1x 1.5V Alkaline AA Battery, 1x 1.2V NiMh AA Rechargeable Battery, 1x UltraFire 14500 3.6V AA Rechargeable battery)
  • Color: Black
  • Switch: Tailcap clickie On/Off


  • This LED rechargeable flashlight uses original U.S. high-power Q5 LED
  • Strengthened design of this powerful flashlight is easy to deal with harsh environment
  • This LED rechargeable flashlight is long life performance LED bulb
  • It is a 5 modes bright LED powerful flashlight
  • The rechargeable flashlight is made of high quality material which is durable for long time use
  • This bright flashlight can be a good self-protection tool
  • Enough to temporarily blind and disorient a person by impairing his night-adapted vision
  • It is widely used for patrolling, hunting and arresting, inspecting, securing, martin rescue as well as light shooting
  • Small size, high output, and extended runtime make it perfect for self-defense, camping and backpacking, emergency or everyday carry


UltraFire 150Lumens Solid Powerful LED Flashlight

  • It is brightly in the darkness
  • The exquisite led flashlight is made of high quality material for long time use

UltraFire 150Lumens Solid Powerful LED Flashlight

  • The handle is easy to hold
  • The led flashlight is portable and compact to carry everywhere  

UltraFire 150Lumens Solid Powerful LED Flashlight

  • You can put battery into it and it is easy to open
  • The luminous button in the back of the flashlight is easy to press in the dark night  


UltraFire 150Lumens Solid Powerful LED Flashlight

  • Best gift for the worker who is working at night
  • The led flashlight is portable and compact to carry everywhere 

UltraFire 150Lumens Solid Powerful LED Flashlight

  • Lightweight, strong, aluminum alloy body resists crushing or bending

How to Fix an LED Flashlight:

UltraFire 150Lumens Solid Powerful LED Flashlight

  • Replace the batteries. While this is an obvious step with traditional flashlights, which dim as the batteries fade, you might not think to do so with an LED flashlight. The light in an LED flashlight never fades. It keeps burning until it disappears
  • Clean the contact plate. Remove the batteries and look for the small metal circle(s) where the battery or batteries touch the flashlight. Running a pencil eraser over the contact plate will remove rust and grime and lead to a clean power connection
  • Pry out the tail cap contacts and contact screw. These are the springs on the other end of the battery from the contact plate. Sometimes the spring can get jammed or the small metal contacts on each side of the spring can get snagged. Wiggling a small screwdriver between the springs and metal contacts will free them up and restore enough pressure to draw battery power
  • Take the LED flashlight into a hardware store if you need a new bulb. Unlike incandescent flashlights, LED flashlight bulbs can only be replaced by professionals

How to Hold a Tactical Flashlight:

UltraFire 150Lumens Solid Powerful LED Flashlight

Utilized primarily by military and law enforcement professionals, the tactical flashlight is a self-defense tool for situations with little or no light for locating a target. Most often accompanied by a handgun or other small firearm, tactical flashlights are compact, durable and incredibly bright--a feature that allows the defender to temporarily stun or disable a would-be attacker. By testing and exploring a variety of holding techniques, you can better prepare yourself for a real combat situation

  • Position the mirror so that you are clearly able to see your upper torso and face in the reflection. Ensure that your pistol or handgun is empty and unloaded for practice
  • Wield your handgun in your desired hand and grip the tactical flashlight in the other. Grip the tactical flashlight in a full-palm grip with your thumb immediately over the activation button. Extend both arms forward until the barrel of the gun and flashlight are parallel to each other, with hands clasped together. This holding technique is called "Surefire"
  • Lower the hand holding the tactical flashlight and cross it beneath your hand holding the firearm so that your wrists touch. Practice this basic technique, called the "Harries," in the mirror by aligning your wrists and keeping them firm as you pivot your hips and arms
  • Raise your hand holding the tactical flashlight until your elbow forms a 90-degree angle. The arm holding the tactical flashlight should be fully extended, while the forearm raises perpendicular to it. Hold the flashlight with your fingers so that the middle finger of the hand rests on the activation button. This is called the "Modified FBI" grip, and is a method for holding the light above and away from the center of your body while keeping your gun-hand fully extended and ready to fire
  • Turn out the lights in the room and practice the three holding techniques. Explore holding options with your palm and fingers and distinguish which technique you favor, or which provides the most maneuverability and visibility. Practice quickly turning the flashlight on and off as needed

 Package Included: 

  • 1 x LED Flashlight
  • 1 x Hand Strap