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Unisc Universal UK EU US All in One Travel Power Converter Plug Adapter


Are you looking for a Power Adapter? ThePlug Adapter has been designed to give you a complete theatre and jukebox experience when connected to your device. The Power Adapter with easy connection Holds your device enables you to recharge, sync. watch ...
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  • Universal international worldwide travel AC power plug adapter AU / UK / US / EU
  • International travel power plug for US-UK-Australia-Europe
  • The all in one  can connect your electrical appliance everywhere around the world
  • Compact and confortable design
  • Surge protection
  • Safety shutter
  • Power indicator light
  • Power: 125V 6A, 250V 13A
  • Size: 7.4 x 4.7 x 3.9cm/2.9 x 1.9 x 1.5in(L x W x H)


Unisc Universal UK EU US All in One Travel Power Converter Plug Adapter

  • Compact and confortable design, international travel power plug for US-UK-Australia-Europe

Unisc Universal UK EU US All in One Travel Power Converter Plug Adapter 

  • Power Adapter is made of durable plastic and metal material for durable use,  the Travel Adapter makes a convenient home base for charging and syncing or for connecting iPod to your home audio system

Unisc Universal UK EU US All in One Travel Power Converter Plug Adapter

  • A button control,  lock or unlock, this Plug Adapter provides a child protection safely shutter, power indicator light and surge protector

Unisc Universal UK EU US All in One Travel Power Converter Plug Adapter

  • Socket is folding, easy to carry, suitable for travel, international travel power plug for US-UK-Australia-Europe

How to Replace AC Adapters:

  • The AC power adapter plug for your laptop computer is not the sort of accessory that gets advertised widely, leading many people to wonder if it's possible to replace theirs if it stops working. However, AC adapters are some of the most widely purchased computer accessories and are readily available as replacement parts for most major computer brands. All you have to know is where to shop and how to look for the match to your computer
  • Determine for whether your adapter really needs replacing. Try multiple outlets to rule out a wall socket problem, and examine the plug-in on your laptop to see if there's anything obviously wrong with it. You can also take your laptop to your local electronics store and see if it'll let you test your laptop with a universal adapter to see if your computer will run. The store personnel may also be able to test your old adapter for conductivity to confirm that it's broken
  • Get information about a replacement adapter from the company that manufactured your laptop. Go to the manufacturer's website and look for a link to purchase accessories. They might be sold directly from the site, or there may be a link to reputable retailers who sell accesssories for your brand of laptop. If the company doesn't have an online store, call them directly and ask about the part. Make sure to find the adapter that matches your model of laptop
  • Consider buying a universal power adapter. These are available at most major electronics outlets, will work for a variety of voltages, and come equipped with several sizes of plug tips to fit your computer. However, you will still want to read the packaging carefully and make sure that your computer is on the list of machines the adapter will work for. If there is no list by brand, compare the replacement to your old adapter, looking at plug tip size, DC output and AC input numbers (a universal adapter will work in a range of these numbers, rather than an exact match)
  • Avoid cheap knockoffs. Expect that a good quality, it's easy to find poorly made, inexpensive adapters through online sellers, and while these may work for a few weeks, they're often made with parts that will break or burn out quickly, potentially damaging your computer as well as wasting the money you spent on the accessory 

Package Included:

  • 1 x Universal All in One Travel Power Plug Adapter