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Unisc 125V-250V 10A Universal World Travel AC Adapter


Eliminate the need to travel with multiple power adapters-the universal adapter fits all. Light and compact design makes bulky adapter converters obsolete. The Universal World Travel AC Adapter makes this ideal for notebook computers and personal ele...
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  • This travel adapter covers more than 150 countries all over the world
  • With voltage indicator 110V and 220V
  • Universal receptacle can accept different plugs all over the world
  • 2 way socket outlet
  • This product does not have the voltage changing function
  • While using, please check and make sure your electrical apparatus can work with the local voltage
  • For normal charger of laptop, mobile phone and digital camera, which has been marked with input 100V-240V, it is unnecessary to make sure the local voltage in use
  • Rating: 125V-250V 10A


Unisc 125V-250V 10A Universal World Travel AC Adapter

  • This is an Universal World Travel AC Adapter


  • It would be dangerous if using more than one plug one time while working

How to Repair an AC Adaptor:

  • Plug your AC adapter into an available outlet. Plug the adapter end into the port in your computer. The LED light on the end of the adapter will light up, signifying that charging is in progress. If the light doesn't appear you can proceed anyway
  • Run your fingers along the length of the cable and pinch it between your thumb and forefinger. When the LED charging light flashes on and off you have found the point of the short
  • Unplug the adaptor. Use your wire cutters to strip between a half inch and an inch off of the sheath that covers the wires. Be careful to cut only the sheath, and not the actual wires
  • Locate the frayed end on the wires. This is where the short is. Twist the frayed ends of the wires together, making sure they are tight and secure
  • Wrap electrical tape around the wires to cover the gap in the sheath. Make sure it is electrical tape as it is designed for use with electricity

Package Included:

  • 1 x AC Adapter