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Vivikai CD800 2.7inch LCD 5.0MP CMOS 15MP Max 3X Optical Zoom 8X Digital Zoom Digital Camera


Society today is a digital world. So you have mobile phone, computer, and music player. Every day you are enjoying your life. And every day you are growing older. So you want to record something that you can aftertaste when you are old.  This&nb...
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  • Max. Resolution: 15.0 Megapixel (interpolation)
  • Image Sensor: 5.0 Megapixel CMOS
  • External Memory: MMC or SD card (max 8.0GB)
  • Resolution: 15MP/12MP/10MP/8MP/7MP HD/5MP/3MP/2MP HD/0.3MP
  • Video Recording Mode: QVGA (320 x 240); VGA (640 x 480)
  • PC CAM: No
  • Optical Zoom: 3X
  • Digital Zoom: 8X
  • File Formats: JPEG /AVI
  • LCD Viewfinder: 2.7" TFT screen
  • Flash Mode: Manual/ON / OFF
  • Exposure: EV+3.0~ -3.0
  • White Balance: Automatic/Sunshine/Tungsten/Fluorescent
  • Scenery: Auto /Night Portrait/Night Scenery /Portrait/Scenery/Sports/Party/Beach/High Sensitivity
  • Sharpness: Normal, Sharp, Soft
  • Shooting Mode: Single shot/Self-time shot/Movie: AVI
  • Self-Timer: 2/5/10 seconds delay
  • Interface: USB2.0
  • Lens: Fixed , f=7.45mm F=3.0
  • Focus Range: 30cm ~80cm(Macro) / 1.2m(Normal)
  • Automatic Energy Saving: 60s/120s/180s/Never OFF
  • PicBridge: Yes
  • Anti-Shake: Yes
  • Face Detection: Yes
  • Other: Date Stamp, Quality, Rotate, Protect, Frequency, Copy, Format, Default Setting
  • OSD Language: Chinese / English / France / Spain / Germany / Italy/ Portuguese / Russian / Turkish
  • Power Source: 3 x AAA batteries
  • System Requirement for PC: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
  • Size: 96 x 58 x 28mm/3.8 x 2.3 x 1.1in (L x W x H)


  • This LCD Digital Video Camera has 3X optical zoom & 8X digital zoom
  • This Digital Camcorder records stunning, full high definition movies at the highest possible resolution
  • This LCD Digital Video Camera has 2.7 inch TFT screen & USB out
  • The LCD Digital Video Camera features PicBridge, anti-shake & face detection
  • Superb performance in a compact, elegantly styled body
  • Best Digital Video Camera is great for travel or everyday shooting
  • Captures every detail of special moments in crisp, stunning with this LCD Digital Video Camera
  • This slim, sleek LCD Digital Video Camera is so easy to use and perfect for any age

Vivikai CD800 2.7inch LCD 5.0MP CMOS 15MP Max 3X Optical Zoom 8X Digital Zoom Digital Camera

Vivikai CD800 2.7inch LCD 5.0MP CMOS 15MP Max 3X Optical Zoom 8X Digital Zoom Digital Camera

What is Digital Camera?

Vivikai CD800 2.7inch LCD 5.0MP CMOS 15MP Max 3X Optical Zoom 8X Digital Zoom Digital Camera

  • Digital camera work basic principles: light - electricity - digital signal transfer and change. Through the light sensor signal into a current signal into analog and then digital signal processing by a dedicated chip, and filtering the information obtained to restore it is what we see a dynamic picture

Some Affect the Image Quality Reasons:

  • Camera Image is Not Good. This failure generally can be divided into three cases, one is shown in the viewfinder image and the TV is not ideal, leading to the reasons for this failure is usually in the camera circuit; Second, the viewfinder image normal and the TV show bad image, in which case AC adapter or failure is usually caused by poor line connection; third is the TV image viewfinder image normal and bad reasons for this failure is usually caused by a viewfinder
  • The Image Color is Not Natural. If the tape monitor records the image normal and five color or color negative, in general, failure occurred in the video section: On the contrary, if the tape recording monitor image is not normal and normal, was caused by AC adapter or a bad connection. If both are negative, the fault in the camera circuit
  • Image Blur, Focus is Not Good. If the manual focus well and auto-focus poor, often malfunction in the automatic focusing circuit. If the manual and automatic focus are bad, the fault component, mainly in the lens focus
  • No Audio Playback Images. In such cases, can be taken with a tape recorder into the common normal replay, monitor sound effects. If the sound normal, the fault in the AC adapter; the other hand, failure in the audio and microphone recording microphone circuit or circuits
  • The Machine Does Not Work. After booting the keys had no role in the viewfinder no light, the box body does not work. Such power failures are usually caused by abnormal or power circuits. Should first check the battery voltage or AC AC adapter output voltage is normal, if normal then the fault in the power circuit.
  • Tape Handling Failure. Viewfinder and monitor can be displayed the image when shooting, but the tape is not loaded into or take it out. Such failure generally occurs in the movement and its drive circuit


  • Avoid highlight, high or cold temperature, water, shock, collision, corrosion, smoke, dust, magnetic, X-ray etc.
  • Only when it is in great need, a little bit of dust will not affect the image quality. When you need cleaning, it shall use a soft brush, such as the sable brush or hair dryer to remove dust. If you want to wipe the lens, you should use the pump to blow away the dust, wipe it with lens paper
  • You can use a transparent display protection sticker to protect the screen

How to Get The Best Digital Video Camera:

Vivikai CD800 2.7inch LCD 5.0MP CMOS 15MP Max 3X Optical Zoom 8X Digital Zoom Digital Camera

  • There are many digital video cameras to choose from, however knowing what your needs are will help determine which camera to buy
  • Instructions
  • When choosing a digital video camera, you will be hammered with megapixels. Every year video cameras get higher and higher megapixels. Just, be sure anything over 6 megapixels will produce a quality image
  • Zoom is important in a video camera. Be sure to check only the Optical zoom of your new digital video camera. Once you go into Digital zoom, it is simply digitally cropping the optical zoom and quality will go down
  • Now select your format for your digital video camera. Tape is still the cheapest media. Cheaper camera and cheaper supplies. You can record directly to min DVD's which is great for someone that has no computer literacy and just want a quick playback. There is also the hard drive option. This is great for the computer dependent crowd. The next option and more preferred is using flash memory. This can be any form of removable "card." In past this was very expensive, but now the prices have dropped considerably
  • If you are serious about have great videos, do not worry if your digital video camera takes still shots. You often lose quality and are better off having one camera for still and one for video
  • The next thing to consider if your power options. Most cameras have a rechargeable battery. This is ideal. If it doesn't you will find yourself spending massive amounts of money replacing batteries. Sony has the best battery I have ever seen. They last for years and hold a very long charge
  • The next thing to do is try it out. Many stores have a 30 day refund policy on electronics. Try it out and make sure you have what you need. Be sure to check web sites like CNET, that compare products and give full unbiased reviews. While nothing is ever a 5-star, you will learn so much from reading these sites

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Package Included:


  • 1 x Camera
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Camera Bag
  • 1 x Hand Strap
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x CD