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Zrabra Four Zone Wireless Alarm Host System Anqier-A


Although there are many ways to ensure home security, employing some effective guards to ensure the home security is not easy for most families. However, with this home security system, things become easier. This is a brand new four zone wireless ala...
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  • Operating Voltage: AC220V / DC9V-12V, the use of this machine with a rechargeable battery power supply, power supply interface, there are positive and negative nature, do not free to use other power supply
  • Remote Control Battery: DC12V (23A)
  • Remote Distance: 300 meters (open area)
  • Distance Alert: Using XingYi original wireless infrared sensor technology, transmission distance of 800-1200 m(Open)
  • Basic Configuration: Host a dedicated power supply 1, an alarm, a wireless infrared sensor, a wireless door sensor, remote control 2
  • Optional Accessories: Wireless infrared sensor, wireless smoke detectors, wireless gas flu, wireless door sensor, wireless devices and remote control felt and so on
  • Zone Number: This system consists of four zone, factory standard settings as follows: infrared detector set to a zone, Magnetic Set 2 zone, the user need to increase the detector can be set to the 1-4 zone
  • Size: 145 x 148 x 40mm / 5.7 x 5.8 x 1.6in(L x W x H)


  • Intelligent microcomputer control alarm, which provide protection against burglary, theft, detecting gas leaks and smoke fire
  • The alarm host system is with emergency capabilities
  • Radio dispatched, without wiring, simple installation
  • Can be preset sound or silent alarm (ie, whether to open warning alarm)
  • Wireless remote deployment, disarm, and through another telephone for remote deployment, disarm, on-site monitoring
  • Microcomputer automatically reported numbers alarm could be set aside 6 groups remote emergency telephone number to the owner's cell phones, pagers, 110 and residential property management center, etc. alarm
  • Alarm center network with the use of a computer, the computer control center received the alarm, can automatically transfer the user data, real-time display on the computer screen, able to distinguish between categories of police intelligence. (Note: with the 110 network to be in consultation with the local public security department)
  • 4 alarm zones can be deployed individually, disarm
  • Have called looting connections. When the user no one was home, someone from the outside into the phone lines trying to occupy the alarm burglary, theft alarm occurs, the system will automatically grab line of dial-up alarm
  • A machine with a password, confidentiality, strong anti-jamming performance is good
  • With a back-up rechargeable power supply, power outages, they can work properly for more than 48 hours


Zrabra Four Zone Wireless Alarm Host System Anqier-A

  • Intelligent alarm host system provides protection against burglary, theft, detecting gas leaks and smoke fire

Zrabra Four Zone Wireless Alarm Host System Anqier-A

  • The wireless host system can monitor your property perfectly whether you are home or away

Zrabra Four Zone Wireless Alarm Host System Anqier-A

  • Advanced level of wireless security in small, attractive design. Easily set on or off every wire or wireless director


  • When any unwelcome people breaks into its defense area, the alarm horn of this home security system will cry loud to scare the intruder away
    Zrabra Four Zone Wireless Alarm Host System Anqier-A
  • Comes with a 4 keys remote control, easy and convenient to operate the alarm host system

How to Install the Wireless PIR Motion Detector:

Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Detectors protect space by 'looking' for changes in infrared (heat) energy levels caused by movement of an intruder. The passive infrared detectors are passive devices. i.e., they do not transmit any form of energy. When a person enters and moves within the detecting zone, his body which is at its normal temperature of 98.6 degree F., radiates more (or less) thermal energy than the surroundings and such minute difference in thermal energy is detected by the PIR. In simple words, PIR keeps a picture of the heat levels in its view and keeps on comparing the new view with the stored one. In case there is any change then they activate the alarm

Installation Diagram:

Zrabra Four Zone Wireless Alarm Host System Anqier-A

Zrabra Four Zone Wireless Alarm Host System Anqier-A

  • Fix the bracket on suitable wall surface or in wall corner at a distance of 2~2.4m above the ground;
  • Open the sensor shell to connect the batteries well and adjust jumper line (short circuit "5S": The sensor will detect once every 5 seconds; short circuit "5MIN": The sensor will detect once every 5 minutes)


  • Short circuit "5S" for testing and "5MIN" for normal use; Fix the sensor onto the bracket
  • Adjust the sensor to a proper angle and then slide the power switch on the side to "ON", and it will enter into the normal working state after 30 seconds
  • Upon the working light flashes frequently in green, please replace the batteries

How to Install Wireless Door Sensor:

Your home security wireless door sensors are important detection points - 75% of all break-ins occur through a door. Use common sense when installing home security wireless sensors - remember that the objective is to make sure that the sensor and magnet are located within 3/8" of each other. (See Figure 1) Be sure the home security wireless sensor and magnet are not obstructing the opening of the door

Zrabra Four Zone Wireless Alarm Host System Anqier-A

  • Hold the home security wireless sensor near the top of the door, close to the opening edge of the door (not the hinge side). This is the mounting location for the sensor. Hold the magnet on the doorframe next to the sensor. The alignment marks must match up. (See Figure 2) The sensor and magnet must be within 3/8 of an inch from each other in order to operate properly. This is the mounting location for the magnet
  • Now that you have determined the proper location you can attach the home security wireless sensor and magnet. Thoroughly clean the mounting location with a clean, dry cloth. Remove the protective backing off the 3M strip on the sensor. Make sure the home security wireless sensor is straight and is close to the edge of the door. Attach the sensor to the door. Press firmly and hold in place for 30 seconds
  • Now remove the protective backing off the 3M strip on the magnet. Make sure the alignment marks are facing each other. Attach the magnet on the doorframe next to the sensor. Press firmly and hold in place for 30 seconds. When the magnet is moved more than 1/2 inch from the sensor, the alarm will be activated if the home security wireless system is armed

About Wireless Home Security Alarm Systems:

Zrabra Four Zone Wireless Alarm Host System Anqier-A

Home security systems are steadily moving towards a more wireless solution. With news stories about children abducted from home, and increases in burglaries and home invasions, security is very important for households. Families have an innate desire to protect themselves and their belongings from intruders. Home security systems are being installed to act as the eyes and ears of families while they are away from home or asleep at night. Not only a valid defense against theft, wireless home security systems fight against fires and aids in other medical related emergencies

  • Benefits: One of the greatest benefits to using a wireless home security system is the easy and quick installation. For most wireless systems, you only need to connect the device to an existing phone line, and it is ready to go. Another benefit is the cost; wireless systems costs are considerably cheaper than the other types of home security systems. This is largely due to the reduced need for the installer to deal with structural issues in your dwelling

Zrabra Four Zone Wireless Alarm Host System Anqier-A

  • Features: The most well-known features of wireless home security systems are burglary, fire and medical monitoring and alarms. Other types of alarms that are associated with the device are emergency, gas and flood warnings. Other features includes integral keypad, hand-held transmitters, several different arming modes, choice of alarm types, programmable power supply, event logs and fixed frequency receiver types

Zrabra Four Zone Wireless Alarm Host System Anqier-A

  • Other Uses: Wireless home security systems are not just attractive because of their easy installation practices. Homeowners like them because of their other uses as well. One use is the ability to contact the fire department if a fire breaks out while no one is at home. For other systems, to have this feature included will cost more than it does with wireless systems. With some of the wired systems out there, the fire alarm option can cost up to $1000 for installation and $20 a month in monitoring. For wireless systems, there is no or little installation cost, and monitoring isn't required. Wireless alarm systems can also be connected to lights and appliances in the home. Would-be burglars can be deterred when lights and appliances are turned on and off at random times. This gives the appearance that someone is home even when no one is

Zrabra Four Zone Wireless Alarm Host System Anqier-A

  • Wireless Sensors: For the wireless alarm system to work, several wireless sensors are placed around the home. Burglary sensors are attached to doors and windows. When a door or window is opened while the alarm is engaged, the wireless sensor sends a signal to the main device. The device then blasts a siren and/or contacts the police, depending on the programming settings. In case of a fire, the sensor picks up on smoke in the environment, much like a smoke detector. A signal is sent to the system, and the fire department is notified through the connected phone line if the alarm isn't disengaged within a set time frame

 Zrabra Four Zone Wireless Alarm Host System Anqier-A

How to Buy a Home Alarm System:

Zrabra Four Zone Wireless Alarm Host System Anqier-A

Each year more than 2 million American homes are burglarized, according to the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (alarm.org). Most of them have no alarm system. Electronic security devices provide affordable peace of mind, and recognizes and reacts instantly to unauthorized entry

  • Survey your home and determine how many windows and doors you want integrated into the system
  • Contact your insurance agent, a security system adviser, the NBFAA or your police department's crime prevention department for names of security system companies. Ask each company for an inspection, a recommendation and a quote in writing
  • Decide whether you want to contract with a 24-hour central monitoring station for a monthly fee. If your system detects a break-in, it alerts security professionals to dispatch local police. Less expensive dialer accessories can link sensors to your phone lines and call preselected numbers if security is breached
  • Consider your family's lifestyle. Do people or pets sometimes roam the house at night? Select appropriate sensors and locations
  • Choose a system with a control panel that can monitor all the zones in your home. Each window or door integrated into the system is considered a zone. A basic system (about $400 without monitoring) can control eight zones, but many can be expanded to watch up to 32
  • Determine locations for the control panel and keypads. The control panel commands the system and the keypads allow you to program the system and turn it or its components on and off. A typical setup puts one keypad near the front door and another keypad--and perhaps a panic button--close to the bedrooms
  • Look for systems that connect to lighting controls, smoke and carbon monoxide sensors, and flood detectors. Also make sure system switches won't freeze in cold climates. (See How to Buy a Home Automation System.)
  • Choose a user-friendly code that everyone in the family can remember in an emergency. Try the keypad to assure that it's easy to use
  • Realize that it's difficult to retrofit a hardwired security system. With a wired system, you'll have to drill holes in walls so wires can be routed. If you want to avoid this expense and inconvenience, choose a wireless system

Package Included:

  • 1 x Host
  • 1 x Power Supply
  • 1 x Alarm
  • 1 x Wireless infrared probe
  • 1 x Wireless door sensor
  • 2 x Remote Controls