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Wireless Digital Security Intelligent Home Burglar Alarm System CG-8800PLUS


In a company, there are some important and confidential departments. How to know that anybody break in at the first time. Or your house needs to guard against theft. Now here a wireless intelligent alarm system can solve these problems. This wireless...
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  • 100% wireless configuration, installation by DIY
  • The wireless intelligent alarm system is convenient operation by remote control
  • 1, 000, 000 inlet RF pin sets maintains high reliability
  • Simple accessory expansion by automatic recoding
  • This wireless intelligent alarm system is late-night mute remote control
  • Remote control realizes detection by areas
  • On-site high-loudness deterring alarm
  • Automatic dialing of 8 pre-set phone numbers
  • Digital high-fidelity voice message recording, automatic replaying
  • Phone line cut and damage alarming
  • Remote detection on / detection off setup or siren triggering by telephone
  • Active or passive remote monitoring of the site via telephone
  • E2PROM information protection, power cut won't cause damages to data
  • Automatic switch between AC and DC ensures uninterrupted operation of the system
  • Expandable RF relay module enables the activation of other RF accessories after alarming
  • Standard cable alarming signal interface
  • The wireless intelligent alarm system is compatible with computerized community alarm processing center, smart community alarming network may be established
  • Timing arm/disarm by remote control
  • Shared 6 zones LED by wireless and wired zones, special 24-hour emergency alarm zone LED indication
  • The home burglar alarm system is shared 6 zones LED by wireless and wired alarm


Wireless Digital Security Intelligent Home Burglar Alarm System CG-8800PLUS

  • The wireless intelligent alarm system ensures safety and security for home or company

Wireless Digital Security Intelligent Home Burglar Alarm System CG-8800PLUS

Wireless Digital Security Intelligent Home Burglar Alarm System CG-8800PLUS

Wireless Digital Security Intelligent Home Burglar Alarm System CG-8800PLUS

Principle of Operation:

  • The most basic alarm systems as a principle of action is very similar to the operation of an electric light bulb - something happens when you close or interrupt an electric circuit. In one case the bulb is lit or extinguished in the other - the control panel of the alarm system activates the alarm or cancel event

Four Main Component Areas:

  • Detection Devices, to detect if an intrusion has occurred
  • Warning Devices, bells, sirens and remote monitoring
  • Control Panel, to control the various states of the system
  • Power Supplies, including backup batteries

Monitored Systems Typically Work as Follows:

  • The security system senses something
  • The security system waits 30 to 45 seconds to give the homeowner a chance to deactivate the system to prevent false alarms
  • If the alarm is not deactivated the security system sends a message to the monitoring company over telephone lines
  • The monitoring company receives the message and verifies the alarm, generally by placing a phone call to the home. If they do not receive the proper password or do not receive an answer, they call the police
  • The police respond

Things to Remember About Security Alarm Systems:

  • Burglars realize most security systems sound inside the house and then the alarm is transferred to remote locations through the telephone lines
  • Most phone lines are typically exposed on the outside of the house in an easily accessible location where the phone line can be cut. If the telephone line is cut, the security alarm system cannot notify the central monitoring station of the break-in
  • If the phone line is run underground until it is inside the home (with the main telephone junction box inside the home), the thief cannot tamper with the telephone line until after he or she has broken in
  • Having a protected phone line to your house is a good idea whether you have a security alarm system or not
  • Remember: Security systems do not prevent thieves from breaking into homes

Package Included:

  • 1 x Alarm Host
  • 3 x Wireless Remote Controls
  • 2 x Wireless Door Contacts
  • 1 x Siren
  • 1 x Wireless IR Inductive Head