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Zrabra Wireless PIR IR Motion Sensor for Alarm Home Security System PA-476


Sensor Detector Security System plays more and more important role in our daily life! The PA-476 Motion Sensor offers quality detection in an attractive white housing. The PA-476 Infrared Motion Sensor Detector is fully featured, flexible a...
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  • Sensor: Low noise, high sensitivity, dual element, PIR Sensor
  • Pulse Count (Sensitivity): Two levels auto pulse signal processing, 1~3 pulses or 2~6 pulse selectable
  • Temperature Compensation: Auto
  • Startup Time: 60 seconds after power up
  • Detection Speed: 0.2~7m/sec
  • Lens: Second generation Fresnel lens
  • White Light Immunity: Yes
  • Coverage: 12m x 110°
  • Zones: 9+5+5+3=22
  • Installation Height: 1.1~3.1m adjustable
  • Alarm Indication: Green LED constant light 3 seconds (can be disabled)
  • Alarm Output: N.C., rating DC 28V, 0.15A
  • Anti-Tamper Switch: N.C., opens when cover removed, rating 0.15A, 28Vdc
  • Power Input: DC 9~16V, 18mA
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C~50°C
  • Operating Humidity: 95%
  • Size: 90 x 65 x 50mm / 3.5 x 2.6 x 2.0in (L x W x H)


  • Auto pulse signal processing, 2 levels adjustable
  • Auto temperature compensation
  • 2nd generation Fresnel lens
  • The Sensor Detector Security System has optional other lenses
  • The Best Infrared Detector has high density SMD design
  • Additional Connector for EOL resistor
  • Fire resistant case
  • The passive infrared motion detector detects the presence of movement


Zrabra Wireless PIR IR Motion Sensor for Alarm Home Security System PA-476

  • The PA-476 Best Infrared Detector is fully featured, flexible and simple to install for any basic security alarm application

Zrabra Wireless PIR IR Motion Sensor for Alarm Home Security System PA-476

  • High performance passive infrared motion detector, compact size and streamlined design is ideal for the security application

Zrabra Wireless PIR IR Motion Sensor for Alarm Home Security System PA-476

  • Fully featured to install for any basic security alarm application, this Best Infrared Detector is a best choice for you

Zrabra Wireless PIR IR Motion Sensor for Alarm Home Security System PA-476

  • Auto pulse signal processing, 2 levels adjustable. Auto temperature compensation

How Do Motion Detectors Work:

  • There are many different types such as radar motion detectors, bugler detectors, sound detectors and infrared detectors. Each type reacts to movement in a slightly different way. Each system is also set up on a different principle. A radar detector that uses a laser beam to detect motion will be set up differently than the average motion light detector. This article focuses on how the infrared motion detector works that most people would place in their yards. This can either be so that they can see better when they arrive home at night, or so that they can tell when something is passing through their yard

Motion detectors as a passive system:

  • Most motion lighting uses a passive system of detecting energy. This is called "passive infrared" and is sometimes called a PIR detector. A passive system only notices movement, but does not react to it in a harmful way. While some radar detectors might harm someone trying to break in, the passive system only turns on a light. This is still useful for keeping intruders away because many potential criminals will run from well-lit areas. Many people use motion detectors combined with a video surveillance system to keep crime away

The basic structure:

  • Most motion detectors are set up like a photosensor. An infrared light is used to conduct the electrons off of a substrate and then the electrons can then be detected and changed into the form of a signal. Most detectors look for rapid changes in how much infrared energy is detected. This means that objects have to be traveling at a rather fast speed to be detected. Otherwise, the motion light would go off when nearly anything happened, such as changes in air temperature

The "seeing" lens:

  • Motion lights have an attachment that uses an infrared lens to "see" the motion. Because infrared is a part of light, it is possible to detect motion through the use of plastic lenses. Usually one or two infrared sensors are used to detect the changes in the infrared light.
  • Motion detectors and glass
  • Infrared energy cannot be easily transferred through glass. If glass separates the motion detector and a place that it should be able to see, it will not be able to detect any movement through the glass

Setting up a motion detecting system:

  • Usually motion detectors are sold either as a socket for a light, or as an attachment that can be added to a light socket. For maximum benefit, it is important to find gaps between the different motion detectors. Try to set up your system so that it isn't possible to go around it and not set off one of the sensors

Package Included:

  • 1 x Wireless IR Infrared Motion Sensor Detector