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Fusionsea Wireless Receiving Remote Control System XY-K4-DC+XY04


Thanks for visiting! The Wireless Receiving Remote Control System gives you full control over the garage door.Wonderful wireless digital remote rontrol switch for home appliance! Just take a remote controller and you can easily control all elect...
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  • Compatible with 12 Volt DC devices
  • Works with computer accessories, auto lighting kits, or other electronics
  • High quality micro key fob construction similar to automotive keyless entry systems
  • Easy to wire with basic electrical wiring knowledge

Wireless Receive Controller:

  • Operating Voltage: DC12V (6-24V) optional
  • Output Status: self-locking / interlocking / jog
  • Quiescent Current: 8mA
  • Operating Frequency: 315MHz/433MHz
  • Receiver Sensitivity: -103db
  • Code Type: Fixed code
  • Optional enclosure

Remote Control:

  • Operating Voltage: DC12V (23A/12V battery 1)
  • Operating Current: 10mA
  • Radiated Power: 10mw
  • Modulation: ASK (AM)
  • Transmission Frequency: 315,430,433 MHZ (SAW frequency stabilization can be customized according to customer's special frequency points)
  • Transmission Distance: 200M (the receiver sensitivity is negative 100dbm)
  • Encode Type: Fixed code
  • Uses: Motorcycle, automobile anti-theft products, home security products, short-range wireless remote control products, industrial control products
  • Anti-error press


  • Wireless Remote Control Switch Board & Remote Control, your best door keeper

  • Fusionsea Wireless Receiving Remote Control System XY-K4-DC+XY04

    This Wireless Remote Control can be used in garage door, roller shutter door or windows, remote control door lock, etc., the Garage Door Remote Control is a best choice for you 

  • Fusionsea Wireless Receiving Remote Control System XY-K4-DC+XY04

    This Wireless Remote Control Switch is small enough to fit in a pocket or on a keychain
  • Made of high quality material, the Wireless Remote Control Switch is durable and reliable for long time use

How to Reset a Remote Control:

Fusionsea Wireless Receiving Remote Control System XY-K4-DC+XY04

If you want to add another remote control for your garage door opener or need to replace a dead battery and reprogram an existing remote, chances are you'll have to reset the opener with the base unit for it to work. The process involves just a few steps and is relatively easy to do

  • Replace the battery by opening the remote, taking out the old one(s) and putting in the new one(s). Make sure you buy the right battery for your remote. Match the battery type, size and voltage that came with the remote
  • Use a step ladder to access the garage door motorized unit, usually equipped with a safety light. Locate the reset or "learn" button on the unit. Many times, this small button is recessed, so you might need a pen or pencil to reach it
  • Push the reset or "learn" button on the opener. While the reset indicator light is blinking for about 30 seconds, point your remote at the opener, then press and hold the remote button that opens the door, and the reset light should stop blinking and glow steady to indicate the controller and opener are now synchronized. If the process doesn't work the first time, try again to make sure you pressed your button during the time when the indicator light is blinking

Package Included:

  • 1 x Wireless Receive Controller
  • 1 x Remote Control