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KaiCong AC380V 50-60Hz Short Power Outage Power Failure Alarm Reminder Cable Power Failure Alarm


AC380V 50-60Hz Short Power Outage Power Failure Alarm Reminder Cable Power Failure Alarm
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         This product is a four-wire power failure alarm, also known as power failure alarm, can be used for three-phase four-wire 380v mains, alarm four lines are connected to the 380v three-phase line and eutral, the four lines do not have to be separate order. Connected, the battery into the alarm (note the battery positive and negative), turn on the switch, the alarm can enter the power failure alarm monitoring status, once the zero line, line of any one or more lines in the line of fire power failure, the alarm you can immediately treble alarm, the alarm can be turned off switch to terminate the alarm.


Purpose and scope:

The power failure alarm applicable AC380V 50HZ three-phase four-wire circuit as a power line outages reported **. Widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, institutions, substations, telecommunications room, hospitals, farms oxygen machine. As a power failure warning, power outages remind products.
This product is small; nice appearance; flexible and easy to install; sensitivity; intelligent alarm; performance, quality and reliability; 110-120 dB alarm sound.

The product is installed in the duty room, stopped in the normal supply of electricity or wires maliciously cut, the alarm will be audible alarm sound pre-alarm, the staff on duty to take timely measures to guard against.



 * Prevent thieves committing the crime of theft, and so cut off the power.
 * In the case of the normal supply of electricity! In case of a sudden power failure (power outage), the alarm immediately audible alarm to remind people.

 * When power is restored automatically turn off the alarm.

 * Conversion time: ≤0.3 seconds
 * Power: 9V laminated battery

 *Monitoring voltage: AC380V three-phase four-wire circuit 50 - 60Hz

 * Alarm: power failure (power outage) immediately and automatically start the alarm sound.
 * Alarm volume :110-120 db
 * Usage: alarm access 220V (or 380v) power supply, turn on the power switch to enter the working state. Long-term should not switch off, remove the battery.

 * Automatic charging: built-in trickle charger automatically, you can use ordinary batteries, but also use rechargeable batteries.

 * Battery life: standby ordinary batteries ≤ 2 years ≤ 10 years, rechargeable batteries.

 * Working environment: temperature -30 ℃ -60 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 85% RH.