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ONE PIECE 23th Generation Doll with Baseboard 6 Pcs


Children are still playing the video or imitating the roles in the ONE PIECE Anime. To those who are fascinated by the ONE PIECE, the best thing is to own some valuable keepsakes! This ONE PIECE Anime Action Figure is customized for you. These 6 nice...
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  • These are 6 ONE PIECE Action Figure Anime dolls with keyring
  • These 6 nice figures are good likeness and has nice little details
  • Each figure features an awesome and unique feature
  • Great gift idea for ONE PIECE fans   
  • Size: 11.5cm/4.52in(H)


ONE PIECE 23th Generation Doll with Baseboard 6 Pcs 

  • Must-have collectibles for One Piece fans

ONE PIECE 23th Generation Doll with Baseboard 6 Pcs 

  • Fantastic pose, amazing sculpt, great paint work

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Package Included:

  • 6 x ONE PIECE Action Figure Anime Dolls with Baseboard