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19mm WWE RVD Wrestling Fighting Action Figure Doll


This articulated WWE RVD Wrestling Fighting Action Figure features that capture all the personality and fun of the WWE characters. This is a highly detailed action figure toy. It is a must have for collectors and fans! Toys is excited to present rass...
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  • This WWE RVD Wrestling Fighting Action Figure Doll is a highly detailed action figure
  • It is a must have for collectors and fans
  • Toys are excited to present rassle action figure assortment
  • This is the quintessential, classic, truly original toy
  • You will love these authentically sculpted and highly-detailed figures
  • Size: 19cm/7.48in(H)


19mm WWE RVD Wrestling Fighting Action Figure Doll

  • Superbly sculpted and highly-detailed WWE action figure

19mm WWE RVD Wrestling Fighting Action Figure Doll

  • This WWE action figure assortment celebrates the most legendary entrances in the history of the WWE

How to Make Stop-Motion Movies with WWE Action Figures

  • For many fans of World Wrestling Entertainment, it may be hard to imitate or duplicate some of their favorite performer's moves. An easier way of doing this is by purchasing replica WWE action figures. Almost every figure is available, and you can do a lot with the figures, including creating stop-motion movies



  • Organize your WWE figures. Pick out your favorite ones or those that you would like to feature in the movie. Consider every aspect of a WWE match: opponents, managers, interferences, referees and announcers
  • Gather other types of figures to use as a background ground. You could also use simple pictures of crowds for the back-drop
  • Set up the scene. Remember that you will want to shoot at multiple angles so try to have backgrounds set up at three of the four sides of the wrestling ring
  • Create an entrance stage for the wrestlers to come in on. Do this with homemade sets, or purchase an entrance stage replica from the WWE
  • Tidy up your WWE wrestling ring. Add new stickers and decals, make sure the ropes are stiff and that the ring is set up on an even level
  • Set up a high-quality digital camera, and take a few test shots through the lens to check for shadows and quality
  • Apply a little clay or putty to the feet of your figure. This will help them stand up and stick to the ring or any walking areas much easier


  • Begin taping. Do the entrances first and keep this simple with a few crowd gestures and any trademark entrances that each wrestler has. Save any pyro or lighting effects for post-production.
  • Start the two wrestlers off in the middle of the ring. Take a picture for each slight movement. To make the appearance of one wrestler moving faster than another, move one wrestler's position faster than the other
  • Adjust the wrestlers to perform simple moves. Aerial moves will require a lot of work while taping, so tape the basic combat first
  • String fishing line around a wrestler for aerial moves. You will want to make sure that there is a lot of line that covers every joint, so it does not look like the wrestler is simply dangling. Keep them hanging from a solid anchor point so that the body can be adjusted in mid-air
  • Use as many of the action figure's pivot points as necessary. This will make them look more human like, and the end product will also look more professional
  • Take pictures of face closeups, hand closeups and other body parts that can be used as easy quick cuts during post-production


  • Put all of your footage on the computer once the taping has completed. Organize the footage into different folders, so it is easy to categorize. Separate them by each move to make it the easiest
  • Import your footage into a video editing program like Adobe Premiere Pro. There will be hundreds of pictures, so try to edit each section separately
  • Put all of the pictures in order, and then render the video. Import that video into a new folder and then adjust the speed until you have a life-like motion
  • Add in wrestler music, crowd noise and announcers to complete the video. Put in things like the WWE logo and other objects to make the whole thing look professional
  • Watch the video, and edit any mistakes or flaws that you have found

Package Included:

  • 1 x 19mm WWE Cute RVD Figure Action Toy