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Hlcprove 35cm Super Mario PVC Vinyl Action Figure Toy


Do you want interesting and vivid toy? Here the Super Mario PVC Vinyl Action Figure Toy can satisfy your needs.The action figure toy consists of characters as seen in the hit video game Super Mario Bros. This action figure toy stands approx...
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  • Action figure toy is fun and collectible action figures
  • You can relive all the classic gaming fun with the action figure toy
  • Collect them all to create your very own Super Mario  
  • Action figure toy is a must have for Super Mario fans
  • Place this vinyl toy on your desk to decorate your home
  • Super Mario toy is excellent for decoration, also an ideal gift
  • Super Mario take the mushroom in his hand
  • Material: PVC Vinyl
  • Size: 35cm/13.7in(H)


Hlcprove 35cm Super Mario PVC Vinyl Action Figure Toy

  • Fun and collectible action figures. Interesting and nice action figure toy is fun and collectible action figures

Hlcprove 35cm Super Mario PVC Vinyl Action Figure Toy

  • Action Figure Toys is a must have for Super Mario fans. And the back details of the action figure toy

Hlcprove 35cm Super Mario PVC Vinyl Action Figure Toy

  • You can relive all the classic gaming fun with the action figure toy. And the top details of the action figure toy

Hlcprove 35cm Super Mario PVC Vinyl Action Figure Toy

  • Super Mario toy is excellent for decoration, also an ideal gift. And the bottom details of the action figure toy

How to Choose Toys & Action Figures:

  • Choose toys that are appropriate for your child's learning level. The age specification indicated on toy boxes considers a child's safety needs, but not their intellectual development. So, if a toy indicates that it is for children "3+" (three years of age and older), then it simply means that the toy is safe for children over the age of three. However, if your child is over the age of three, he may need a toy that stimulates his intellect. Choose toys that promote brain development and manual dexterity. In general, toys that promote a child's intellectual progress do not require batteries. They rely on a child's manipulation rather than the pressing of a button. As your child ages, stimulate him with toys that challenge him. If the toy becomes too easy, he will lose interest
  • Check the age indication on the front of the box to make sure that the toy is designed for your child. But beyond the age indication, look for other safety hazards. Do not purchase toys that have sharp, protruding parts that might poke a child's eye or toys with small parts that might easily break off and be swallowed. Toys with small parts are not designated for small children, but if a toy is not sturdy and well-made, it may break into small parts that could pose a danger to small children. Action figures are made in various sizes, so consider the risk of choking hazard before purchasing. The rule of thumb is that children under the age of three should not play with toys that could fit inside a roll of toilet paper
  • Shop for toys that have quality and durability, especially if you want to pass them onto younger children. Do not buy toys from discount retailers and dollar stores if you want them to durable. Also, do not buy toys online unless from a trusted seller. At the same time, do not purchase toys that are too expensive unless you do not mind if the child loses or breaks the toy. Kids tote objects around the house, in the car and through the dirt, so they are likely to lose or ruin nice toys
  • Consider the stereotypes and cultural messages that action figures send to kids. Action figures tend to portray men as robust and strong. Female action figures are often portrayed as athletic and sexy. If you do not want to reinforce these gender associations, then shop for action figures that do not promote these ideals. Further, consider how violent action figures may be. If you do not want to encourage your child to accept guns and weapons "for sport," then look for action figures that are not adorned with these accessories
  • Choose toys and action figures that are easy to transport. If your child travels between the house and day care or school or relatives' homes, then you need to have toys on hand that are easy to throw in the car and take with you. Do not buy toys that need to be disassembled or gathered unless you intend to keep those toys at home

How to Store Action Figures:

  • Sort through the action figures. Put the one without batteries into the bag and the others in a pile for later
  • Take the screw driver and go through the pile of action figures with batteries. Take out all the batteries so the action figures don't get ruined from battery leakage
  • Important: not all batteries come out. Action figures that have internal batteries that won't come out will have to be stored with the batteries
  • Please refer to the action figures manufacturer if unsure about the batteries. Add these Action Figures to the bags
  • Put the bags of action figures into the box. Tape the box shut
  • Label the box so the box can be easily identified later

How to Customize Action Figures:

  • Collect your base figures. To customize action figures, it's easiest to begin with existing figures, so gather a good selection of expendable characters to use as bases and mine for spare parts. Select base figures that share as many characteristics as possible with the custom figures you want to produce. Garage sales and your nephews' toy boxes are good sources for bases and parts
  • Switch parts. Most standard action figures have heads, arms and legs that are easily interchangeable, allowing you to assemble customized figures from a variety of parts, When removing parts, soften the "donor" figure by immersing it in boiling water for a minute or two. Pop off the parts you need, and pop them onto your base figure
  • Subtract and shape. Before adding any new details to your customized figure, remove everything from the base figure that you don't need, such as folds of clothing, and reshape whatever needs changing, such as facial figures and hands. You can do this with sandpaper, but it's an arduous process. A grinding tool like a Dremel works best. Remove details a little bit at a time, so you don't lose more than you want to
  • Add new details. This is where your creativity comes in: you can mold extra limbs, make a man into a monster or add your face to a superhero. Use a molding compound like Sculpey that doesn't harden until you bake it so you can experiment. Find special sculpting tools at hobby shops, or use whatever you have on hand from toothpicks to paper punches
  • Bake your finished customized figures. Put the action figures on a cookie sheet and leave them in a low oven (275 degrees F) for no longer than 15 minutes. Watch the figures; you want the modeling compound to harden, but you don't want the plastic to melt. Allow figures to cool for half an hour after removing them from the oven before you handle them to allow the plastic to reset
  • Paint your customized action figures. Mask off any details you don't want to repaint, and spray the figures with a coat of acrylic primer. Use acrylic paints (not model paints) and fine paintbrushes. Finish off your customized action figures by spraying them with glossy acrylic sealer once the paint is dry

Package Included:

  • 1 x 35cm Super Mario PVC Vinyl Action Figure Toy