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Gundam HGM RX-78GP03D Dendrobium Mini Action Figure Toy


Are you a super fan of Gundam models or weapons? Are you a collector of Gundam figures? Or are you looking for a Gundam action figure model full of weapons for present? If so, this Gundam HGM RX-78GP03D dendrobium mini action figure toy is your ...
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  • The Gundam model action figure is designed for HGM RX-78GP03D Dendrobium
  • This figure toy has many different Gundam weapons for fighting
  • This Gundam figure toy has vivid appreance in design
  • This Gundam action figure is strong because of its weapons
  • This style figure toy is very popular among males or boys
  • It is perfect to play the action figure toy with your friends
  • Color: White

Gundam HGM RX-78GP03D Dendrobium Mini Action Figure Toy

  • The white color of the Gundam model looks pure and tidy 

Gundam HGM RX-78GP03D Dendrobium Mini Action Figure Toy

  • With all kinds of weapons, the action figure toy is ready to face different enemies

Gundam HGM RX-78GP03D Dendrobium Mini Action Figure Toy

  • Mde of high quality material, this figure toy is durable to use

Gundam HGM RX-78GP03D Dendrobium Mini Action Figure Toy

  • The special feature of this toy is that it looks like a weapon warehouse

Gundam HGM RX-78GP03D Dendrobium Mini Action Figure Toy

  • With this action figure toy, you will be a professional Gundam figure collector

How to Restore Action Figures:

Gundam HGM RX-78GP03D Dendrobium Mini Action Figure Toy

Action figures are collector's items. Whether you enjoy collecting figures from comic books or films, or prefer figures with specific themes, you likely want to keep them in good condition. If one of your action figures becomes damaged from improper storage or you find one at swap meet in less than perfect condition, you may want to fix it up. You can restore your collector's items so that they look as good as new with just a little bit of effort

  • Wipe down the action figure with a soft baby wipe, removing any lose dirt or grime. Do not scrub or rub too hard to avoid removing designs or damaging the parts on the figure
  • Spray compressed air into the details or tiny gaps that could not be reached by the baby wipes. Spray into the openings or the cavities of the action figure to remove buildup inside. Do not spray in one spot too long. Keep the nozzle a few inches away from the surface of the figure because the chemicals in compressed air can damage or discolor the plastic
  • Wash the action figure in warm water and dish soap. Scrub gently with a soft bristle toothbrush to remove dirt and buildup and give the figure a clean shine
  • Apply Goo Gone with the tip of a cotton swab to sticky buildup or stains. Rub the Goo Gone into the area gently with the swab. Take care around designs because they can become dulled by cleaning. Wash with warm water to remove the cleaner
  • Blow dry the action figure with a blow dryer on the low cool setting. Dry the figure completely, then store in a plastic or glass container. Clean the figure every few months to keep clean and in top shape

How to Repaint Action Figures:

Gundam HGM RX-78GP03D Dendrobium Mini Action Figure Toy

Action figures have been a childhood toy for many Americans. Because of their unique and interesting designs, repainting action figures can become a regular hobby for anyone. Repainting follows the same principles as painting toy models and replicas. Whether someone wishes to create a new design for their figure, or simply wants to do some touch-up work, repainting action figures is a simple process which can be learned with time and practice

  • Cover your action figure with a layer of paint primer or rub down the figure with isopropyl alcohol to allow your paints to hold better. Let your action figure completely dry before painting
  • Water down your modeling paints. Use two drops of water for every drop of paint. Then begin to paint on the base colors of your action figure. Paint on several layers until the paint primer no longer shows through. Dry the base colors for 30 minutes to an hour
  • Paint on the details of your action figure. Use a mixture of both small and large tipped brushes to carefully add on all your additions. Then let the figure dry for 30 minutes to an hour
  • Touch up your action figure and add any more extra details you may have missed. Let the figure completely dry. Then use a clear flat lacquer to add a quality finish to the action figure

Package Included:

  • 1 x Action Figure Toy