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Super Mario PVC Vinyl Action Figure Toy Set 11Pcs


Have you been played Super Mario games? Do you like the figure of Super Mario? Super Mario is so funny that we all kown it. The Super Mario Action Figure Toy is an excellent gift choice for any occasion or perfect addition to any toy collection. ...
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  • Place this Super Mario Action Figure Toy on your desk to decorate your home
  • Head and hands can move
  • Decorate your child's room in style with this great looking Super Mario Action Figure Toy
  • Excellent for decoration, also an ideal gift
  • Be sure to collect these detailed classic characters that you love
  • Made of environmental-friendly material, safe
  • This amazing Super Mario Action Figure Toy will be an excellent gift or a perfect addition to you personal collection
  • Material: PVC & Vinyl
  • Size: 6 ~10cm/2.4~3.94in(H)


Super Mario PVC Vinyl Action Figure Toy Set 11Pcs

  • Fun and collectible action figures

Super Mario PVC Vinyl Action Figure Toy Set 11Pcs

  • Collect them all to create your very own Super Mario

Super Mario PVC Vinyl Action Figure Toy Set 11Pcs

  • Place this Super Mario Figure Toy on your desk to decorate your home

Super Mario PVC Vinyl Action Figure Toy Set 11Pcs

  • Excellent for decoration, also an ideal gift

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Package Included:

  • 1 x Set of Super Mario Bro PVC Vinyl Action Figure Toys