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Antileak XLarge Disposable Adult Diapers

Urinary incontinence is an embarrassing medical condition affecting millions of men and women. This XLarge Antileak Reusable Adult Diapers can help you stay dry and retain your sense of dignity. A new transfer layer allows fluid to almost instantly e...
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  • The Anti-Leak adult diapers provide superior containment while the super absorbent core keeps skin dry and controls odor
  • Now you have comfort and peace of mind with overnight incontinence protection
  • This extended capacity Pull-UP style disposable adult diaper has the feel of underwear while keeping you dry
  • The breathable outer cover allows for better skin care and added comfort
  • It contains 18 diapers per pack
  • Surface Material: Cotton
  • Waist: 100cm~126cm/39.3~49.8in


Antileak XLarge Disposable Adult Diapers

  • Large leg openings ensure the most accurate sizing and comfort

How to Change an Adult Diaper:

  • First, check the person's diaper to see whether they either have a wet their diaper or defecated in their diaper. Knowing this before beginning the diaper change is crucial in the preparing for the change. You can either pull back the back of the adult diaper and look down into the buttocks region to see if they defecated or sometimes the smell is enough. Checking if the person wet their diaper can be done by either feeling the front of their diaper or sticking two fingers in the inner-crotch area of the diaper to feel for moistness.
  • Gather all your supplies for the necessary diaper change. Lay out the changing pad on a soft surface with plenty of space and put the necessary supplies including an adult diaper, diaper wipes, baby powder, and diaper rash cream next to where you will be changing the adult diaper so that it is within easy reach.
  • Remove the person's pants until it is just their diaper and shirt on. Roll up the shirt so that it does not get in the way of changing the diaper.
  • Lay the person down onto the changing pad so there diaper bottom is in the middle of the changing pad. Have them put their feet on the floor so that the bend of their knee makes a roughly 40 degree angle. This will allow for easier changing opposed to having their legs out flat.
  • Untape the adult diaper and bring the front of the diaper down. Roll the front part of the diaper up so it is just the bottom and back part of the diaper still left unrolled underneath the person's bottom.
  • Use an adult wipe on the genital region and one swipe on the bottom if they just wet their diaper. If they also defecated in their diaper then wipe the front area first and wipe any large pieces off into the seat of the diaper. Then, remove the dirty diaper from beneath the person. Lift up the person's legs and continue to clean their bottom and frontal region until they are clean.
  • Unfold the clean adult diaper and slide it underneath the person's bottom (Make sure the tapes are in the back) and then test to make sure it is positioned correctly so that you are able to bring the front of the diaper up to just below the belly button.
  • Apply diaper rash cream to the the inner crotch area to prevent chaffing and then a small amount in between the buttocks area to also prevent chaffing. Then, apply baby powder all over the buttocks region and front region and place a little in the diaper itself.
  • Bring the front of the diaper up to just below the belly button and apply the tapes to the front of the diaper until it is securely fastened.
  • Finally, allow the person to put their own clothes back on if they are capable otherwise then assist them in putting them back on.

Adult Disposable Diapers:

  • Choose these adult diaper as incontinence supplies for your loved ones. Each adult diaper is breathable for comfort and reduce skin break-down.  Large leg openings in these disposable adult diaper make sizing more accurate and comfort greater. The advanced 3-part core of this incontinence supply includes Curly Fiber to help maintain skin neutral pH. This means superior dryness, odor control and skin care. Anti-leak leg cuffs provide superior leak protection. The stretchable and refastenable comfort-fit 2-piece tape system offers improved fit and comfort.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pack of Adult Diapers