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Portable Antileak Disposable Adult Diapers Medium Size 10 Pcs


There are many products for adult incontinence and bedwetting. Disposables are available in most grocery stores and pharmacies. Many people consider cloth diapers for adult use. It can be more convenient, cheaper and healthier in the long run. Now yo...
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  • Breathable outer cover is comfortable for better skin care
  • Anti-leak cuffs on these adult diapers provide superior containment
  • The super absorbent core of the diaper helps keep skin dry and controls odor
  • Comfortable, snug-fitting leg gathers and soft leakage barriers help guard against side leakage
  • This set includes 10 pieces adult diapers
  • Hip: 76~114cm/29.9~44.9in

How to Choose Adult Cloth Diapers:

  • To get a proper fit with your adult cloth diapers or incontinence pants, take measurements. Measure the waistline. Measure the "rise" by starting at the belly button or belt line, and going under the crotch and up to where the diaper would end in back. This is a belt-to-belt measurement. Finally measure around the thighs for leg hole measurements.
  • Decide what type of cloth will work best for your cloth diaper. This will depend on the amount of absorbence you need, your climate (hot or cold) and any allergies or personal preferences. To have a truly waterproof adult cloth diaper, you will need an absorbent layer and a waterproof layer. Some designs come "all-in-one" with both layers in one convenient diaper. Other designs have a cloth diaper, which can be covered with nylon or plastic pants.
  • Order you new cloth diapers. Some retailers offer discounts on buying a package. You might want to start off with just one or two of each style to see which works best. There are hundreds of adult incontinence products on the market today that are reusable.
  • When diapers are wet or soiled, they should be immediately rinsed, and any solids should be flushed away. Wet diapers can be rinsed and tossed into a pail to be washed later. Soiled diapers should be rinsed and put to soak in a solution with detergent and water, or other antibacterial product. Wash all diapers together (be careful to close velcro or snaps to protect the diapers). If there is any smell (which indicates bacteria or remaining waste), either wash again, or do an additional rinse with a tiny bit of disinfectant or antibacterial soap. Plastic pants should be washed by hand or by themselves in the gentle cycle. Do not machine dry. Hang your pants to dry. The diapers themselves may go in the dryer, but it will shorten their life. They will last longer if they dry on the line, and the sun helps remove stains.

Package Included:

  • 10 x Adult Diapers