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Unisc Mini USB Multi-function Air Humidifier


This is USB/Car Cigarette Powered Mini Air Ultrasonic Humidifier Ionizer - White.It is also called air purifier or automobile air conditioner. You can use it to clean up the peculiar smell, toxic or harmful gases inside the car to keep the atmosphere...
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  • A mini portable personal gadget which has prominent humidification effect
  • Neutralize with the smoke, dust, and gas molecules, and makes them deposit naturally
  • It can also agglomerate anion around computer screens, which can eliminate static electricity, prevent myopia, and do well to human health and beauty
  • Can both improve working efficiency and add moisture
  • Also a nice ornament with its lovely can design and beautiful blue pattern
  • Palm-sized but with similar performance to larger humidifiers


Unisc Mini USB Multi-function Air Humidifier

  • Mini USB Multi-function Air Humidifier

Unisc Mini USB Multi-function Air Humidifier

  • Air Humidifier bottom

Unisc Mini USB Multi-function Air Humidifier

  • Palm-sized but with similar performance to larger humidifiers

How to Choose a Home Air Humidifier:

  • The two main types of home moist air humidifiers are cool and warm. A warm air humidifier boils water and gives off warm steam to add moisture to the air, while a cool air humidifier works by evaporation to add humidity without heating the water.
  • Some people complain that using warm air humidifiers can make the air seem muggy compared to cool humidifiers. That is because cool air humidifiers are self-regulating. Water is absorbed into a wick and evaporated by means of a fan. When the air humidity increases, the evaporation rate decreases so that the air does not become too humid. Warm air humidifiers can give a muggy feeling and even create condensation in a room, because they continually spew out steam regardless of the room's humidity.
  • Children. Many people purchase humidifiers to help alleviate cold symptoms in children and babies. Most pediatricians recommend a cool air mist humidifier for safety reasons. There is no heating element, so a curious child does not run the risk of severe burns from either the steam or the heating element itself. Many cool air humidifiers also come in cute nursery themed designs and shapes to accommodate your child's room.
  • Electricity usage. Cool air humidifiers consume less energy because there is no heating element. A warm air humidifier, on the other hand, costs about as much to use as boiling a kettle of water.
  • Noise. Some consumers are turned off to cool air humidifiers because they generate so much noise. They require a fan to constantly run, and this can generate a lot of extra undesired noise.
  • Cleaning and maintenance. Both types of humidifiers need periodic cleaning, but warm air humidifiers require it a little more often. While the actual steam is free from bacteria and mold, the water reservoirs are kept warm and are a prime breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Remember that humidifiers also need filters to be changed to keep the unit running at its best. 

Package Included:

  • 1 x Air Humidifier
  • 1 x Bibulous Stick