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Fudar Cute Silent Hanging Panda Alarm Clocks


Are you often late? If you own a clock, you could say goodbye to late! Clocks are an important item for any home. They allow an individual to know exactly what time it is at any moment. Unique alarm clock can also make your room more beautiful!&...
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  • Panda alarm clock is cute and lovely
  • The hands of the silent clock move quietly
  • The alarming voice is louder than normal desktop clock
  • You can use this alarm clock in darkness
  • It is perfect to give your friends such a clock
  • With simple fashion design the alarm clock can be a good decoration to your desktop
  • Materials: PVC & ABS
  • Size: 12.7 x 12 x 10.9cm/5.0 x 4.7 x 4.3in(H x T x W)
  • Power Source: 2 x AA Batteries


Fudar Cute Silent Hanging Panda Alarm Clocks

  • The panda style looks very lovely, and when you see it every morning you would feel happy

Fudar Cute Silent Hanging Panda Alarm Clocks

  • On the back of the clock there is a speaker which ensures a louder alarming voice

Fudar Cute Silent Hanging Panda Alarm Clocks

  • This desktop clock is easy to replace batteries which needs 2 pieces of AA batteries

Fudar Cute Silent Hanging Panda Alarm Clocks

  • Cartoon alarm clock creates an environmental, healthy and stylish home environment for you

Fudar Cute Silent Hanging Panda Alarm Clocks

  • Alarm clock will allow you to wake up, even if you are at work and want to take a nap, it is useful


  • This product does not include the batteries

How to Stop an Alarm Clock:

Fudar Cute Silent Hanging Panda Alarm Clocks

There are many different kinds of alarm clocks in the world but the function of every one of them is to wake one up. That means the various function buttons will be similar no matter what kind of alarm clock you are using. And actually stopping the alarm alert can be completed in a matter of seconds

  • Locate the "Snooze" or "Off" buttons on the face or top of your alarm clock. On some models, these will be simple switches and on others they will be buttons
  • Press the "Snooze" button if you have chosen the option to stop the alarm for a set amount of time (depending on the clock model). It will sound again after the set time
  • Press the "Off" button if you would like to turn off the alarm completely

How to Stop a Ticking Sound from a Clock:

Fudar Cute Silent Hanging Panda Alarm Clocks

A traditional wall clock is a useful addition to any home, but it can be an irritant if it clicks throughout the day and night. Its purpose to let you know what time it is every once and a while, not remind you that the seconds are ticking away, every second of the day. Silencing your timekeeper can remove any annoyance

  • Remove the rear panel on the clock by pinching the two side and pulling outward. The rear panel will pop right off the back of the clock. Set aside the rear panel.
  • Fill the spray bottle with the clock oil if the oil wasn't purchased in a spray bottle. Set the paper towel on a table. Spray the gears on the inside of the clock once or twice with the clock oil. Set the clock on the paper towel with the face of the clock pointing up for 30 minutes, so that any dripping oil will be caught by the paper towel. Replace the back panel my pushing it back into place
  • Place some egg crate foam on the wall behind the clock if the ticking is still too loud. This will eliminate most of the sounds coming from the back of the clock, and the vibrations that are forced on the wall by the clock's running gears

Package Included:

  • 1 x Alarm Clock