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JUNSD Men Compass Altimeter Heart Rate Monitor


The best heart rate monitor is a new training device. Waterproof best heart rate monitor is multi function, feastures heart rate measuring, hight measuring, air pressure measuring, tempreture measuring and with a compass, ect. The altimeter is perect...
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  • Tempreture Range: -10-60℃
  • Height Range: 400-9,000m
  • Air Pressure Range: 300-1,200hpa
  • Heart Rate Range: 40-240bpm


  • Altitude Range: -400-9000m
  • Resolution: 1m/1ft
  • Accuracy: ±2m/±6ft
  • Vertical Speed: -50.0-50.0m/s--150-150ft/s
  • Vertical Speed Resolution: 0.2m/s/0.2ft/s
  • Total Change in Altitude: 99,999m


  • Local Pressure Range: 300-1200hPa/8.86-35.44inHg
  • Sealever Pressure Range: 900-1100hPa/26.58-31.48inHg
  • Resolution: 0.06hPa/0.1inHg
  • Accuracy: 1hPa/0.03inHg

Weather Forcast:

  • Effective Area Range: 30-50km


  • Resolution: 1℃
  • Accuracy: ±℃

Heart Rate:

  • Heart Rate Range: 40-240bpm
  • Resolution: 1bpm
  • Accuracy: ±1bpm


  • Temperature Range: -10.0-60.0℃/14.0-140.0℉
  • Resolution: 0.1℃/0.2℉
  • Accuracy: 1℃/2℉


  • Time System: 12/24H
  • 100 Years Auto Calender: 2000-2099


  • Watch Battery Type: 1 x CR 2032
  • Watch Voltage: 3.0V
  • Chest Belt Battery Type: 1 x CR 2032
  • Chest Belt Voltage: 3.0V


  • Operation Temperature: -10.0-60.0℃/14.0-140.0℉
  • Waterresistance: 30m
  • Storage temperature: -20.0-70.0℃/-4-158.0℉
  • Relative Humidity: 10%-95%RH
  • Color: Black & Silver
  • Size: 51 x 62 x 17mm / 2 x 2.4 x 0.7in(L x W x H)


  • Waterproof best heart rate monitor is multi function, feastures heart rate measuring, hight measuring
  • The best heart rate monitor can measure air pressure, tempreture and with a compass
  • The best heart rate monitor is perect for mountian climber and outing
  • 2 alarm for height


JUNSD Men Compass Altimeter Heart Rate Monitor

  • Digital display

How Heart Rate Monitors Work:

  • Waterproof heart rate monitor can keep you company wherever you go and high quality material for long time use
  • The best heart rate monitors must make contact with your skin in order to work well and give highly accurate readings
  • These types of heart rate monitors are worn around the chest, secured with a strap
  • The monitor rests just below the breast, and contains a sensor that can read the electrical activity of your heart
  • The monitor also contains a transmitter. After the sensor reads the heart rate, the transmitter sends that information to a display, which can be worn around the wrist like a watch
  • The display shows your heart rate. Some heart rate monitors come with headphones, which are used instead of a wrist display
  • The monitor instead "tells" you your readouts. This way, you don't have to slow down or stop in order to read a digital display

Understanding the Purpose of Heart Rate Monitors:

  • Heart rate monitors are devices that read, and then display, a person's heart rate. Oftentimes, heart rate monitors are used by people exercising to adjust the intensity of their work out; speeding up if their heart rate is too low
  • A low heart rate signifies a heart at rest. Alternately, if the heart is beating too fast (too many beats per minute), the exerciser or athlete can slow down his work out
  • Knowing your heart rate allows you to tailor your workout so that you can keep exercising at a steady, fat-burning pace without exhausting yourself or being too easy on yourself

Heart Rate Monitor Features:

  • The most basic of heart rate models display your heart rate, and that is all, although some might also show how much time you have exercised
  • Some models, however, come with a wide range of optional features
  • The more features the monitor comes with, the more it will most likely cost
  • Some useful features include things like an alarm to alert you when you have reached your goal heart rate, stopwatches timers that will count down the time, and some even will calculate the calories burned for you
  • Others have a USB port that will allow you to download personalized workouts from a computer
  • Some heart rate monitors also have a back light for early morning runs in the dark, and others will have extra-large displays, buttons and read-outs for those who are hard of sight
  • Budget options include pulse monitors, which require you to place your finger on it in order to take your pulse
  • These are much less reliable, however, than chest heart rate monitors and frequently give incorrect readings

Package Included:

  • 1 x Men Compass Altimeter Heart Rate Monitor