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CC Classic Bronze Quartz Antique Pocket Watch


If you are looking for antique pocket watch, come on! today we will recommend this chain pocket watch to you.Treat yourself or someone you admire to a gift of keepsake timekeeping with this handsome, nostalgic pocket watch. This Classic Pendant Quart...
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  • This is a fine antique pocket watch, beautiful to look at, comfortable in hand
  • Add a classic touch to every outfit with this simple chain pocket watch
  • Finished in elegant tone for a classic appearance, the cheap pocket watch puts a unique touch on a traditional style
  • Treat yourself or someone you admire to a gift of keepsake timekeeping with this handsome, nostalgic pocket watch
  • This beautiful antique pocket watch is in great condition and running perfectly
  • Pocket Watch Diameter: 4.8cm / 1.9in
  • Thickness: 1cm / 0.4in
  • Chain Length: 37.5cm / 14.8in


CC Classic Bronze Quartz Antique Pocket Watch

CC Classic Bronze Quartz Antique Pocket Watch

  • This beautiful pocket watch is in great condition and running perfectly
  • It is convenient to use and open the case

CC Classic Bronze Quartz Antique Pocket Watch

CC Classic Bronze Quartz Antique Pocket Watch

  • This is a fine pocket watch, beautiful to look at, comfortable in hand

Watch Movement Glossary

When you decide to buy a watch, you may feel bombarded by new words used to describe so many different watches and watch features. Watch movements are new to many people, and choosing a watch requires you to know a bit about the watch movement that you want. Both men's watches and ladies watches are available with mechanical or quartz movements. Mechanical movements can also be automatic, and quartz movements can be battery powered, solar or kinetic. Consider these common terms about watch movements to decide which men's watch or ladies' watch is right for you

Watch Movement Terms:

  • Movement: The finished assembly of the inner workings of a watch is called the movement.
  • Mechanical movement: Mechanical is the traditional movement, which has to be wound by hand regularly. A mechanical movement uses a mainspring, which is tightened when you wind the watch; it releases slowly to power the timepiece
  • Automatic watch: A watch with a mechanical movement and a rotor is called an automatic. The rotor oscillates with the movement of the wearer's wrist, winding the mainspring automatically
  • Quartz movement: A quartz movement uses a vibrating quartz crystal to keep time. The crystal is often shaped like a tiny tuning fork for accuracy. Watches with quartz movements are more accurate than watches with mechanical movements
  • Solar watch: A solar watch uses a quartz movement, but it collects energy by using solar panels to recharge the battery under any light source
  • Kinetic watch: A kinetic watch also uses a quartz movement, but it uses oscillating weights to recharge the battery from the motions of the wearer's wrist
  • Caliber: The caliber is the configuration and size of the watch movement. The term also refers to a model of movement from a specific manufacturer
  • Horology: The history and craft of making watches, clocks and other devices for measuring time
  • Reserve de Marche: "Reserve de Marche" is a French term for the power-reserve function, the amount of energy, notated in hours, that a watch has stored in its movement. The average mechanical or automatic watch has a full power-reserve of about 36 hours
  • Skeleton: This is a watch design that displays the movement in the watch case. Often, the dial will have hands but no solid face, allowing the gears to be seen through the top crystal

How to Wear a Pocket Watch:

Bring a bit of yesterday to your style by wearing a pocket watch in place of a wrist watch. Attach your watch to a vest or belt with one of the many pocket watch chains available. Review the different types of pocket watch accessories available and choose the style that suits your lifestyle.

  • Consider a fob chain to adopt a style that has been popular since the Victorian Era. Your pocket watch hooks to the end of the fob chain. Tuck the watch into a pocket when not in use. Wear the fob or decorative ornament on the exterior of your clothing for people to see. Choose a medal or membership pin to use as a fob or purchase an ornate gold or jeweled fob to add a little bling to your style
  • Attach your watch to your belt with a belt clip chain. Slide an attractive metal clip over your belt and attach your watch to the chain. Place your pocket watch in a front pants pocket for safe keeping
  • Wear your pocket watch attached to a belt loop using a spring ring chain
  • Slide the spring mechanism back and attach the ring to your belt loop. Place your watch in your pocket. Find spring ring chains in a variety of sizes and colors at a watch retailer
  • Select a T-bar chain or a Double Albert chain for an authentic look that fills the front of your vest with chains and ornamentation Insert the T-bar behind a button hole and allow the pocket watch chain to drape across your vest and into the pocket where you store the watch. Drape chains across both sides of your vest with a Double Albert chain, which also includes a fob. Attach a fob or other tool at the end of the second chain and wear it exposed or tucked into your other vest pocket

How to Attach a Pocket Watch Chain:

A pocket watch is an accessory for a man. The watch bows clips to a chain which attaches on the other end to a belt loop or vest button. The timepiece can be stored in a trouser pocket or the pocket of a vest, which is the traditional way to wear a pocketwatch. Watch chains come in a variety of lengths, styles and materials, from gold to stainless steel. Virtually all chains attach to the watch in the same manner.

  • Grasp the watch bow, which is the metal or gold loop over the crown (the winder)
  • Hold the end of the chain with the spring clip and push inward on the clip to open
  • Slip the clip hook over the bow and release the clip to secure the chain to the watch
  • Attach the other end of the chain (the fob) to a belt loop if the chain is equipped with a larger clip, or through the button hole of a vest if the fob is a short metal or gold rod. The fob inserts through the buttonhole and turns to prevent the chain from falling out 

Tips & Warnings:

CC Classic Bronze Quartz Antique Pocket Watch

  • Cheap chains can break. Invest in a chain that reflects the value of the watch in your pocket 

Package Included:

  • 1 x Classic Bronze Quartz Antique Pocket Watch