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ZhiHan Floral Decor Silk Artificial Flower with Flowerpot


Although real flower provides us ample pleasure with its vibrant colors and dynamic shapes, once it is cut, it inevitably wilt and die within a matter of days. In contrast, artificial flower possesses all the bright hues and bold shapes of their real...
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  • The Decorative Artificial Flower give your table add beauty
  • Place it at your desk or the head of a bed to adorn
  • Perfect for decoration, bridesmaid on wedding or other occasions
  • Complete your decoration with these beautiful flowers
  • Incredibly elegant, this flower arrangement is made to enhance any setting
  • Use as shown or cut to make your own flower arrangements, corsages, wedding bouquets etc
  • Personalized flower bouquet flowerpot affinity reception table decorations
  • Total Height: 30-35cm/11.8-13.8in
  • Flower Material: Silk Flower
  • Flowerpot: Ceramic


Floral Decor Rose Artificial Silk  Flower

  • Beautiful and nice artificial silk flower is perfect for decoration any occasions

Artificial Silk Flower

  • The artificial cheap silk flower is made from artificial silk flowers. The artificial silk flower give your table add beauty

Rose Flower

  • The flower of the decor is very vivid. You can complete your decoration with the nice and lovely iris flower

Floral Decor

  • The artificial silk flower will be a stand out piece day after day. Then take the floral decor home now

How to Keep Silk Flowers From Fading: 

  • Keep your silk flowers out of the sunlight. If your silk flowers have no added protection, then you don't want to allow the sun to fade them. If you keep your flowers outside in a flower bed, you will want to add a canopy above them to give them shade from the sun
  • Buy a can of Krylon Clear (see "Resources" below). Spray the silk flowers with a coat of Krylon Clear. Let it dry for ten minutes and then use. This coating will keep your silk flowers from fading for at least three years
  • Keep any silk flowers you are not using in a sealed plastic container. This will keep them from fading and provide you with new silk flowers to use when you are ready to replace your old ones. You can store these silk flowers for years in a plastic container
  • Buy one can of Silk Flower and Plant Cleaner (See "Resources" below). It costs about $9 per can, but will last you a long time. Each season you will spray your silk flowers with the Silk Flower and Plant Cleaner. You will let it dry and then enjoy. You don't have to wipe the flowers or anything. This will keep your silk flower from fading
  • Blowdry your silk flowers once per month to keep them clean. The cleaner they are, the less likely they are to fade. Just make sure you blowdry them on a low heat setting

How to Clean Dust From Silk Flowers:

  • Clean a light buildup of dust from silk flowers by using a handheld blow dryer. Set the dryer to a low or medium cool setting. Hold it close enough to do the job, but not too close. Wave the dryer back and forth across the flowers
  • Clean silk flowers quickly (like when you're expecting company) by swishing across them lightly with a feather duster. However, this method will put the dust in the air. Better yet, take the silk flowers outside. Hold them firmly and turn them upside down. Gently shake the dust off the flowers to clean them
  • Use a damp cloth to gently wipe the dust from silk flowers. When the cloth gets dirty, rinse it out in cool water and wring it out until it's nearly dry. Use moist cotton swabs to clean the dust from hard to reach areas. When you're finished, allow the silk flowers to air dry
  • Use dryer sheets to clean the dust from silk flowers. Gently wipe the petals and other parts off until they look clean and bright again. Besides cleaning the flowers, the dryer sheets will give them an attractive, fresh smell

How to Decorate with Silk Flowers:

  • Look around your home and think about your style and what might work before you purchase your silk flowers. I recommend going to stores and looking at the variety of flowers that you have to choose from. Think about what you see blooming in the yard as well and what may come in live flower arrangements. Keeping these things in mind will help you when you make your purchase
  • The easiest way to arrange your silk flowers is in a vase. You can make multiple arrangements in different size and shaped vases
  • You can snip the stems of your silk flowers and make smaller arrangements as well. A ribbon around the vase also add a lovely touch
  • Next, you can decorate a plain wreath with silk flowers for your front door. Wreaths are inexpensive, so you could purchase a few and make many different looks to change in and out throughout the year. You could also purchase one wreath and change out the silk flowers each season. Either way it is a look that will liven up a door and add beauty for years to come
  • Silk Flowers also come as an entire artificial plant. The photo to the left is of an artificial silk Orchid that I purchased at Target that is 8 years old and looks brand new! Until you get up close and touch it you CANNOT tell that it is made of silk flowers!! It looks so real!! Its the perfect decoration to add to any space in our home
  • You can also add silk flowers to other home accents in your home. Keep this in mind prior to making your purchase so you can buy flowers that coordinate with each piece
  • Remember that silk flowers can freshen up a room just like live flowers can!! They'll last forever though! Periodically, I take apart arrangements and put together different combinations to change the look too

Package Included:

  • 1 x Aritificial Flower
  • 1 x Flowerpot