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2.4GHz USB Receiver Radio Audio Video Transmitter XH-USB


You always can not put your heart down because you do not know what is happening in your home? Here this 2.4GHz USB Receiver Radio Audio Video Transmitter Camera Security System will be the ultimate solution for you!The camera security system can all...
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2.4GHz USB Receiver Radio Audio Video Transmitter XH-USB

  • 2.4GHz USB Receiver Radio Audio Video Transmitter camera security system, great for watching room for you


  • Interface Type: USB 2.0
  • coding Manner: MPEG
  • Support Operation Systems: Windows 2000/xp/Vista
  • Video Input Format: DV/AV
  • Highest Image Resolution: 14401152
  • Support Global TV Systems: NTSC/PAL
  • Receiving Frepuency: 4Channel:CH1 2.414GHz, CH2 2.432GHz, CH3 2.450GHz, CH4 2.468GHz
  • Voltage Of Power Source: 5V
  • Consumption Current: 250mA
  • Receipt Sensitivity: -88dBm
  • Input Impedance Of Antenna: 75Ω
  • Video Output Level: 1Vp-p
  • Audio Out Level: 1Vp-p

Requirements Of System:

  • CPU: 1.8GHZ Or Up
  • RAM: 256M Or Up
  • Hard Disk: 10GB
  • Operation System: Win2000,WinXP

2.4GHz USB Receiver Radio Audio Video Transmitter XH-USB

  • High quality audio video transmitter, durable and reliable for long time use

Basic Structure:

2.4GHz USB Receiver Radio Audio Video Transmitter XH-USB

2.4GHz USB Receiver Radio Audio Video Transmitter XH-USB

Size in Detail:

2.4GHz USB Receiver Radio Audio Video Transmitter XH-USB


  • Imaging Sensor: 1/3inch CMOS
  • CMOS Total Pixels: 628 x 582(PAL)/510 x 492(NTSC)
  • View Angle: 62Degree
  • Horizontal Resolution: 380TV Lines
  • Minimum Illumination: 0Lux
  • Transmission Frequency: ISM 2,400MHz2,483MHz
  • Transmission Power: 10mW/CE 2mW/FCC
  • Modulation Type: FM
  • Bandwidth: 18MHz
  • Power Supply: DC 5V
  • Consumption Current: 70mA
  • Bttery Type (built-in): Lithium Battery
  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh
  • Charge Time: 2h
  • Charge Consumption: 350mA
  • Working Time: 5h
  • Unobstructed Effective Range: 100m


  • 2.4GHz radio audio/video transmitter, high-speed USB2.0 port
  • 4 channel switches(2.414GHz,2.432GHz,2.450GHz, 2.468GHz)to improve flexibility and reliability
  • Transmitter and receiver camera security system is used in pair in the same channel,and it can also use in one-to-many application in the same channel(one transmitter sends signals,several receivers receive them in the same channel,andreceipt is synchronous and accurate,similar to radio video distributor),and it can also use in many-to-many application(each transmitter occupies one channel,supporting videl/audio transmission of ultimate four channels and generate no disturbance each other)
  • Video transmission and stereo audio transmission with system of NTSC or PAL
  • 0711 USB uses USB2.0 port,which allows desktop computers or portable computers to receive radio signals and see,record TV programs without an external power source.It is an exquisite video solution with high performance-price ratio
  • 0711 USB is disigned to have A/V input interface and it can easily collect video images of cameras and DVD/VCD players
  • People who like to play game on television can use AV input terminal of this unit to connect PS2/XBOX

2.4GHz USB Receiver Radio Audio Video Transmitter XH-USB

2.4GHz USB Receiver Radio Audio Video Transmitter XH-USB

2.4GHz USB Receiver Radio Audio Video Transmitter XH-USB

  • High definition camera security system, capture HD pictures for you


  • Never repair this unit without authorized engineers advice
  • Keep water and dust away
  • Never use thinner or other chemical detergents for cleaning this unit
  • Only use the AC adapter and power source provided
  • Never use any other power source.Otherwise it may cause serious damage to this unet
  • Never use expose the unit to extremely low or high temperatre
  • Turn off the power when the unit is not in use
  • This camera may cause interference PROBLEM on other 2.4GHz devices like LAN or Internet while it is on

Transmitter & Receiver Technical Information:

  • A wide range of radiofrequency transmitters and receivers are used for broadcasting, interpersonal communications and navigation purposes for industry, public service, personal and military uses. But all use basic technical information that is the same for all applications

Transmitter Frequency:

  • Transmitter frequency is the measure of cycles of magnetic energy produced in a second, measured in kilohertz (thousands) (kHz), megahertz (millions) (MHz) and gigahertz (billions) (GHz). Usable radio frequencies range from 9 kHz to 300 GHz

Transmitter Power:

  • Transmitter power is measured in watts and kilowatts and is the amount of power actually released into the air at the transmitting antenna. Powers range from under 5 watts for a cell phone to several thousand watts for broadcast radio and TV stations


  • Modulation means the way the actual information, be it voice, video or data, is mixed with the transmit signal. Common modulation schemes are amplitude modulation (AM), frequency modulation (FM) and digital modulation

Receiver Frequency:

  • Any receiver must be tuned to the distant transmitter frequency. This can be done by tuning a radio station or selecting a TV or CB radio channel. The receiver on your cell phone is automatically tuned and you never need to change it

Receiver Threshold:

  • Receiver threshold means the lowest signal your receiver will pick up and still operate. When nearing threshold, radio will sound noisy with static, TV will show snow and your cell phone will show only one bar or drop out


  • Connect the antenna with the Receiver
  • Plug power jack of DC 12V power supply into the power socket of the receiver (the power indicator is on
  • Connect the output of receiver with monitor with AV wire
  • Dial receiver's channel to corresponding channel of Wireless Camera
  • Adjust the lens of the camera to best position

Package Included:

  • 1 x 2.4GHz USB Receiver
  • 1 x 2.4GHz 1/3 inch Chip, Night-vision Security CCTV Wireless CMOS Color Camera
  • 1 x A/V Output Cable
  • 1 x A/V Input Cable
  • 1 x Driver,Cdof Software Recorded
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x High Frepuency Antenna