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Shiorbad Multi Function Baby Bottle Warmer


The high quality bottle warmer for baby features adjustable control which means that your baby's food will be the correct temperature. Preserve vital nutrients in baby's food through gentle heating. Make food preparation easier and more convenie...
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  • This bottle warmer  can be used both at home and in your car
  • Help food to be heated to the correct temperature easily
  • The steam heating system of this bottle warmer warms milk and food gently and evenly
  • Safe, easy to use and heats milk and food quickly
  • Parents can customize the heating temperature for different feeding needs with the adjustable control dial
  • Consumed Power At Home: 220W
  • Consumed Power In Car: 100W
  • Color: White


Shiorbad Multi Function Baby Bottle Warmer

  • This plugs into adapter outlets activated safety switch. This Baby Bottle Warmer helps moms really warm up to this portable food warmer that plugs into the adapter outlet. Your baby can always have a comforting meal on demand

Shiorbad Multi Function Baby Bottle Warmer

  • It can both preserve food nutrition and guarantee safety while using it.Warm your baby's food with this baby Bottle Warmer. It features a 360-degree heating band that wraps around the entire bottle. There's even a bottle-activated safety switch

Shiorbad Multi Function Baby Bottle Warmer

  • I bet you will love this very bottle warmer for baby.The high quality bottle warmer for baby features adjustable control which means that your baby's food will be the correct temperature

Shiorbad Multi Function Baby Bottle Warmer

Shiorbad Multi Function Baby Bottle Warmer

  • The Best Baby Bottle Warmer with sleek design. So give your baby that warm feeling. It is the best gift for your baby

How to Use a Bottle Warmer?

Shiorbad Multi Function Baby Bottle Warmer

  • Whenever time comes to heat milk bottle of a baby, check that the water level in bottle warmer is at safer level. After switching on the bottle warmer, water inside the warmer gets quickly heated up to warm the bottle. Keep the bottle inside of bottle warmer for a minute or keep the bottle according to instructions of manufacturer
  • Turn off or unplug the bottle warmer and check the bottle contents for the precise temperature. Very few users do this by squeezing some drops over the wrist's inner side, whereas other users test it by tasting it

Cleaning the Bottle Warmer!

  • Wipe inner and outside of the bottle warmer by using a clean cloth or a dish soap, which cleans better than a cloth. You can follow other methods to clean bottle warmer
  • It is must to change water inside the bottle warmer daily
  • After every week, it is suggested to clean bottle warmer, even if you did not use it
  • Instead of filling it with water, it is also a good idea to fill the warmer with white vinegar. Keep the bottle warmer in ON condition by filling it with vinegar. After some time, throw off the vinegar and clean the warmer with cold water twice
  • If you follow these instructions regularly, lifetime of bottle warmer can be improved by a considerable extent

How to Choose a Baby Bottle Warmer:

If your baby prefers to drink her breast milk or formula warmed, a baby-bottle warmer may be the solution for you. Instead of having to heat up pots of water or risk liquid-hot spots from using a microwave, quickly and easily heat the contents of your baby's bottle to the perfect temperature with a baby bottle warmer. Here are some things to consider when you purchase a baby-bottle warmer.

  • Think about where you plan to use a baby-bottle warmer. You can purchase different kinds of bottle warmers for use in different places, such as in the car or in your house. Select a type of bottle warmer based on where you will use it the most
  • Make sure that the baby-bottle warmer accommodates the type of bottles you plan to use. Some bottle warmers don't hold certain types of bottles, such as angled bottles or wide-necked bottles. If you plan to use a specialty type of bottle, be sure that the bottle warmer will accommodate those bottles
  • Choose a bottle warmer that does not take long to heat up a baby bottle. Some baby bottle warmers will heat baby bottles in just a few minutes. When you are trying to quickly feed a hungry baby, a warmer that works quickly is a good choice
  • Look for an auto shut-off feature. This type of feature will help prevent you from overheating baby bottles, which is very dangerous for your baby
  • Figure out how easy it will be to clean the baby-bottle warmer. Bottle warmers can consist of many parts and be difficult to clean. Pick a baby-bottle warmer with fewer parts that you can clean easily and effectively

How to Warm Bottles:

Shiorbad Multi Function Baby Bottle Warmer

  • Bottles of formula or breast milk don't need to be heated before feeding them to your baby, but if you store them in the fridge, as most people do, you will need to warm them up to at least room temperature
  • Fill a cup or pan with water. Bring the water to a rolling boil on the stove, or heat on high for one to two minutes in the microwave. Do not heat the bottle in the microwave, as it can develop hot spots that will burn baby's mouth or tummy. If you use a bottle warmer, plug it into the wall and fill it with water. Travel bottle warmers can be plugged into a car's cigarette lighter and do not need water
  • Remove the water from the stove or microwave. Take the top off the bottle before heating it by placing it in the hot water for a couple minutes. Don't leave the water on the stove because the bottle will get too hot for baby's comfort. Also, if you are using disposable bottle bags, they can burst if they get too hot
  • Test the temperature of the formula or breast milk by shaking a drop or two onto the inside of your wrist. The formula should be at room temperature or lukewarm, not hot

Tips & Warnings:

Shiorbad Multi Function Baby Bottle Warmer

  • Some baby-bottle warmers can also warm baby-food jars. Consider this type of bottle warmer if you want to be able to use it when your baby is eating solid foods, as well
  • Always be sure to test the temperature of the bottle's contents before giving the bottle to your baby

Package Included:

  • 1 x Baby Bottle Warmer