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Yemebs Comfortable Coverall Baby Clothes F45252


Are you looking for a comfortable baby one piece? If you do, you have got the right place for this Comfortable Coverall Baby Clothes!Dress your baby in personalized style with our adorable baby coverall. Baby coverall is good to wash and don't l...
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  • Baby coverall is machine washable
  • Baby coverall is 100% cotton knit fabric, breathable, and soft
  • Baby coverall is sweet and comfy for all-day play 
  • Footed baby coverall clothes from First Impressions
  • Comfortable baby coverall is fully snaps down front and legs; long sleeves; footed
  • Material: Napping


Yemebs Comfortable Coverall Baby Clothes F45252

  • Machine washable. Comfortable baby coverall is fully snaps down front and legs; long sleeves; footed

Yemebs Comfortable Coverall Baby Clothes F45252

  • Sweet and comfy for all-day play. Dress your baby in personalized style with our adorable baby coverall

Yemebs Comfortable Coverall Baby Clothes F45252

  • Breathable. An easy snap-front baby coverall clothes is given a festive look and cozy feel in soft napping with a warm footed hem

Yemebs Comfortable Coverall Baby Clothes F45252

  • Footed. Long-sleeve romper features a zipper along the inside of the legs and button shoulder opening for easy on and off

Size in Detail:


Sleeve Length


Shoulder to crotch




26 x 2cm





27 x 2cm





29 x 2cm





30 x 2cm





31 x 2cm





32.5 x 2cm




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How to Extend The Life of Kids Clothes:

  • Dresses great to work with for girls is the bishop smocked dresses. They have lots of room for grow. Buy one with long sleeves. Later if the sleeves are to short you can transform the dress into short sleeves
  • These girl's dresses button down the back. Usually it will only get tight in the first few buttons near the neck. If there is room simply move the buttons over. Another alternative is to take the buttons off and replace with elastic thread. You won't gain a lot of room but if you just get a couple of more wears out of an expensive item it is well worth it
  • Oh wow look at what a hem line on that dress. That can be let out and you can gain a lot of length with that. Always look for items with wide hem lines. You can actually gain an extra year or more out of these one simple step. If you can't hem yourself you can hire someone to do it for you. It's a lot cheaper than buying another or even cheaper than buying a used high quality dress. Most better dresses made for a baby or toddler will have this type of hem
  • Buy dresses that tie at the side. You can make them smaller or larger. You can usually always find a baby dress made in this fashion
  • Buy dresses that swing out
  • Add a pair of leggings or pants once it's to short and you have a shirt. Again most children grow in height more so than around
  • Another trick is to buy reversible clothes. Especially when it comes to holiday items. Look at the picture. It is the same outfit. One side is for Halloween and the other is for everyday. Buying holiday clothes is a waist of money when they only work during that holiday
  • You can even get outfits that are for two different holidays
  • Oh wait! Check out this outfit. Not only does it have two different holidays but it is a anytime outfit as well. 3 different wears with one outfit that is not any more expensive than any other boutique item
  • But this outfit offers something else that is awesome. Check out how much room that button can be moved. When you but outfits, especially for the boys, always look for ones that buttons at the shoulders. Then always check to see if the buttons can be moved. If your son wears a size 6 months you can easily buy a 9 month outfit, move the buttons around and get a 6-12 month outfit. 6 months of wear out of an outfit that only promises 3 months! Your baby can get much more wear out of those adorable clothes
  • This step is for the more advance with the sewing. My mother used to take those one piece outfits for babies and transform them into two piece sets. She would cut the outfit in the waist, hem the top and add elastic to the bottoms. Once a one piece baby outfit now a two piece set
  • Buy coats with removable linings. They even have coats that transform into 4 different styles. It saves from buying lightweight jackets when weather is not so severe. It's a great addition to your child's clothing

How to Wash Baby Clothes:

Yemebs Comfortable Coverall Baby Clothes F45252

  • Purchase a detergent that is dye free and fragrance free. Tide and Cheer make products that do not contain harsh chemicals that can irritate a baby's skin. Dreft's laundry detergent has a light fragrance, but it is designed specifically for a baby
  • Put baby clothes in the laundry before he wears them. It can ensure that he will not experience an adverse reaction to any of the chemicals that may be on the clothes
  • Wash baby clothes on a cold cycle. The cold cycle will help eliminate the risk of building up bacteria as well as keep the clothes from shrinking
  • Run the clothes through an extra rinse cycle. This will ensure that there is no residual soap left on the items
  • Leave out the dryer sheet. They can be the cause of many skin reactions

Package Included:

  • 2 x Baby Coverall Clothes