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Cupboard Door Safety Baby Locks

Are you worried about your baby alone in home? This kind of Baby Locks can help you solve this problem. These Cupboard Door Safety Baby Locks are easy to use and fits easily with various types of cupboard doors. As Baby Locks are adjustable and ...
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  • The baby locks are a very useful tool for families
  • Made of high quality material
  • Unique design is very practical
  • Secure press-and-pull lock helps keep appliances closed
  • Easy for adults to use and install, no tools required
  • It is ideal for cupboard doors
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 20 x 4cm / 7.9 x 1.6in (L x W)
  • Color: White


Cupboard Door Safety Baby Locks

  • Particularly challenging Baby Door Locks for children, these Baby Locks ensure the safety of children in the home

Cupboard Door Safety Baby Locks

Cupboard Door Safety Baby Locks

  • Those places are the most dangerous places for your naive children. This kind of Cupboard Door Safety Baby Locks is the best choice for your baby

Cupboard Door Safety Baby Locks

  • These Cupboard Door Safety Baby Locks are easy to use and fits easily with various types of cupboard doors. As Baby Locks are adjustable and do not require screws or adhesive tape, Baby Locks can be moved and fitted simply and quickly

Size in Detail:

Cupboard Door Safety Baby Locks

Baby Lock Projects

Marc Chase is a veteran investigative newspaper reporter and editor of 12 years. Specializing in computer-assisted reporting, he holds a Bachelor of Science in journalism from Southern Illinois University and a Master of Arts in public affairs reporting from the University of Illinois. By Marc Chase, eHow Contributor

  • Anyone with a baby on the way must plan immediately for child-proofing doors, cabinets, drawers, electrical outlets and stoves. An array of reasonably-priced devices are available that make baby lock projects easy
  • Internal and External Doors: Though not crucial until children grow taller and begin to toddle around the house, door knob covers---or slips---are a safe way to keep little ones from escaping prematurely to the outside world. These devices lock around a door knob by snapping together in two pieces, creating a protective plastic casing around the knob. On the sides of the protective covers are tabbed rubber grips that, when squeezed by an adult while turning the knob, will open the door. But when children try to turn the knobs, the covers slip in circles while the knobs remain stationary. These tend to come in multiples per pack for protecting all desired door knobs. Expect to pay about $10 as of August 2009 to secure eight knobs
  • Cabinet Drawers and Doors: The simplest cabinet door locks feature a double hook with zip lines. These are perfect for locking twin cabinet doors in which two knobs or handles are in close proximity when the cabinets are closed. Hook and fasten a zip line around one cabinet knob, with the second zip line pointing to the other knob. Then slide the line through the opening on the other side until both knobs are secured. This device locks two doors at once and typically is undone with a quick release tab not easily activated by children. These require no drilling or adhesive to install. Expect to pay about $5 each as of August 2009
  • Cabinet doors also can be secured with latch-style locks to keep curious hands from grabbing knives, forks, cleaning chemicals or other no-nos. One type of latch lock has an upward-facing hook that slides into a set of grooves that fit above the inside of a drawer or cabinet door. Varieties of this type of latch affix with screws, adhesive or magnets. These often allow drawers or cabinets to be opened just slightly. The slight clearance gives room for adults to push down on release levers. Expect to pay between $5 and $8 as of August 2009, and look for multi-packs
  • Securing Outlets: Electric shock from wall outlets and power strips should be a main concern. The cheapest and most effective covers plug directly into outlets, providing a plastic shield from device insertion. These fit tightly but can be quickly pried loose by adults for use of the outlets. Plug these into all dormant outlets and unused power ports. Also consider installing clear plastic lock boxes around power strips and surge protectors

How to Install Baby Locks on Cabinets:

Cupboard Door Safety Baby Locks

Babies love opening and closing doors, and nothing tempts them more than cabinets. Protect your little one from harm by baby-proofing all the cabinets within baby's reach. You can do this by installing an internal latch to the cabinet. Internal latches are an excellent choice because adults can easily press down and open cabinets without removing or replacing the latch each time. However, they must be carefully installed to function properly to prevent your little one from wiggling into the cabinet

  • Separate the two pieces of the baby latch: the arm that attaches to the cabinet door and the small catch that attaches inside the cabinet. Keep the screws nearby
  • Remove the adhesive backing from the catch piece. Attach it inside the cabinet, on the ceiling of the cabinet, at the distance recommended in the package directions. Face the catch so that the latch will attach to it when the door is closed
  • Line the latch up so that it hooks into the "catch" piece and bring the cabinet door gently closed against it. Make a small pencil mark on the cabinet door where the latch touches it
  • Remove the adhesive backing from the latch and attach it to the cabinet door in the place where you made the pencil mark. Gently press down on the latch and close the cabinet door. The latch should lock into the "catch" piece. Try to open the cabinet gently to make sure that the two pieces of the latch are in the correct positions
  • Screw both pieces of the latch into place

Tips & Warnings:

Cupboard Door Safety Baby Locks

  • If you have double-door cabinets with knobs or handles, use external sliding locks. Simply place the lock over the knobs, or through the handles, and slide shut
  • External locks must be removed and replaced each time you open and close the cabinet

Package Included:

  • 1 x Cupboard Door Safety Baby Lock