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Colorsea Fashion Canvas Travelling Men Backpack


Do you want to buy a Fashion Canvas Travelling Men Backpack? This Mens Canvas Backpack is made of high quality material, which eunsures a long time using. Features with good workmanship, this Mens Canvas Backpack is hot now. This fashion Mens Canvas ...
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  • Color: Various Colors Available
  • Material: Washing Canvas & Cow Leather 
  • Bottom Length: 30cm/11.8in
  • Bottom Width: 15cm/5.9in
  • Height: 48cm/18.9in
  • Carrying Belt Height: 9cm/3.5in
  • Brand: Other Brand
  • Made in Asia
  • This Mens Canvas Backpack is made of high quality material, which eunsures a long time using
  • Features with good workmanship, this Mens Canvas Backpack is hot now
  • This fashion Mens Canvas Backpack is perfect for going to work, sports, camping, travel and other outdoor occasions  
  • Personalize your wearing style with this stylish Mens Canvas Backpack  
  • This Mens Canvas Backpack is durable
  • The Cheap Backpack Bag is provided with enough pockets
  • You can also store smaller gear in the variety of accessory pockets for items like a compass, maps, or raingear
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Colorsea Fashion Canvas Travelling Men Backpack

  • A first full-scale look at the backpack
  • The bag's different details show up this bag's exquisite and elegant features

Colorsea Fashion Canvas Travelling Men Backpack

  • Made of high quality material, the Travel Backpack Bag is durable enough for your daily use

Colorsea Fashion Canvas Travelling Men Backpack

  • The Cheap Backpack Bag with double shoulders can reduce more pressure and make you feel comfortable

Colorsea Fashion Canvas Travelling Men Backpack

  • Whether you're heading to practice, school or home, this canvas backpack will keep everything you need in place
  • With its fashion design and style, this Mens Canvas Backpack is a perfect gift for your special one

How to Choose a Backpack:

  • Choose your backpack based on the anticipated kind of use. If you plan to use it as a carry-all for work or school supplies, nylon or canvas are excellent options. Durable and easy to clean, most of these backpacks are lightweight yet strong enough to support an abundance of daily necessities. This type of backpack is typically quite affordable
  • Carry a business backpack if you travel frequently for business. Designed to hold laptop computers, books, files and supplies, they are typically constructed of extra-strength nylon or canvas materials. Many have a hard plastic exterior shell for added protection, and nearly all feature inside padding for extra cushioning for the laptop
  • Select a sports-type backpack if you plan to use your backpack for day trips and/or hiking. Lightweight and water-resistant, these packs tend to feature outside pockets for easy access to water or other beverages. Many of them have an insulated compartment as well, allowing backpackers to carry food or medication that requires cooling
  • Consider an outdoors/sportsman's backpack if you are a serious distance hiker or plan to use your backpack for camping trips. Many of these packs feature an air pocket. Small, durable plastic bags are inflated to fill these pockets, thus creating a cushion that serves as a buffer between the carrier's back and the heaviest point of impact with the backpack. Regardless of your plans, there is a backpack to fit almost anyone's likes and needs. Decide before buying what the primary use for the backpack will be, and how often it will be used. This will help determine what kind of money should be invested in the backpack
  • Choose a stylish backpack if fashion is a priority. Backpacks made of leather, fabric and even faux fur round out the assortment available for those preferring flair with their functionality. Many big-name handbag designers have stylish backpacks as part of their repertoire

How to Wash Canvas Backpacks:

  • Saturate the nylon brush with water and scrub at the outer surfaces of the canvas with the brush. Work the brush firmly onto the surface of the canvas to loosen soiling and stains. Blot at stains and water on the surface of the backpack with a towel to remove the water from the backpack
  • Mix approximately 1 tsp. of laundry detergent with 2 cups of warm water in the small bowl. Dip the nylon brush into the soapy water and use the soap-filled brush to remove any stubborn stains from the outside of the backpack. Continue working until you remove as much soiling and stains as possible. Saturate a cloth with warm water and use it to rinse away the mild soap from the backpack canvas
  • Spray the dry-cleaning solvent carefully over any stains that remain. Place a towel on the underside of the backpack fabric to absorb excess solvent as you apply it. Saturate the stain with the solvent and allow the solvent to soak into the canvas for approximately five minutes. Blot at the stain with a clean cloth to remove the stain completely. Rinse away the dry-cleaning solvent with a damp cloth soaked in water
  • Allow the backpack to dry completely (outdoors in the sunshine, preferably)
  • Reproof the backpack to restore its water resistance. Fill the inside of the backpack with a large bath towel to absorb any spray that seeps through the backpack. Zip the backpack closed. Spray the canvas proofing spray liberally over the entire outside surface of the backpack. Pay special attention to seams, zippers and pockets to ensure you coat every surface
  • Allow the backpack to dry again for 3 to 5 days before using it

Package Included:

  • 1 x Men Backpack