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Heselin Fluently Peacock Feather Ballpoint Pen LS152


From the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century, feather pen is designed as a writing tool to record each stage of European civilization. As the natural and unrestrained writing posture can be provided by the feather pen, don't you want to have one fo...
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  • Feather design on top of pen give this ball point pen a bright appearance
  • This best ballpoint pen is absolutely lovely, graceful, adorable and pretty with fashionable design
  • The fine ball pen can not only be a pen for daily use, but also a decoration for your desk or room as well
  • This ballpoint pen is just fine to write, not too little or too many ink to that fits for almost all the tests
  • Shining and colorful looking of the ball pen makes it deeply loved by the young
  • With environmental protected nontoxic material, these ball point pens will be harmless to you
  • Good writing effect with no leaking problem is given to you with our ballpoint pen
  • Your best choice for school, office as well as business with these ball point pens
  • Length: 52.0-56.0cm/20.3-21.8in
  • Material: Feather & Plastic


Heselin Fluently Peacock Feather Ballpoint Pen LS152

  • Brilliant feather design makes the ball point pen different from ordinary ones

Heselin Fluently Peacock Feather Ballpoint Pen LS152

  • Fine details can be guaranteed by the crafted workmanship and brief structure

Heselin Fluently Peacock Feather Ballpoint Pen LS152

  • This ballpoint pen with light and slender features is just designed for easier writing

Heselin Fluently Peacock Feather Ballpoint Pen LS152

  • Cleverish cap is designed to protect the ballpoint nib well when you don't need to use it

Heselin Fluently Peacock Feather Ballpoint Pen LS152

  • Exquisite and colorful tail feather can embellish the ball point pen well

Heselin Fluently Peacock Feather Ballpoint Pen LS152

  • Variety of color can be chosen for you to meet your needs

How to Erase With a Ball Point Pen

Heselin Fluently Peacock Feather Ballpoint Pen LS152

Ball point pens are familiar to most people because almost everyone has used one at some point. Many different varieties of ball point pens exist, from cheap packages of 10 to 20 ball point pens for a couple of bucks to expensive ball points pens costing $10 or more. Most people think that ball point pen ink cannot be erased. However, some ball point pens can be erased with a rubber eraser due to their unique composition

  • Locate the section on the paper containing the ball point pen ink that you wish to erase
  • Pull the cap to your erasable ball point pen from the pen and push it onto the bottom end of the pen so that the rubber eraser located on the top of the cap is located at the bottom of the pen now
  • Place the rubber eraser on the paper against the ball point ink that you wish to erase and then rub the eraser firmly over the ink to cause it to lift and remove the paper onto the eraser to erase with a ball point pen

How to fix a Ball Point pen

Heselin Fluently Peacock Feather Ballpoint Pen LS152

You must write an important message and the ball point pen you grab is out of ink. The next pen you grab does not write and there is not another pen in reach. If this familiar scene happens to you, be ready to fix your ball point pen so you can write down the message

Unclog the Cartridge

  • Take the ink cartridge out of the ball point pen
  • Insert a piece of lead from a mechanical pencil into the ink cartridge
  • Swivel the lead around inside and push it all the way to the head of the ink cartridge. Remove the lead
  • Replace the ink cartridge inside the ball point pen. Test the pen to make sure it works

Helpful Tricks

  • Hold the tip of the pen in a flame from a lighter for a few seconds. Any longer than that and the pen may melt. Your pen should now write
  • Draw circles on a glass surface to loosen up the ball of the pen. If you see some ink on the surface as the pen begins to write, stop drawing immediately and clean the surface with glass cleaner. Test the pen on paper and it should work
  • Place just the pen tip in boiling water for a few seconds. You can also try with really hot water from the faucet. Scribble on some paper to see if the pen works now

Package Included:

  • 1 x Ballpoint Pen