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Cool Electric PB Bass Guitar

Sound, beauty and price were all blended together when this electric bass guitar musical instrument was created.The shape of the headstock, body, pick guard and bridge recall a time when things were just a bit more ornate, and pride in craftsmanship ...
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  • Primarily, the electric bass guitar is played with the fingers or thumbs rather a pick
  • Digits can pluck, strum or even slap the bass guitar's strings to produce a deep sound
  • The electric bass guitar has four thick strings instead of six thin strings, although it is possible to get a bass guitar with six or even twelve strings
  • Body of an electric bass tends to be bigger than the body of a regular electric guitar
  • The neck of the musical electric bass guitar is also usually longer than the neck of a regular electric guitar
  • This electric bass produces the familiar heartbeat sound common to most songs that include a bass guitar
  • Playing the bass guitar not for rhythm but for melody generally means playing with a pick, however
  • Color: Black & White
  • Strings: 4


Cool Electric PB Bass Guitar

Cool Electric PB Bass Guitar

Cool Electric PB Bass Guitar

  • White and black electric bass
  • 4 strings design electric bass guitar
  • High quality material acoustic electric bass

How to Play Electric Bass Guitar?

The bass guitar is a staple of nearly any type of band. You play the electric bass guitar a lot like a standard guitar, although the bass has only four strings. Follow these steps and you'll be playing bass like a pro.

  • Set up your bass guitar. Plug in the amplifier and the instrument, and turn it to a reasonable volume
  • Practice playing one note on one string. The way your hand acts on the strings is ultra-important for the bass. Get used to repetitive one-note playing
  • Practice switching strings. Play a series of notes that goes up or down from one string to the next
  • Choose a pick style of play or a non-pick style. Picking is probably easier, but it's your choice. Stick to one or the other until you get comfortable
  • Draw a fretboard. Study where notes are on the fretboard. The four strings of a bass guitar are tuned the same as the four bottom strings of a guitar, so they have the same notes in the same places
  • Speed up slowly. Work on gradually improving your speed. Taking it too fast can lead to discouragement
  • Learn advanced bass guitar with tools like scales and tablature. Study how your bass guitar idols play. Each has his or her own style that can be instructive


  • Look for bass guitar "tablature" that shows how bass solos or bass lines are played. You don't need music theory to read tablature, and for a bassist, who doesn't use as many notes, it is practical
  • Don't use a guitar amplifier for your bass guitar. Using a regular guitar amplifier can hurt the amp if it doesn't have enough low register to process the sound of your bass. The amp doesn't have to be huge, but it has to be made for bass guitar playing

How to Clean Upright Bass Strings:

A talented musician plucks the strings of an upright bass with his fingers or plays with a bow to produce quality sound. Taking care of an upright bass--an instrument that costs several thousand dollars--is an essential part of a musician's routine. Neglecting to clean and tune the upright bass could result in a poor performance from the musician while on stage. Whether you play an upright bass in an orchestra or a rockabilly band, an owner of an upright bass must protect the investment made in this instrument

Tools You'll Need

  • Steel wool pad
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cloth
  • Petroleum jelly


  • Remove heavy deposits of rosin on the strings with a steel wool pad. Rub the steel wool pad onto the strings to break up and remove large chunks of rosin. Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to a clean cloth and rub the strings where the steel wool pad removed the rosin
  • Loosen a string on the upright bass enough to make room for your hand between the string and the body of the bass. Place a dime-sized amount of petroleum jelly on a clean cloth. Grip the loose string with the petroleum side of the cloth. Rub the string--from the top to the bottom--with the rag while applying firm pressure. Tighten the string and repeat with the other three strings on the bass
  • Clean your strings after each practice or performance. Rub a dry, clean cloth up and down the length of each string. Cleaning the strings after each time the hands are in contact reduces the amount of acidity on the strings, resulting in a longer life for the strings

Tips & Warnings

  • Designate a time in your daily schedule for cleaning your upright bass
  • Keep a clean cloth in your case for cleaning the upright bass while on the road
  • Avoid contact of rubbing alcohol with the varnish of an upright bass to prevent permanent stains

Package Included:

  • 1 x Cool Electric PB Bass Guitar