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Bathair Stylish Solid Simplicity Microfiber Bath Towel


Are you looking for a comfortable bath towel for yourself or your family? This bath towel must be a great choice for you. This blue bath towel was made of high quality materials that provide pure natural and comfortable. Best bath towel gro...
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  • This blue bath towel boasts excellent color and shape retention
  • The blue bath towel boasts finished edges for extra durability
  • Microfiber bath towel was designed with excellent softness and water absorption
  • The bath towel is generously sized and substantially weighted
  • Best bath towel grows softer with every wash without requiring fabric softener
  • Pamper yourself after showering or washing your hands with this luxurious blue bath towel
  • Material: 80% Terylene & 20% Nylon
  • Size: 60 x 40cm/23.6 x 15.7in(L x W)
  • Color: Blue


Bathair Stylish Solid Simplicity Microfiber Bath Towel

  • The blue bath towel is made of microfiber that provide pure natural and comfortable

Bathair Stylish Solid Simplicity Microfiber Bath Towel

Bathair Stylish Solid Simplicity Microfiber Bath Towel

  • Soft touch on your face with the luxurious blue bath towel. So give yourself the spa treatment

Bathair Stylish Solid Simplicity Microfiber Bath Towel

Bathair Stylish Solid Simplicity Microfiber Bath Towel

  • Blue bath towel features excellent absorption and dirt-removing power and can be used as a cleaning cloth

How to Choose Bath Towels:

Choosing a bath towel isn't an art or science. Just follow these steps to find towels that will keep you dry and comfortable.

  • Consider the purpose before you spend big bucks on bath towels. If the towels are for college students, then go with cheaper towels in quantity, but for personal daily use, gift-giving or guest towels choose quality over quantity.
  • Know your fabric and choose for absorbency and feel. Cotton reigns supreme for absorbency and durability with Egyptian and Supima cotton representing the top of the line. Fine quality bath towels with silk included in the weave can add softness without compromising absorbency.
  • Understand towel density. Higher density means better absorbency, with luxury towel density usually around 800 grams per meter.
  • Select a towel size. There's nothing worse than a towel that's too small. Average towels are 27 x 50 inches to 30x 56 inches. Oversize bath towels come in at 30 x 56 inces, Bath sheets are a whopping 33 x 66 inches to 40 x 70 inches.
  • Choose a color when considering your towels but try to be flexible. After weighing the other key factors, you may find that your favorite color isn't available in the type of towel you wish to purchase. Go for a neutral or complimentary color instead.
  • Determine your budget and purchase the best towels for the money. High quality towels will last longer and the absorbency and feel will be well worth the money spent. You can always add more towels later.

How to Hang Bathroom Towels:

Towels are a necessity in every type of bathroom. This includes bath towels, hand towels, decorative towels and towels used for cleaning. They add to the function and décor of your bathroom. In order to have an organized bathroom, you will want to hang your towels. To have a well-functioning bathroom, there are a couple of factors you should consider when it comes to the placement of your towels and towel racks.

  • Hang everyday bath towels in a place where they will be able to dry quickly after use. If you only have one wet towel, a towel bar on the wall or shower door, or inside of the shower stall away from the water will do fine. If you have multiple people using the bathroom, and therefore multiple wet towels, hang a towel holder with several hooks over your bathroom door. You will want the hooks to be spread out enough so that the towels will be able to dry between use. These type of over-the-door hooks are available at bath stores such as Bed, Bath and Beyond.
  • Provide a hand towel by the sink so that you and your family members and guests can easily dry their hands after washing them. You will want this towel to be hung in close proximity to the sink so it will be obvious to all users, and your decorative or bath towels will not accidentally be used. Hang the hand towel on a small towel ring or hook an arm's distance from the sink.
  • Use decorative towels to add to your bathroom décor. Pretty embroidered towels or ones with bold prints are always a nice touch; however, you will want to make sure that guests do not mistake them for hand towels to use after washing. Hang them on a towel bar either under the window or on the center of the wall, but not too close to the sink. Proper placement should help indicate that the towels are meant for decoration rather than use.
  • Hide your towels that you use for cleaning the sink or your face on a hook on the inside of your bathroom cabinet door.

Package Included:

  • 2 x Stylish Solid Simplicity Microfiber Bath Towels