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Rgyrid Home Chrome Brass Color Changing LED Bathroom Shower Head


Make the bath a haven for a few minutes of personal time, relaxation and just a bit of pampering. The rainfall shower head will provid the bathroom with a spa-like environment. It is a water and energy saving shower head. And the rainfall shower head...
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  • Blue: 0~43 ℃
  • Red: 44~50 ℃
  • Flashing Red: 51~100 ℃
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Brass
  • Diameter: 30cm/12in


  • Experience the soothing spa-like shower with this rain shower head
  • The LED shower head will give you a full-body rain fall that will have you relaxed and thoroughly cleansed
  • Revolutionize the showering experience with the bathroom shower head
  • This rainfall shower head will give you good water pressure while saving water
  • The bathroom shower head offers a water-saving comfort spray and a high-volume spray
  • The rainfall shower head delivers better water for a better shower
  • The rainfall shower head is sure to bring showering pleasure and savings for years to come
  • The LED lights change color according to water temperature, make water colorful and beautiful to bring you good feelingoffering


Rgyrid Home Chrome Brass Color Changing LED Bathroom Shower Head

  • When water flows down, the LED will light up instantly and automatically
  • The LED lights change color according to water temperature, make water colorful and beautiful to bring you good feelingoffering

Rgyrid Home Chrome Brass Color Changing LED Bathroom Shower Head

  • LED Light goes "off" when water is turned off
  • No battery needed, it is powered by the pressure of water and very environmental

Rgyrid Home Chrome Brass Color Changing LED Bathroom Shower Head

  • Enjoy your wonderful life with the cool bathroom shower head

What is a Shower Head? How do they work?

Rgyrid Home Chrome Brass Color Changing LED Bathroom Shower Head

  • A shower (or shower-bath) is an area in which one bathes underneath a spray of water. People very commonly use soap and shampoo while showering
  • The water pressure in your home is probably between 60 and 80 pounds (PSI), and is running through pipes as small as one-inch. This sustained pressure inside your pipes is what helps water flow uphill in your home, delivering it to your sinks, tubs, toilets, and wherever else it's needed
  • Typically, the pipe size of your shower is even smaller, sometimes as much as half the diameter of your other pipes. This creates even more pressure, causing a consistently sustained and forceful flow of water out of your Shower Head when it's turned on
  • Factors that affect the flow of water out of the head are the diameter of the holes in the head itself, the presence of lime scale, rust, or particulate matter caught in the screen, and the constraints of your water heater. Another factor that can have a big impact on the flow of water out of your Shower Head is the presence of a water flow restrictor
  • Low flow Shower Heads incorporate restrictors in order to conserve water and energy. Where ten years ago the average Shower Head delivered six to eight gallons per minute (GPM), current low flow Shower Heads may deliver 2.6 GPM at 80 PSI or less
  • A quality Shower Head should be able to deliver a good penetrating water spray at either high or low pressure. If you are experiencing low water flow and have ruled out other factors like reduced water pressure coming from the main water line and low volume from your water heater, the culprit may be lime scale buildup on the Shower Head that can be removed by disassembling and cleaning it
  • On a new low flow Shower Head, the restrictor itself may be causing water flow problems, and on some models, restrictor disks can be reversed or removed to increase the flow while still retaining some of the low-flow benefits of the head

How to Clean Shower Head?

Rgyrid Home Chrome Brass Color Changing LED Bathroom Shower Head

  • Step One: Get a bowl and a bottle of white vinegar. A cheap, store brand of vinegar works fine to clean shower heads. Pour an inch or so of vinegar into a ceramic or plastic bowl
  • Step Two: Unscrew the shower head from the wall or stall fixture. The shower head will probably be full of water so be sure to drain it by holding it upside down to let the water drain into the shower stall or bathtub
  • Step Three: Soak the shower head for 10 to 15 minutes, letting the vinegar cut through the mineral deposits. Vinegar is acetic and will eat away at the mineral deposits

Rgyrid Home Chrome Brass Color Changing LED Bathroom Shower Head

  • Step Four: Remove the shower head from the bowl of vinegar. Let the vinegar drain through the holes. Scrub the surface with a sponge or rag
  • Step Five: Take the bowl of vinegar to the bathroom and dip the rag into the vinegar. Wipe the shower fixture with the rag to clean it before installing the clean shower head
  • Step Six: Screw the clean shower head back in place. Run water through the shower head to unplug any minerals or calcification. Enjoy your clean shower heads

How to Install a Shower?

  • Install all piping before installing the tub itself
  • Lower the tub into place so that the continuous flange fits against the wall studs and rests on 1 x 4 or 2 x 4 supports. Anchor the tub to the enclosure with nails or screws inserted through the flanges into the studs
  • Assemble the drain connections by connecting the tub overflow with the tub drain ABOVE the trap, not beyond it. The trap will have a compression fitting that screws over the arm of the overflow assembly

Rgyrid Home Chrome Brass Color Changing LED Bathroom Shower Head

  • Hot and cold water lines are run to the tub/shower mixing valve where they are attached, usually by, sweating these directly into the hot and cold ports of the mixing valve
  • Run a pipe up the wall for the shower head. On the top of this pipe, sweat on a brass female threaded winged fitting that is nailed or screwed into a framing support
  • Extend a piece of 1/2" pipe, according to the manufacturer's instructions, for the tub spout. Sweat on a male threaded fitting at the end of the pipe or use a brass nipple of the proper length and a 1/2" cap
  • At this time you will need to have your rough plumbing inspected
  • Restore water pressure and check the drain connection and the supply pipes for any leaks
  • Replace the wall with moisture resistant drywall as a base for your wall covering. Seal joints between the wall and your new tub with silicone caulk as protection against water seepage
  • Install the Spout, handles and shower head. The shower head screws onto the shower arm stub out. Whether installing a new shower head or replacing an old one, always clean the pipe threads and apply new pipe joint compound, PTFE tape or both to prevent leaks

How to Repair a Leaky Shower Head?

There main causes of a leaky shower head is either the shower arm and head connection requires new plumbers tape or you may need to replace the small o-ring washer that is inside the shower head. Either repair will require removing the shower head from the shower arm. You will need to remove the o-ring from the shower head so that you can replace the o-ring with one that is the same size. Once you make these small repairs your shower head will once again be leak free.

Rgyrid Home Chrome Brass Color Changing LED Bathroom Shower Head

  • Place a couple of towels in the bottom of the tub. You will need to work inside the tub and the towels will protect your tub finish. Place a cloth over the shower head connection to the shower arm. Hold the sower arm with one hand near the wall. Place an adjustable wrench around the connection and turn the shower head connection counter-clockwise until you can turn it by hand. Holding the shower arm will prevent the arm from accidentally twisting inside the plumbing in the wall.
  • Remove the shower head from the shower arm and clean the threads on the end of the arm with a stiff brush. Look inside the shower head connector and pull out the rubber o-ring. If necessary, use a pair of needle nose pliers to pull the o-ring out of the shower head.
  • Take the o-ring to a hardware store to find an exact replacement. You want the same diameter and the same thickness. You will also need to purchase a roll of plumbers tape if you do not already have some.
  • Place the new o-ring inside the shower head. Press the o-ring down into the head connector and ensure that it seats flat without any folds or bends. Wrap plumbers tape around the threads on the end of the shower arm.
  • Thread the shower head connector onto the shower arm until the shower head is hand tight. Turn the shower head another half turn with the adjustable wrench. Use the cloth to cover the connector and prevent scratching the finish when using the adjustable wrench.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Shower Head