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Meetmei Retro Men Print Cotton Beanie Hat


Do you want to have a stylish men beanie? The eye-catching men beanie is customized for gentlemen. Show yourself with this stylish Men Beanie. This unique design, awesome looking Men Beanie is sure to make a striking looking impression! This Bea...
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  • Embellished with stylish head portrait print
  • To be a stylish men with this cotton Men Beanie hat
  • You will definitely stand out from the crowd with this stylish men beanie
  • Personalized your wearing style with this stylish print cotton men beanie hat
  • Made of high quality materials, durable enough for years wearing
  • Beanie Hat for Men is designed with excellent elasticity and breathability
  • Would make a wonderful gift for yourself or your friends
  • The Cheap Beanies are perfect for everyday wear, easy to match with any attire
  • Its range spans performance, evening, and other activities
  • Coating Material: Cotton
  • Lining Material: Cotton Yarn
  • Width: 290mm/11.4in
  • Length: 300mm/11.8in
  • Head Circumference: 550-650mm/21.7-25.6in


Meetmei Retro Men Print Cotton Beanie Hat

Meetmei Retro Men Print Cotton Beanie Hat

Meetmei Retro Men Print Cotton Beanie Hat

  • Embellished with stylish head portrait print
  • This Beanie Hat for Men is exactly what it says it is. Plenty warm without being stuffy, doesn't itch

Meetmei Retro Men Print Cotton Beanie Hat

Meetmei Retro Men Print Cotton Beanie Hat

Meetmei Retro Men Print Cotton Beanie Hat

Meetmei Retro Men Print Cotton Beanie Hat

  • Great looking and well-made hat is an absolute must for your wardrobe. You may personalize your wearing style with this stylish beanie hat

How to Measure Your Hat Size:

Meetmei Retro Men Print Cotton Beanie Hat  

  • Measure the circumference around your head, usually keep the tape above the eyebrow and tilted slightly upward to allow for the sloped down brim
  • Then, determine your hat or cap size using the hat size chart, if between sizes, select the next size up
  • Please measure circumference around your head the way you wear your hat

How to Wash:

  • If there are decorations on the cap, you should take these down
  • Clean it with clear water and neutral detergent for soaking
  • With soft brush gently scrub
  • Water gently shake, do not use washing machine dehydration
  • Keep hat unfolded, put the old towel into the inside and be sure to avoid hang dry

Maintenance Method:

  • With oil and dirt hat, you should wash off immediately
  • Never in the rain and moisture, because they can wreck the type of material. Let hat keep away from oily substance
  • Be sure the hat is clean and dry, and then prepare a hard box, desiccant for preservation before putting inside the box with padding for fixing the type of hat
  • When you tank hat off, don't put it in disorder, you should hang on the coat hanger or hook and avoid deformation with heavy stuff pressure


  • Please understand the size chart is coming from the manufactures and for reference only

Beanie Hats Information:

The term beanie hat actually refers to both an archaic and a modern style of hat. In the first half of the 20th century, the beanie hat would have referred to a wool felt cap, without a brim, typically worn by school boys and sometimes characterized by a visor at the front. Since the 1990s, the beanie hat has enjoyed a resurgence in its popularity, becoming a popular accessory for skaters and snowboarders.
The beanie hat originated in the 1920s and was popular with school boys up until around the 1940s, as noted by the Urban Excess website. It's thought that the "beanie" moniker for this type of hat came about as a result of the slang word "bean," which back in the 1920s, was used to refer to an individual's head.
In those days, the beanie was simply an effective way of keeping the head warm. However, since the beginning of the 1990s, the beanie hat has been adopted by the grunge movement-typically fans of angst-ridden bands such as Nirvana-and subsequently became utilized by fans of extreme sports, thanks to the association of such sports, such as skateboarding, with grunge, but also because snowboarders and other winter sports enthusiasts like to keep warm on the slopes.

Materials Used:

The modern beanie hat tends to be made of fleece or synthetic material as opposed to the traditional wool, according to the Urban Excess website. However, as noted by the Equip website, the beanie hat can also be put together from other materials, including jersey and acrylic, while wool is still used by some brands and in some beanie styles.

Fitted Beanie Styles:

Meetmei Retro Men Print Cotton Beanie Hat

As well as the more traditional fitted beanie hat, other styles emerged toward the end of the 20th century. These include the so-called skull beanie, which rests over the wearer's ears and fits around the face, as noted by the Equip website. Often these skull beanies reflect the extreme lifestyles enjoyed by those who wear them in the colors and patterns employed, which might include exciting textures and, sometimes, literal skull shapes woven into the hat material.

Some beanies are especially designed as winter hats for men, made with warmth as a top priority; these beanie hats tend to closely resemble tobogganing hats, as noted by the Urban Excess website.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Retro Men Print Cotton Beanie Hat