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COOLMEN Stylish Unisex Braid Woolen Knitted Beanie Hat


Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Are you searching for a cool hat? If so, let us show you this Stylish Unisex Braid Woolen Knitted Beanie Hat!The eye-catching woolen beanie hat is customized for ladies and gentlemen. You may personalize your ...
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  • Feature with pom pom design to the men woolen beanie hat, it can create an eye-catching
  • Perfect for everyday wear, easy to match with any attire
  • Its range spans performance, evening, and other activities
  • Made of high quality materials, durable enough for years wearing
  • Free size and elastic, one size fits all
  • Designed with excellent elasticity and breathability
  • Would make a wonderful gift for yourself or your friends
  • Color range for all occasions to match your dressing perfectly  
  • You will definitely stand out from the crowd with this stylish woolen beanie hat
  • Personalized your wearing style with this stylish knitted woolen beanie hat
  • Material: Woolen Yarn 
  • Hat Circumference: 500-650mm/19.7-25.6in


COOLMEN Stylish Unisex Braid Woolen Knitted Beanie Hat

  • The eye-catching woolen beanie hat is customized for ladies and gentlemen

COOLMEN Stylish Unisex Braid Woolen Knitted Beanie Hat

COOLMEN Stylish Unisex Braid Woolen Knitted Beanie Hat

  • Wearing this knitted woolen beanie hat, you will surely stand out from the crowd

COOLMEN Stylish Unisex Braid Woolen Knitted Beanie Hat

COOLMEN Stylish Unisex Braid Woolen Knitted Beanie Hat

  • Pom-pom design on the top. Knitted beanie hat is an absolute must for your wardrobe

COOLMEN Stylish Unisex Braid Woolen Knitted Beanie Hat

  • Personalize your wearing style and show yourself with this stylish woolen winter beanie hat

How to Measure Your Hat Size:

COOLMEN Stylish Unisex Braid Woolen Knitted Beanie Hat  

  • Measure the circumference around your head, usually keep the tape above the eyebrow and tilted slightly upward to allow for the sloped down brim
  • Then, determine your hat or cap size using the hat size chart, if between sizes, select the next size up
  • Please measure circumference around your head the way you wear your hat

How to Wash:

  • If there are decorations on the cap, you should take these down
  • Clean it with clear water and neutral detergent for soaking
  • With soft brush gently scrub
  • Water gently shake, do not use washing machine dehydration
  • Keep hat unfolded, put the old towel into the inside and be sure to avoid hang dry

Maintenance Method:

  • With oil and dirt hat, you should wash off immediately
  • Never in the rain and moisture, because they can wreck the type of material. Let hat keep away from oily substance
  • Be sure the hat is clean and dry, and then prepare a hard box, desiccant for preservation before putting inside the box with padding for fixing the type of hat
  • When you tank hat off, don't put it in disorder, you should hang on the coat hanger or hook and avoid deformation with heavy stuff pressure

Types of Men's Hat Styles:

Hats have always been in fashion, and, if you're a man, there are plenty of style options. From the very American Stetson to the British bowler and everything in between, there are many styles designed to fit any occasion. Whether for a stroll or for a posh party, hats can top off any outfit

  • Bowler: Bowler hats were originally designed to protect gamekeepers' heads from low-hanging branches and to stay on the wearer's head while he is riding horseback. As such, the bowler hat is close-fitting and low-crowned--almost a hybrid of a top hat and flat cap. It was first devised in London in 1849 by hatmakers Thomas and William Bowler
  • Fedora: Fedora hats came into popularity in the early 20th century in women's fashion. It wasn't until the 1920s that fedoras came into vogue for men. At the time, it was an accessory for upper-class men. Today, fedoras are popular throughout the population. Fedoras are made of soft felt and have a lengthwise crease down the crown. The front part of the hat is pinched on both sides, and the brim goes complete around. Often, fedoras are also marked by a hat band
  • Carver Hat: Not just for hunters anymore, carvers are excellent hats for keeping the head warm. The earflaps can be lowered and secured under the chin to provide added protection over the ears. Carvers are normally made with thick-cut fabric to protect the head from the elements. Men of all professions can be seen sporting this hat
  • Stetson: Also known as a cowboy hat, the stetson hat has been and still is the defining accessory for the American cowboy. These hats can be made out of felt, straw or leather. They are usually made tall with a rounded crown and flat brim, which are often later modified by the wearer to suit their particular style. A creased crown and rolled brim are two popular modifications that are made. Sometimes hat bands and strings are attached
  • Baseball Cap: Whether fitted or adjustable, baseball caps are popular throughout the general population. Wearers can not only support their favorite baseball team, but baseball caps can also be customized with various logos, sayings and colors. Traditionally, these caps are sewn in six sections and topped with a fabric-covered button on the crown. At times, the rear section of the crown is made with a meshlike material. Baseball caps with the mesh backs are also sometimes referred to as "trucker caps."
  • Newsboy: Newsboy hats are also known as baker boys, apple caps, eight panels, Jay Gatsbys, fisherman's caps and Lundberg stetsons. These hats have a rounder overall shape than a traditional flat cap but generally have the same overall shape and stiff brim in front. At times, there is a button on the front of the crown that enables it to be attached to the brim

Types of Hats for Women:

  • Beret: A beret is a cap with a wide circular crown that is usually made of felt or wool. Commonly worn by elite military and police units, the beret is also a woman's fashion statement. The beret should be worn snugly over your head. The crown is soft and malleable, and can be pushed to one side or the other depending on your preference. Wear a beret to add a French touch to your outfit. It is a perfect lightweight hat for spring outings.
  • Schoolboy Cap: The schoolboy cap is also known as a "baker boy cap" or "newsboy cap." It is a round, puffy hat with a visor in front and a button on the top. It was popular among boys and men in the 19th and 20th centuries. The schoolboy cap is now a fashion statement for women because of its sophisticated shape. It does not have to be worn traditionally, with its visor facing the front. It can also be worn backwards with your hair down, or to the side for a casual look
  • Trilby Hat: A trilby hat has a narrow brim and a sharp, indented crown. It is often made of softer materials such as felt, wool or tweed. The trilby first originated in London in 1894 with the first performance of the play based on George du Maurier's novel "Trilby." The trilby is perfect for a country outing or horseback riding. It can be worn straight or slightly tilted. Wear your trilby hat with tailored pants and a collared shirt for a stylish, androgynous look
  • Cowboy Hat: A cowboy hat has a wide brim and a high crown. It was popularized by the American cowboy culture. The cowboy hat is very functional because its wide brim protects the head from rain and sun. It is a popular, unisex hat style often seen on country singers and cattle ranchers. It is also seen on many female celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears and Brooke Shields. Wear the cowboy hat with rugged jeans and boots for a Wild West look


  • Please understand the size chart is coming from the manufactures and for reference only

Package Included:

  • 1 x Stylish Unisex Braid Woolen Knitted Beanie Hat