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Darlene SCARY S090 Whitening Ion Facial Massager Beautification Instrument


Want to relax your face with something warm and humid? Want enjoy a night time after whole day hard working? Do you want to reward your face? If so, you can't miss this SCARY S090 Whitening Ion Facial Massager Beautification Instrument! We strongly r...
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  • This face massager is created for multiple purposes, such as fighting wrinkles, collagen boosting, tightening and firming skin, eliminating blemish and more
  • This high level of therapeutic efficiency used to only available at professional salons, but now you can experience it at your home
  • This face massager works to destroy, bleach and pass melanin through lymphatic vessels
  • The face massager is easy to use and contains lots of different functions in order to suit any skin types or problems
  • It stimulates skin without pain and the risk of high voltage burn
  • Your skin will become younger, more radiant, elastic, and smooth day after day while using it
  • Beauty machine removes sebum and impurities in pores and at the same suppress bacteria
  • It can be a great gift for your mother or your friends 
  • Operating Voltage: 220V
  • Color: Red


Darlene SCARY S090 Whitening Ion Facial Massager Beautification Instrument

  • Great and careful skin vibration massage is the skin care equipment

Darlene SCARY S090 Whitening Ion Facial Massager Beautification Instrument

  • It comes with exquisite workmanship ensures your safety and comfort level

Darlene SCARY S090 Whitening Ion Facial Massager Beautification Instrument

  • Good humanized handle design ensures the comfortable handle in daily use

Darlene SCARY S090 Whitening Ion Facial Massager Beautification Instrument

  • The instrument is easy to use and convenient to carry

How to use a massager?

Darlene SCARY S090 Whitening Ion Facial Massager Beautification Instrument

  • Having a personal massager can help you save money in times when you may not be able to spend as much on luxuries like going to a spa or hiring a masseuse. Personal massagers have many uses besides the obvious. Getting the most out of your piece of equipment can yield surprisingly positive results.


  • Stimulate circulation. Deep tissue massage can warm up your muscles, increasing blood flow to the massaged area. To do this, you can use a manual, hand-held massager or an electric massager. Use a firm hand to penetrate to deeper muscle fibers, but be careful not to press down so hard that you cause pain.
  • Decrease illness. Using massagers after workouts or when muscles are sore helps to stimulate the immune system. This can help avoid sickness. During the massaging process, blood flows more easily through veins allowing more oxygen and repair cells to reach the muscle.
  • Give someone else a massage. People often have a difficult time reaching every spot on their body that they want to massage. Massaging others with personal massagers can help them get a more thorough massage. This is especially true for pesky spots in the center of the back. You may be able to convince them to reciprocate and give you a massage while you rest.
  • Reduce your stress. Personal massagers have been shown to temporarily reduce blood pressure during use. Don't be afraid to add soothing massage oils to your skin, as their fragrance can also relax you further.
  • Get a little risqué. Placing an electric massager on a low vibrating setting can help to arouse your partner sensually. Enjoying your merchandise by yourself is not off limits, either. You may be too embarrassed to go to adult shops to purchase toys to enhance sexual experience. This provides a covert way to introduce something new to your partner. Ensure that your massager will not snag on any of your body parts as this can cause pain or injury, or ruin the mood.

How to Use Facial Massager:

Darlene SCARY S090 Whitening Ion Facial Massager Beautification Instrument

Many people get confused with the Fyola and how it works, mainly because it is not your usual facial massager. In this article: How the Fyola works, how to use it, and clean it.

  • Granted, it's called a massager - therefore it should "massage our face". An awkward misconception, and situation here. Instead of physically moving the skin like we normally do to massage, it uses galvanic and ultrasonic waves to do it. So the Fyola really is more of an exfoliating gizmo than anything else. The waves removes the wastes out of our skin, and the different modes allows you to set it to suit different skin types (Ie. dry, oily, etc)
  • To check if your Fyola is working, put a drop of water on the head, turn it on and touch your finger lightly on the side of the head. The water should begin to vibrate
  • Gel or Lotion
  • Depending on the mode you use will also depend on if you use lotion or the gel (See step 3). Use products that are rich in Vitamin C or Anti-Oxidant. Aloe Vera gel also gives good results, and any organic skin product with 100% natural ingredients works too

Select from the Six Different Modes for Skin Type and Gel/Lotion Usage:

       - Clean (gel)
       - Massage (gel)
       - Nutrition (Vit C lotion)
       - Lifting (lotion)
       - Whitening (whitening lotion)
       - Wrinkle (eye creme)

Use It:

  • Remove any makeup and begin with a clean face
  • Swirl the gel/lotion onto the Fyola nozzle, and turn it on to the setting of your liking
  • Slowly and gently begin to move the Fyola around your face in small circular motions. Reapplying the gel as many times as needed when the Fyola is unable to glide smoothly
  • Do Not stay in one place for more than 2 seconds

Clean It:

  • Just wipe off the top with a damp cloth and place it back in its charger. It is a mechanical gadget, so it shouldn't be submerged in water for cleaning nor a dishwasher

Package Included:

  • 1 x Whitening Ion Facial Beautification Instrument