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Irishwo Beautiful Writing Goose Feather Quill Pen


Do you want to have a beautiful feather quill pen to help you to write more smooth? Here, let us show you this Beautiful Writing Goose Feather Quill Pen!This feather quill pen adds a timeless quality to the ritual of putting the word to the page. Thi...
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  • Simply trim the end at an angle to make your own old-fashioned ink feather quill pen
  • Excellent for adding a little extra power and creative energies
  • There are no ink blots when you're trying to write and taking care of the nibs are super easy
  • You can constantly using the quill pen set now instead of my regular pens
  • Let your customers, clients or guests decorate their desks with this unique feather quill pen
  • Also suitable as party favors for weddings, sweet sixteens, Bar, Bat Mitzvah, reunions and more
  • Write like Shakespeare with this feather quill pen
  • This feather quill pen is a must have for anyone who wants to have a unique feather pen to write down their thoughts, correspond with friends or decorate their desk  
  • A very unique way to promote your business or give a memorable party favor  
  • Length: 380 mm/15in


Irishwo Beautiful Writing Goose Feather Quill Pen

  • This quill pen is made from naturally feathers, organically dyed and assembled, beautiful and noble

Irishwo Beautiful Writing Goose Feather Quill Pen

Irishwo Beautiful Writing Goose Feather Quill Pen

  • Unique feather shaped makes the beautiful feather quill pen creative and interesting

Irishwo Beautiful Writing Goose Feather Quill Pen

Irishwo Beautiful Writing Goose Feather Quill Pen

  • Special handle with cute bowtie design is comfortable and easy to grip and write

Irishwo Beautiful Writing Goose Feather Quill Pen

  • There are no ink blots when you're trying to write and taking care of the nibs is super easy

Irishwo Beautiful Writing Goose Feather Quill Pen

  • Ink details view, also this feather quill pen is great gift for your friends or lover

Facts About Feather Pens:

Pens made from feathers, or quills, were the most important writing tools for over a thousand years. In fact, the origin of the word pen is "penna," the Latin word for feather

  • Main Period of Use: People began using quills for writing as early as the 7th century A.D. The feather pen became the writing tool of choice until the development of the steel-nib pen in the 18th century
  • Feathers: According to the Jane Austen Society of Australia, a scribe might choose a quill made of a raven or crow feather for the finest work, but the feathers of turkeys, swans and geese were the strongest and most reliable. Thomas Jefferson was said to breed geese specifically to provide him with tools for writing
  • How Feather Pens Are Made: After the feather is plucked from the bird, the shaft is carved and sharpened to a fine point with a knife (this is the origin of the term "pen knife")
  • The Nib: The tip, or nib, is slit to allow the feather pen to take up ink, according to HistoricAmerica.org. The feather's shaft holds ink until light pressure is applied. The feather pen does not hold much, and must be repeatedly dipped in ink
  • Care: When using a quill pen, it is important to clean the ink off the nib after use. A feather pen is completely washable, and will return to its original shape when dry

How to Write With a Quill Pen:

A quill pen is made from a bird feather and was invented in ancient times. It led to the creation of the fountain pen in the 1800s. Artists use quill pens in their drawings because they create a unique-looking stroke. Others use them for handwriting because they like the way it makes their handwriting look. Writing with a quill pen can be tricky until you get used to it

  • Use very light pressure when writing with a quill pen. You must use much less pressure than you usually apply when writing with a ballpoint pen
  • Trim the feathers of your quill pen so they do not obstruct your grip. Proper grip is necessary to write well with a quill pen
  • Purchase calligraphy ink, usually found at an art store, to use with your quill pen. India ink is too sticky and won't flow well
  • Write on flat rather than textured paper. Textured paper is too difficult to use until you get used to it
  • Recognize handwriting with a quill pen is very different than handwriting with a ballpoint pen. It's like painting narrow lines. It'll probably look much different than your normal handwriting and you'll have to practice to get used to it
  • Sharpen your quill pen . Using a small, sharp knife, cut a small piece from the outside edge of the nib at an angle. After the nib is sharpened several times, it's worn down and you must get a new quill pen

How to Cut a Quill Pen:

the days of disposable Bic pens, people had to make their own writing instruments. Quill pens are made from the flight feathers of large birds--generally goose, swan or turkey. Since most modern households no longer raise poultry, if you'd like to make your own quill pen, you'll need to purchase feathers from a hobby or craft shop

  • Strip the feathers from the bottom of the shaft with the knife. You'll need enough room to grip the pen, so shave off at least four to six inches
  • Cut off the tip of the quill. The end should look like a drinking straw
  • Shape the quill into a pen. Make a half-inch diagonal cut. Tapper the end of the quill with two curving cuts, one on each side of the point. The curving cuts should be about a quarter-inch long
  • Carefully add a score to the inside of the quill's shaft to allow ink to flow to the point

Package Included:

  • 1 x Quill Pen
  • 1 x Ink