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Maya Micro Guiding Wave Facial Skin Spa Cleaner Massager


Each women want to more beautiful and elegant. With White skin and no wrinkle is every women’s wish. Do you want a beauty instrument? This esthetic equipment can make you younger and without age trace in your face, there is special function whi...
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  • Power Source Voltage: DC3.0 V
  • Power Consumption: 18mW
  • Battery: Button Battery
  • Size: 7.4 x 3.8 x 2.2cm/2.9 x 1.5 x 0.9in 


  • This Skin Care Equipment is simple, safe and easy to operate
  • The rationalization structural design makes it more convenient for you to carry
  • This Skin Care Equipment is easy to use and contains lots of different functions in order to suit any skin types or problems
  • The beauty supply equipment stimulates skin without pain and the risk of high voltage burn
  • Your skin will become younger, more radiant, elastic, and smooth day after day while using it
  • It can help to remove the wrinkles on your face, contract the vessels and astringe sweat pores
  • With small shape design, this Misting Machine is easy to clean and carry
  • The Skin Care Equipment is a necessary for your beauty


Maya Micro Guiding Wave Facial Skin Spa Cleaner Massager

  • This esthetic equipment will help you to promotes elasticity, minimizes pores

Maya Micro Guiding Wave Facial Skin Spa Cleaner Massager

  • With simple operation, you can use this beauty instrument is features reduce harmful bacteria and eliminate pimple

Maya Micro Guiding Wave Facial Skin Spa Cleaner Massager

  • The ultrafine particles touch your skin, penetrate to the stratum corneum

Maya Micro Guiding Wave Facial Skin Spa Cleaner Massager

  • Long life, the oscillation frequency stability, atomization effect is good

Maya Micro Guiding Wave Facial Skin Spa Cleaner Massager

  • Use in applying cosmetics to lighten dark spots, freckles and age marks, this instrument is good workmanship

How to Give Yourself a Face Lift Massage

Maya Micro Guiding Wave Facial Skin Spa Cleaner Massager

  • Look straight up to stretch your neck. Use the back of your hands to move in a sweeping motion up and down your neck on all sides. Move the hands in an upward motion, beginning at the bottom and moving to the top, and be sure to go all the way around the neck. Continue for approximately 30 seconds per session. This face lift massage move tones the neck and promotes blood flow to the face
  • Place the back of your middle and index fingers on the jawbone. Try to line them up with the sides of the face, with your fingertips near the mouth and the tops of the fingers near the top of the ears. Sweep upward along the jaw line towards the top of the ear, and hold the skin at the joint for 10 seconds. Repeat five times per session. This face lift massage technique prevents a sagging jaw line.
  • Hold the index and middle finger of the right hand together tightly. Place the fingertips on the right side of the face just beside the nose bridge. Move the fingers outward across the cheek and then up towards the top of the ear. Hold the skin for 10 seconds. This facial massage exercise helps lift the cheeks. Repeat the move on the left side of the face
  • Make a V-shape or peace-sign with your index and middle fingers. Turn it sideways with your fingertips turned toward your face. Close your eyes and place your index finger just below the eyebrow and your middle finger just below the actual eye. Use your fingertips to gently move across the eye sideways toward the ear. Continue until you reach the hairline and then hold 10 seconds. This face lifting massage technique helps reduce eye bags. Repeat on the other side of the face, massaging both sides in each session
  • Use three of four fingers, depending on the length of your forehead. Use more fingers for a larger forehead, and less for a smaller one. Sweep the fingers across beginning at the hairline on one side and moving to the hairline on the other side. This facelift massage treatment reduces lines on the forehead. Repeat several times per session

Beauty Therapy Equipment

Maya Micro Guiding Wave Facial Skin Spa Cleaner Massager

Beauty therapists are also known as cosmetologists, barbers, stylists and estheticians. These professionals focus on maintaining and improving personal appearance by providing skin and hair care and beautification methods. Beauty therapists use a wide range of equipment, depending on if they work with hair, skin or nails.


  • Barbers and stylists use traditional hair styling tools such as shears or scissors, combs, brushes, curling and flat irons, hair dryers, hair clips and hair ties. Stylists and barbers can also use hair dyes and other chemicals that affect the color, texture and length of hair
  • In some cases, hair extensions, hair pieces, wigs, toupees or weaves are used to make hair appear fuller and longer. Stylists can also apply creams, tonics, gels, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, setting lotions, and other products that keep styled hair in place or improve scalp and hair health


  • Estheticians focus on skin health, especially the skin of the face. According to the California Employment Development website, estheticians use mirrors and magnifying lenses to closely examine their clients' faces to determine their skin care problems and solutions. Estheticians also use a variety of creams and chemically based products to provide facial peels, masks, eye treatments, and reduce the appearance of age spots and wrinkles

Maya Micro Guiding Wave Facial Skin Spa Cleaner Massager

  • In some salons and spas, estheticians use hand-held blackhead-extraction devices to remove blemishes and other skin impurities. Estheticians can also use depilatory creams and waxes to remove facial hair
  • A popular therapy for rejuvenating the skin is photorejuvenation, or light therapy, in which estheticians under the supervision of a medical professional such as a cosmetic surgeon apply LED light from devices in an effort to increase the production of collagen and reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles


  • Nail technicians are beauty professionals who focus on the shaping, sculpting, polishing, and health of the nails and the skin of the hands and feet. According to HookedonNails.com, nail disorders and conditions should be treated and officially diagnosed by a doctor, but nail technicians can tell you if damaged nails are the result of an unhealthy nail regimen or a more severe condition
  • Nail technicians use a variety of files, clippers, implements to shape and trim the cuticles, brushes to scrub away dirt and grime from beneath the nails, hot oil machines and paraffin wax machines. Nail techs also use a variety of lotions and creams that increase moisture and keep the skin of the hands and feet from becoming dry and calloused. In some cases, nail technicians use specially designed scrapers to remove dry skin or callouses

Package Included:

  • 1 x Beauty Instrument